Monday, July 11, 2011

Will the Post-Twilight Buzz Cut Make a Comeback?

Sometime last week we were treated to some fan pics from Cosmospolis. It's always a nice surprise when photos surface -- gives me something to daydream about while slaving away at my desk. However... the pictures that came out last week caused a collective gasp around the fandom. I immediately rushed to scour the interwebs to see what the fuss was all about.

What the fuck happened to Rob's hair?

And who the fuck is this George Dickel feller?

For the record, I immediately Googled it and have decided I will only drink George Dickel whiskey from now until forever even though I don't really drink whiskey and I have never even heard of George Dickel. But if I did... GD all the way!

There were some visibly shaken ladies -- some I'm sure were rocking back and forth in a corner. Clutching desperately to a slightly moist and tattered photo of Rome Rob with the wild sex hair. Wondering longingly if they'll ever see those tresses again. I'll admit it - Rome Rob does a little sumthin sumthin to my lady bits with all those crazy locks and that perfect amount of stubble.

Oh Rob of Rome -- thou art the most beautifulest of all God's holy creatures.

I'm sure by now you've all seen the train wreck of a hair cut Rob is sporting for Cosmopolis. I haven't read the book so I have absolutely NO idea what's going on but from Twitter reports, his character gets half a hair cut? I hope he didn't pay for it. If someone can please explain to me exactly why his hair looks like the result of a rogue Flowbee attack, please do!

What you say? You'd like to French kiss me? You devil you!

What really excites me about this whole ordeal? This could most likely mean we'll once again be treated to that amazing post-Twilight buzz cut from way back when! If Rome Rob hair does sumthin sumthin to my lady bits, then buzz cut Rob does insane, bordering on maniacal, shit to my nether region that has been known to cause panty disintegration and multiple wardrobe malfunctions.

Son of a crack whore's bastard child, I need to rub my hands, and my thighs, all over his hair.

The buzz cut could possibly be my favorite of the Rob hair styles. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because there's no hair hiding his beautiful face. All I know is I iz in big trouble.

Unless of course he goes too far...

Holy shit! It's Andre Agassi's long lost love child.

I need to know -- what's your favorite of Rob's many hair styles? Do you pine for the Edward bouffant? Do you lust after Tyler's shaggy look? Do you prefer Jacob's more clean cut locks? Or are you on Team Buzz Cut with me? Go Team Buzz Cut!!

PS: Rob's bad hair cut has cost Twitarded 5 followers! He owes us. We'll take payment in sexual favors.


  1. still looking for my vampJuly 10, 2011 at 10:25 PM

    Oh Hell. MY EYES! MY EYES! Seriously LKW, how can you pull out the bald Rob?? Not that I have anything against bald men. There are quite a few I would do without a thought.

    Give me Rome Rob. Then give me more. And more. And more.


  2. George Dickel mixed with Sun Drop was my favorite back when I was a teenager in NC. It is awesome stuff!

    Cosmopolis is such a weird book. I really can't explain much about it. I liked it's weirdness, but I don't know how they can make it into a movie.

    I'm hoping they include the scene where he (and everyone else - ah, who cares about them?) is laying nekkid in the street for a movie! JS . . .

  3. I am a hard core lover of Robward hair, but I actually like this effed up haircut for the movie. He's still perty.

  4. Gotta say for once I disagree with the awesome Twitarded chicks! I HATE short hair Rob! WFE Rob was okay but give me the sex hair every freakin time! I'm a teen of the 80's and "hair bands" and long hair will always be a HAWT trigger for me!! I think that short do made him look younf and common. Let's face it, Rob breaks the mold in all that he is/does/looks like!!! Its why he's such a stand-out from the rest! *prays to the gods of hair growth for a fast recovery*

  5. E) All of the Above :)

    Best thing about hair... it grows.

  6. NGL, I love short hair on men. Mr. XKR could join the military without getting a haircut, his is so short, and I love it. Of course, Rob's hair looks like a hack job, but in general I can overlook that because I love the clean cut, clean face thing. Approve.

  7. You mean the cut is for the movie?! My best friend (who is a straight male) texted me about his haircut and I just shrugged it off, but seeing it...holy hell! I at first thought it was a bad case of bedhead.

  8. Does it *really* matter what his HAIR looks like?

    Im not liking the bald look you posted here. I do miss Rome Rob but honestly, if I had a wouldnt matter if he was wearing the Bella or Jasper poodle wig.

  9. The Rome Rob & Edward looks get my vote. I like enough hair to run my fingers through.

  10. Looove the messy, I-just-had-my-brains-fucked-out look. Mmmm, Rome Rob.... Of course, he's panty-meltingly gorgeous whatever his hair is like, except for that bald pic. I REALLY hope he never goes bald. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against bald men (especially Disturbed's singer, David Draiman - yum) but I don't think Rob could pull it off. He just looks too damn good with the sex hair. Damn, I miss the sex hair...

  11. First, one of my biggest fears is Rob losing his hair. You owe me an apology for making me shit my pants.

    I must say that I didn't particularly care for the buzz cut and the half-head thing is just silly, but it may be the precursor to the biggest orgasm inducing Rob hair ever.....If he cuts the other side to match we could all see His Holy Hotness sporting a mohawk!! Squee!!!!!! Just the thought makes my panties disintegrate.

  12. In the words of Randy Travis "I ain't in love with your hair And if it all fell out well I'd love you anyway". Short, long, greasy, dirty, hacked, gray, or gone, I'll love him forever and ever, aaaaaaaaammennnnnnn!

  13. Definitely just choked when I saw bald Rob *shudders* I have nothing against bald men, but that pic is just disturbing.

    I'm a BIG fan of GQ-Rob (April 2009 issue. obviously.). GQ-Rob is kinda like Rome Rob but with a little shorter hair, he's still got the sex hair but it's a little more contained. The cover page with THAT stare...unf. he's deeeee-licious ;)

  14. I don't give a shit about what kind of haircut he has as long as I can grab it and pull it in for the ride! LOL!

    However, if I HAD to choose, Buzz Cut Rob=hard nipples! HEHEHEHEHE!

  15. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Look away! LOOK AWAY!!!

    It looks like whoever cut his hair was smoking crack. Or REALLY doesn't like him. Or Kristen did it. One of those.

  16. I was going to say that Kristen needs some hair cutting lessons but if it's for the movie...

    I will always have a thing for his bouffant from Twilight but I pretty much love his hair however it looks.

  17. I am NOT a fan of Rome Rob...looks dirty and I'm afraid if I ran my hands through it something would grab them....give me WFE Rob any day. Team Buzz Cut!!

    Who am I kidding....does it really matter? Still very pretty however you cut it!

  18. My apologies for scaring a few of you with the bald picture. Although you have to admit, if he did lose his hair in his later years, he doesn't look half bad. I wonder if he'd let me buff it for him? Among other things...

    And don't get me wrong, I LOVE his hair every which way he wears it, long, short, buzzed, messy, dirty, whatevs. He's just so fucking pretty it hurts.

  19. LKW I am with you...Team Buzz Cut!!

  20. OMG!! he llos kinda like John from Lost..but for me, gimme something I can grab onto..Rob Rome is super hot..But I also love the shorter Cosmo look too..FTR I was avidong looking at the hack job ...So surprise!! There it is..

  21. I have written two fabulous comments for the past two posts and they were eaten alive. All I am going to say now is I love Rome Rob hair the most and Rob has a thing for t-shirts with the word Dick on them.....

  22. I was lucky enough to be there in person (*SQUEE!*) and I promise, it doesn't look all that bad in person. Photos make it so much worse than it really is. :)

  23. Let me just say this...YAHOOO that you aggree that post Twi buzz cut was SUPER hot. I liked it. ALOT.

    When I posted these pics, I must have been drunk, because I couldn't see how hacked up his hair really was. I just thought it was all eff'd up from his shower...oh a shower...ok FOCUS.

    Anyhoo I'd like to see a buzz on Rob. I don't like Rob with shorter hair when it's all dorky like it was for WFE...but a manly short cut would do him good. Just think, it will grow back even thicker and sexier. Mmmm.

    xo J

  24. This is the first I've seen of the hair, and I couldn't care less. Unless it's John Locke bald (DD, you are right on with that!), I'm there.

    Rome Rob makes my panties jump up and down and scream "TAKE ME OFF! TAKE ME OFF!" but I don't think there is a picture of rob (save the scarf and awkward pit hair modeling) that makes me NOT want to hump the screen. Even a half haircut.

    Do you think the hair stylist went home and cried after doing that?

  25. OH OH! And Dickle? It's the stuff of legends according to one of my besties. Imma hafta show her this post FO SHO!

  26. Oh mah Gawd! My eyes!!!!! LOL! Rob in a bald cap = a scary ass killer.

  27. I have always had a thing about a man with long hair. So it has to be Rome Rob for me, but he looks good no matter what his hair is doing.

  28. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HIS HAIR? Did he let his dog get drunk and cut it for him?

    I'd still fuck him but... WHAT HAPPENED???

  29. Rome Rob was his best hair.


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