Thursday, August 4, 2011

FORKS UPDATE: Twilight in Forks Tours

So here's the deal! We're going to start getting hot and heavy with the Forks planning in the next few weeks so if you're joining us, pleeeeeeeease make sure you check Twitarded often for updates and important information. And if you see a Forks post on Twitter, please retweet for us...that would be most excellent!!


First order of business is the ever important Twilight in Forks Tours. If you went last year, you'll remember what fun was had on these tours -- hitting the Forks police station for some frisking against Charlie's car to nearly getting washed out into the Pacific down at Rialto beach -- it was a fucking blast!

For this year's trip, the folks at the tour company have been kind enough to extend a 15% discount to all Twitards who would like to take the tour. Just click HERE and choose your tour, enter TWITARDED in the promo code box, and voila! The original price of $39.00 should be reduced to $33.15.

Since logistically it's difficult to set aside specific tours for Twitarded only groups, you may want to try and get a bunch of crazy twatwaffles together for a tour and book all together -- the tour bus holds 19 total. And as of right now, it looks like the dates we'll be there are wide open!

See you in Forks!


  1. Aaaaaaw, please can we read Fooooorrrrrks Planning Posts even if we're not going? Pretty puhleeeeze *makes sad panda face* Some of us need to live vicariously through you twatwaffles...

    Oh it all sounds like y'all are gonna have a BLAST!

  2. OME was I first? Really, truly?! *fangirl swoon*

  3. I am going and I want to set up a group tour so I'm not a lone twatwaffle without my girls... Does anyone else already have a ticket? If so, what date/time did you buy them for so I can try to get on the same tour. Hugs!

  4. I sure hope someone wants to tour with me. I tend to get motion sick. Can we bring alcohol on the tour?

  5. You can also follow @TwiToursInForks on twitter & facebook.

    I haven't booked my tour,yet. Last year I went on Saturday, Breaking Dawn @ 8 am. This way I could do other stuff after. And cause I didn't get to Forks until Friday.

    Travis and can't think of the drivers name were great.

    Wished they went to the high school and to La Push though.

  6. @Rottymamma - YES Travis was awesome!!! Of course I would not have remembered his name - but he made the whole thing so fun.

    @Jaymes805 - We went on the Forks Tour literally about 10 minutes after we hit town and I brought a drink on the bus. I didn't advertise it but nobody checked to make sure it was non-alcoholic, sooo... fwiw, though, the ride IS pretty bumpy and JJ almost hurled last year but she didn't. If you take anything for motion sickness, though, definitely double up for this ride.

    @Nix - I think everyone gets to read everything (like it or not lol). : )

    @Kris - good idea! It's probably something that can be coordinated with other people in the forum...

  7. JJ almost hurled because she was hungover as shit from partay-ing too much in Seattle IMO ;) Kidding, sort of. Gah, it was bumpy! I know a few people who had alcohal on board, but they kept it on the DL.

    Do it!

    So jealous...wish I was going AGAIN.

    xoxo J

  8. I was wondering when the FFOOOORRRRKKKKKSSSSSSS posts would start.
    I havent gotten my twi tour tix yet. So thanks for arranging the discount. I will book something this weekend.
    I am so excited about this trip and meeting everyone.

  9. We're booked for the Twilight Twilight Tour [3:00 pm] on Friday. Woot! Woot! Imma win the trivia contest this time!

  10. I think Stoli in my hip flask will be an appropriate accessory for the tour!

  11. Did someone mention hipflask... ;-)

  12. When I go to Forks in two weeks, I am totally spreading some FILTHY rumours to all the tour operators about the Twitards and how they'll need to put plastic protective coverings on their vehicle seats before taking you twatwaffles anywhere. Haha.


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