Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Can't Come to the Blog Right Now - I'm Watching "Damages"

Because I figure a person can't have too many ways to pass the time between now and November 18th, I thought I would share my latest mega-time suck: Damages.

This series started in 2007 and I have no idea how it managed to stay off my radar for so long, although I'll admit that I'm often the last one to grudgingly begin watching a show that my friends (and the rest of the world) rave about. I went on a "Lost" bender when I started it several seasons in, and I didn't leave the house, bathe, or eat anything that would require me to lose sight of my television screen for more than 1/2 a second for days (for better or for worse, I can get copious amounts of take-out in my town and can see the TV from the front door). I've fallen down this same rabbit hole more recently with Breaking Bad, Spartacus, Sons of Anarchy...actually, I've done this a LOT. Finding something good like this that you can catch up on is perhaps second only to the feeling of finding a new author or book series you adore with the bonus of a hefty body of work. Or at least it was like that until Twilight and blogging ruined me, anyway... 

Damages is one of those shows that sucks you in from the very first minutes and never lets go. If I had a treadmill and only let myself watch it while in motion, I might actually be in shape by now. Or a few hours closer, anyway (related: I REALLY need a treadmill...and a place to keep a treadmill). I don't watch any other lawyer-y or CSI-type shows, so I wasn't hopeful I'd like it when I settled down to watch Episode 1. But this is not one of those "case-a-show" kinda dealies where everything gets neatly wrapped up at the end of every hour. It's more of a serial with an ongoing plotline and characters, and almost every episode ends with a cliffhanger that leaves you scrambling to start the next one and staying up waaay past bedtime. Kind of like how "The Wire" wasn't just another cop show (and if you haven't watched "The Wire," what are you doing here?! Go now!).

Oh... And it has an extraordinarily good cast... You might even recognize some of them. Maybe.

It there a Cullen crest on the other side of that wristband?

Did I mention that Peter Facinelli is in it? And he's really good and ridiculously cute as always, and hardly ever made me think of Carlisle (much) or anything? Yup.

For the sake of full disclosure, I should state that the theme song is ridiculously catchy and has been stuck in my head since I started watching the show a week or so ago. Totally worth it though...

P.S. I was terrified as I googled things for this post that I would come across a spoiler and ruin something! I only just started season two, and the show is in its fifth season. Needless to say, I am on full threat-level-Luke's-father-is-Darth-Vader/the-dog-dies-in-the-end super-max spoiler-alert watch. Don't dick me over in the comments, people - I know where some of you live and where you hide your porn.


  1. I was so addicted to that show til it moved to DirectTV, waaah:( Glenn Close is so wicked! Loved the theme song so much I downloaded it on iTunes:)

  2. @p2cat - Only the first two seasons are on Netflix - although it says 1-3 - there are people in the comments begging, pleading, and offering sexual favors for season three. I know I'll end up doing what I usually do when stuff runs out on Netflix: I'll run to Amazon and buy the next season on digital download. I'm too instant-gratification to wait and I just rationalize it by telling myself the price tag is worth it for the hours of entertainment (I should really do a commercial or something - lol).

  3. I loved the first season, but I stopped all television, radio, & newspapers when I had my breakdown over the election in 2008. [OK. I still watch True Blood & Dexter, but that's it. I have to pay for two premium cable channels, dammit!]

    I may have to check out the other seasons now. [God knows, the world might shift on it's axis if I did something that required me to get my ass off the couch!]

  4. Spoiler Alert: They're all vampires.

  5. "... I am on full threat-level-Luke's-father-is-Darth-Vader/the-dog-dies-in-the-end super-max spoiler-alert watch."

    Thanks for ruining Star Wars & every animal movie ever made.

  6. You know where I hid my porn stash? Sweet cause I can't find it!

    Never seen Damages, but will add it to the never-ending list of shit to read/watch/masturbate to

  7. So, I've been trying to decide if I want to watch Damages or not.

    I guess I'm committed now.

    I've gotten hooked on many shows this way.

    Hoping it won't reach fanfiction levels. I haven't had a clean house in almost a year!

  8. I should probably have mentioned that this show is DARK. Not for someone looking for a happy-go-lucky, I-think-all-these-characters-are-swell kinda show. If you get bummed out easily by things like that, you might want to pass on this one.

  9. I just found this show too and am loving it!! I'm probably on episode 8 in season 1. I'm a lawyer, so I generally avoid all shows having anything to do with the legal field because I'm easily annoyed by inaccuracies. But this show is so well done - I'm on pins and needles!!!

  10. I have added this to my Instant Queue on Netflix.... now I just need a rainy Sunday to get sucked in!!

  11. I get this way about oh so many shows! Most recently Doctor Who...AMAZING!!!!!!!! Also Firefly, Archer, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and oh so many more shows. Oh and before the season is completely over you should be watching Wilfred! Fucking hilarious!

  12. I seriously need more hours in my days.

  13. I definitely will be adding this to my huge list of television shows to watch. And PFach is just a little bonus!!

    @Dangrdafne - I'm with you. I have so many books to read, shows to watch, etc. I really need to quit my job so I can catch up...

  14. OMG I started this a few months ago! When I left NZ I was three eps into S2. A friend recognized PFach and knew I was a fan. LOVE THIS SHOW!

  15. My cousin just told me about this show. She said PFach looked exceptionally good. I love Glenn Close, so I'll have to find it on Netflix or something and give it a gander.


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