Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Sunday Funny

Donnersun sent this video to me a while back ago, and because I am so completely up to date with my e-mails, I just watched it. I know. I can't believe I'm not on top of every aspect (or any of them, for that matter) of my life. I'll get organized later. Probably.

Nonetheless, this video made me giggle. You might be familiar with the Pottermore website. If you're not, come stand by me. I still have no idea what it is, even though I asked for an explanation on Twitter (better than Google) and a number of really nice people tried to describe it to me using tiny words. All I can gather is it's just another way for the Harry Potter folks to get more of my money. And with that, I give you... Twimore.

Bosworth, is that you?

This has absolutely nothing to do with this post; I just like the picture. Go with it.

Happy Sunday!


  1. My heart beats jacwards! That sounds dirty. Yeah, if I had to choose cake or a cake with lots of money and a great car, I'll take the latter. Cute clip. God, I need a laugh today. My life is living testimony to the saying "no good deed goes unpunished".

  2. That damned hairless cat! Why? Why did you have to show that?

    At least you got the bad taste out of my mouth with that Roblicious picture. I guess I don't have to kill you now.

  3. Bwahahaha..... Eat your bones.... Jacwards...

    Yah I don't unstand what Pottermore is, but I have early access. All I can tell you is that it's a website and its under construction.

  4. I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore....I need those little word explanations. I know OF Pottermore but I haven't ventured further. 'My heart beats Jacwards' ftmfw! I kind of want a shirt with that on it.

  5. I don't understand the whole Pottermore thing but "my heart beats Jacward's" fucking killed me.

    And that cat is terrifying.

  6. Any excuse to re-post GQ Rob is 100% A-OK in my book!

    And is that "The Twilight Guy" in that vid? Someone else? I don't remember him being British...

  7. Thanks for the irrelevant pic of the Precious. I love em even more when they are apropos of nothing,

    But seriously -- you sent me to Pottermore link and there I got a strong vibe that this is JKR's attempt to subsume or subvert independent fan fiction, by sucking would-be ff writers into HER world.
    She's more famous than Summit for relentlessly and maniacally protecting her copyright.
    So why not create a net like
    Pottermore (or less) in which to snare -- and control through censorship, etc -- indie writers?

  8. This explains Pottermore

  9. Made me laugh. I guess perhaps I understand Pottermore a wee bit better...maybe. Not sure. I'll just stand by you.

    Rob p0rn is always appropriate.

    The vid made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  10. Once I saw the picture at the end of the post, that was it....don't care about the rest. Just want to stare into those!

  11. I absolutely adore the cake vs. cake with lots of money and a fast car reference - that was hilarious!!

    Thanks for the video - I had missed it originally.


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