Monday, August 8, 2011

New Forks Video & FORKS UPDATE!

We're ever-so-slowly pulling our heads out of our asses together the details of Twitarded Takes FOOOORRRKKKS!!! Part Deux.

On Wednesday 9/28, we'll be staying in Seattle. I wish we were going to be there longer because it's a lovely city from what I could tell from the time we were there last year. Sadly, I lasted approximately twenty minutes into our dinner at the lovely Etta's before almost doing a face-plant into my delicious sirloin steak (which eventually ended up in a skillet in Forks - I love me some fancy leftovers for breakfast!) and carting my jet-lagged ass back to the hotel for 10 hours of comatose recovery.

If you have been following the updates in the Forks Forum (and you should be), you are likely aware that Double Dippin' has negotiated a great rate for us at The Mayflower Hotel. Granted, on the surface this place might look a little highfalutin for our needs, but it's centrally located (light rail service from SeaTac airport can drop you right across the street) and the price is right. We'll be determining our meet-up place for the night in the near future - no need to hang out in a pricey hotel bar when all of downtown Seattle beckons! If you are staying at the Mayflower, mention Twitarded for the discounted rate (you can DOOOOO it!). Of course everyone is free to stay elsewhere - there are a lot of great hotels in the area. As always, if you're a local and have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

As a little teaser to help get us ready for Forks2011, we have a new video to share! 

I know this video is long and that 11+ minutes is like vampy eternity in blogger years, but believe me, it's captivating. I asked Gus Gus to keep the videos he's editing to under three minutes because I know that we all have the attention span of coked-up Jack Russell terriers, so when he sent this to me I was all "What the what?!" but it goes by in a moment and you'll snap out of your trance twelve minutes later wanting to hug someone. Or book a flight to Forks. Also, I think some of our readers are actually Banshees. Or Sirens. Which ones are the screamers? Anyway, you will not be able to resist their call...

Can you FEEL the love?! Yes you can. Do you want to be there this year? Yes you do.


  1. Erm, this video honestly made me laugh and cry at the same time. It's so wonderful to watch this again.

    Holy shit, you ladies fucking rock. Seriously. It was so amazing to meet all of you!!

  2. Fuckin' awesome! How are we gonna' top the epicness that was Forrrrrrks 2010?

    Can't wait to see everybody again!

  3. OMG!!!! I didn't meet half these hoors.. it's awesome to put some faces with names...I can't wait to see y'all again..FOOOORKS!!!!! SQUEEEEEE.. Again, thanks Twitarded for your putting this shindig together twits rock! And I love y'all.

  4. AHHH! F'in AWESOME!! I'm takin down real names so I don't have to call people by their handles. LOL
    LOVE IT!! Thanks Gus!


  6. Oh!!!That was so fun. Can't wait to see everyone again - or for the first time since I don't think I managed to meet more than half those people last year.
    Forks II is going to be epic.

  7. OMG!!! It was so fun to watch the video and see some of my favorite
    H00rs! I am soooooo looking forward to seeing everyone in FOOOOORKS!!!! If you are thinking about going this year...don't think just will have so much fun and meet some of the best women you will ever know!!!


  8. So. Fucking. Awesome.

    I will be in Forks in 12 days time and I will be thinking of every single one of you.

    There are ppl in the video that I have met in the last week (here's looking at you Jen) and more that I am going to meet this week (Charla, Chylynn, Sharon) and several I know well (Nicole, Lisa) who I am not able to meet. I love you all and I miss you and I want you to know there are tears streaming down my face watching this.


    Also, How does Twitarded in Hawaii 2012 sound? Halfway between the US and NZ/Australia... go on....

  9. Just in case any of you forgot, @AGirlintheSouth and I travelled a looooonnng way from Texas. Oh the memories!!! Bring it Ffffooorkks 2011.


  10. Is it time to leave for FFOORRKKSS yet? That was awesome!! I can't wait to meet all those that I didn't get to meet last year and spend more time with those I did meet but need to talk to more :)

    Can't wait to hug you again Jenny, Snarky, LatchkeyWife, VitaminR, Myg, et. al. :)

  11. I was just slack-jawed and teary-eyed watching that video. Also, had a big sappy grin plastered on my face. It was quite a sight! xo

  12. holy crap. I haven't even GONE to Forks and I hearted this video SO hard! LOVE LOVE LOVE! btw, if you are on twitter, I'd love to reach out to some more h00rs. Either @dailytwimes or @catpodd

  13. I fluv this video even though I didnt talk to the camera I'm in the background (its weird seeing yourself from behind, btw). I'm so ready for Forks 2011!!!

  14. @TwiKiwi50 I tried to start a campaign with Dangrdafne & MyAfterCarIsAnXKR for a Twitarded in Hawaii 2012. Not giving up! I think it should travel, like the Twi-tours do.

  15. @rottymama - I am in! And Twitarded Vegas. And BD #2 premiere and ... oh my I need more vacation time or to be independently wealthy. Any ideas?? LOL

  16. Yes Vegas! We need some sponsors! And buy a lottery ticket too! LOL!

  17. SO effing fantastic to watch that. Gah, what a night that was! The entire trip was amazeballs and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Ummm and why was I so quick? Geez. Anyhoo...thank you again STY, LKW and JJ for the trip of a lifetime.

    Love all ya'll Twitards.

    xo J

  18. Wow, that was super cute. I'm sad to say that I only know about 10% if that, of the women on the video. I hope to meet many more of you this time around.

  19. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! I can't fucking wait to get to Forks and see everyone, especially all these people I don't know!

  20. Pass the tissues! Man, that was fun.

  21. oh my goodness, nostalgia taking over! I'm all misty-eyed... I am so fucking excited to see you h00rs again, some of you very soon! What a weekend, and yaye mommy made it! :) She won't be coming this time, but I'm bringing the mister!

    ... holy shit I've lost some weight. Holy neck fat, Batman.

    ...aka Charla, not anymore! lol

  22. Omg, that was awesome! Again, I feel like I barely scratched the surface last year.

    I have exciting news... I'M GOING TO FORKS! I didn't think it was going to happen, because I've had, well, some troubles lately, but I scraped some cash together, got the time off, and I'm going!!!

    I have to say, ladies of Twitarded... I really appreciate that you keep scheduling it for my birthday! I'LL SEE YOU HOORS THERE!!!!

  23. @AllTwiedUp - please check your email for a crazy email from me about this weekend. Thanks


  25. GAAAHHHH!!! The torture! I want to go back soooooo bad. Damn you responsibility! Next year, no ifs ands of buts about it.
    @jenmariejen here or Jennifer Brown-Myers on facebook.
    Seriously?!? What was up with my eyebrows and my facial expressions?!
    Julie and I had SUCH a good time last year! Next year I am coming out of my box and meeting EVERYBODY!Be warned!


    Cannot wait. That is all.

    Loved putting all the faces with the handles!!!

  27. OMG this video made me so happy/sad!

    Happy that I saw so many of my favorite fucking people EVER, and sad that I didn't have MORE TIME to meet more of you!!!

    No worries h00rs, this year it's GOING DOWN. I'm going wicked hypersocial and I want to hug 100% of you, so beware.

    I sort of remember grabbing the mic from Gus and @tatoomickey (Sandy) and I having a drunken ramble into the camera because we had slammed some Lemonade Vodka prior to this party. I'm sure it'll surface eventually. **headdesk**


  28. Awww! That made me feel all warm and fuzzy; and also like having a drink. I'll definitely see you all for the Seattle night!

  29. You have NO idea how excited this makes I need a wardrobe change.

    Srsly. 50 days just can't go by fast enough!!!

    Oh, and I saw 2 Oklahoma chics on the video and I don't think I'm friends with them...I'll have to watch the vid back again and see if I can catch their Twitter name.

    You guys are so amazing!!

  30. Awwww seeing the video makes me all sorts of sad that I'm not going. If anyone is driving from Chicago... do you have room in the trunk for me :) lol

  31. I can't wait!! It's fun planning for Forks with my new Twitter/FB friends :)

    It's so nice to see the faces that go with the names and I can't wait to meet everyone.

    Time to go clothes shopping, start making lists (I'm a list maker) and dig out my mini-E's :)

    Side note - Talking to hubs about the plans so far, mentioned Mini-E, and he starts going on about all the poses I can take pics of with the Mini-E, at the airport, hotel, etc...I was like, ummm, ya that's the idea :) He's starting to get it!

    ~Kristen (aka Mamalicious Cullen on the Forks forum or @kvotz on the Twitter)

  32. Holy hell. Is my voice really that deep? I digress...

    It's great to see familiar faces and match people up again with twitter names, etc.

    Tell Gus Gus thanks for putting it together.

    *waves at TwiKiwi50*



  33. So...I basically photobombed almost everyone on the mic. LOL!
    And do I laugh enough? I don't think so.
    I got scared as I watched myself give basically all of my personal information. I thought I was going to hear my social security number
    I still can't believe the experience we had. It was unforgettable, momentous,epic,...etc etc etc.

  34. This will be like the first Lollapaloza for me: Forks 2010 will always be amazing and hold a place in my heart. I only wished I had met more of you wonderful ladies that trip!! I can't do Forks this year so I send Aloha to all of you instead.

  35. While I was watching this awesome video, and then calling Forks Motel at least to book a room (there were 2 left, she said, Now there is 1?) one of my dachshunds ran away because I was so excited that I forgot to close the back door.

    Three hours of frantic searching and tears later, she trotted out of the tall grass...and blue chickweed flowers of a nearby meadow.
    Can't wait to get there.

  36. It's official -- I am not a blubbering mess after that video. What a fucking fun time that was last year and I can't wait to do it all over again!

    I really REALLY hope I get to spend more time talking to all the peeps I missed out on last year....

    And I'm begging you PUH-LEASE... if you see me and I don't see you... tackle hug me! I'm such a fan of the tackle hug.

  37. Watery eyes, and almost watery panties from giggling like a fucking 12 y/o! Jesus I miss you all! I'm proud to say I think I met 85% of the peeps on the vid, and a shitton who weren't on the vid, as well. It was great to get reacquainted with the faces and voices that go with everyone's handles (except mine...I srsly don't sound like that, people.), and even remember some of your REAL NAMES!

    I'm kinda bummed that MyAfterCar didn't make the interview cut. I would love to have seen her in her skinny pre-mom glory. Now she's just busy making our first Twi-baby! WOO HOO RENESMO!!

    I'm so crazy stupid excited. I keep saying this, but I'm more excited for this than my wedding. I don't have to do any real planning, I don't have to pay for everyone's meals, I don't have to worry about drinking so much that I can't get down and dirty (believe me...this is a legitimate worry of mine for the wedding), and I don't have to answer to any man ALL WEEKEND. Unless it's the karaoke guy, the bartender, or the bouncer. That's it.

    @Pimpy I cannot express how excited I am that you will be there. I just...I cannot.

    And PS, I love that Forks nostalgia has all the oldies back to commenting. It's so good to see some of these names back in the comments! *waves* HI LADIES!!

  38. What @LindsayRay said - it's great to see (and read) all the familiar names up here! Mwah!!!


    : )

  39. I had a blast; I'm so mad I was camera-shy at the time! :)
    xo love yas!

  40. I didn't "woman up" for the camera, but I saw myself in the background of many other people's face time.

    I, too, want to meet more people this time around!!! =)


  41. This video is getting me even more excited. I cant wait to meet every one!

    Im on twitter as tigerkitten36

  42. oh hell yes you ARE jenmariejen(jennifer) going to freaking FORKS again. If I have to throw u in a suitcase to get you there. Best vacay EVER! I want to get a chance to meet everyone next time. I so want a good time in 2012 before I f-ing turn the big 40
    BTWI am 1mustanggirl on twitter.

  43. That was great! I miss the fun.
    FFFOOOORRRRKKKKSSS 2011 can't wait, we will be in Seattle let the mayhem begin!

  44. Oh God, I may well be pooping myself right now. What am I letting myself in for? I'm SO NOT a social animal... STY, can I rock in a corner with you, please *puppy dog eyes*

    Okay, okay, baby steps CC. You can do this...

    Seriously, though, that vid was ah.may.zing. So glad to be able to put faces to a few names (both real, and of the handle variety). Obviously, I'm gonna have to watch it a few more times until it sticks - and even then I'll probably end up forgetting everything.

    Senility sux.

    See you soon! *waves nervously*

    CC x

  45. Wow! All those beautiful, wonderful women! I smiled through this whole video. :)
    It'll be great seeing you again in Fooooooorks in one and a half month! Can't wait!

  46. This trip is going to be so epic. I didn't make it last year, so I am a FOOORRRKKKSSS!!! virgin! There are so many people I am looking forward to meet and some I haven't really gotten to know on here yet. I put together a list of people who are going on twitter. I am @LoriAnnTwiFan, so tweet me if I don't have you on the list! It's great to filter out everyone else and just see our h00rs! Laters bbs!

  47. OME!!! I laughed, I cried.... I thank Edward that TwiKiwi50 told me about you guys posting this, because I'm such fail at keeping up with the blogs lately (*flogs self*).

    I loved that video. I want to meet the rest of you and see those of you I did manage to meet again! Soooo looking forward to it! 5 weeks, laaaaaaaaadies!

  48. I am honestly so fucking depressed that i didn't make it last year, and i can't make it this year! I will meet all of you twat waffles sometime!


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