Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nikki Reed Gives a Shit

We don't talk about Nikki Reed very often here but it's not because we don't like her, or think that her dark eyebrows and blonde Rosalie wig look really fucking weird.

Oh wait, I actually DO think the dark eyebrows and blonde wig is totally fucking weird. Never mind.

Anyway, when Texas Katherine sent this video to us a couple of days ago, I knew I had to write about it because it's SO important and really struck a chord within me because apparently Nikki Reed likes to talk about shit I like to talk about, like shitting.

Or giving a shit about shitting. Or something like that. Just watch the video.

Not only is the video hysterical but some of the comments made me a pee a little because apparently people actually thought this is a real campaign or something and not just...

Wait, what? It IS a real campaign??? If the thoughts I had while shitting could actually affect the world... well, let's just say that might not be a good thing for anyone. But me.

Go here if you want to give a shit. And don't forget to flush.


  1. It is funny...but is it really real or just looks real to be funny-real? Or is it real and supposed to look real, or is she acting like it's real to make it funnier because it's not real...? I'm so confused! I saw this last night & shared it on my facebook wall, and not one person commented on it! Do you think anyone even gave a shit enough to watch it?? And, anyway, Nikki in the blonde wig is blech.

  2. Damn it! I've watched so much porn, I think my 'puter has picked up a virus or something! I can't watch the video! Must have happened last week when I was looking for Snow White/dwarf porn to send to TK.

  3. HAHAHA!!!!!!!
    "Give a shit before the next train leaves the station"....
    Freaking awesome.
    I'm tweeting and websurfing from the crapper more times than I would like to admit...I think she is on to something. There is a serious market for money to be made from people who are online whilst pooping.
    She's a genius...and not because she dropped her pants.
    Although, that was above and beyond. Bless her.


    JJ, you have to read mine, I may have mentioned you in it. I mean it IS about shitting after all ;)

  5. I knew I loved Nikki for some reason ;)

  6. OMG,! It really is real...lmao..I love how there is a shit-o-meter on it too...I give a shit about giving a shit.. JJ this is right up your....well, if the shoe fits..pass the tp. Lmao.

  7. I am totally baffled by this... Of course this is a normal state for me on any given Monday, but still...

  8. I love this! Give a shit.... Oh the ideas....

  9. bwahaha check out

  10. I agree with @TwiredJen -- just reading about giving a shit is totally making me have to take a shit. Which is good, because that will give me a chance to give a shit.

    I'm confused now.

  11. @TheRugbyMom--Serves you right.

    I still don't understand what I'm supposed to give a shit about. Should I be thinking about Nikki's colon?

  12. I give a shit about children who dont have toys...

  13. In creating this, she, or the writers, neglected to give a shit about water consumption. This campaign could double or triple our potable water flushes :(. I give a shit about composting shitters. Check it out. ..then again this may just loosen everybody the f up!
    Love it still, tho...


  14. I'm going to start wearing a brown ribbon on my jacket lapel, to show that I give a shit about giving a shit.

  15. Absolutely hilarious! :)


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