Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recommendations and... oooooh!! Shiny penny!!

So, let me preface this post by saying I’ve had a lot of coffee today and am as amped up as a newborn vampire in a subway full of goddamned la tua cantantes so if I’m all over the place it’s not my fault. Well, it is but whatever.

In an effort to make this as concise as possible instead of “I have recommendations ohmygodlook! ShinypennyoverthereandcansomeonepleasepassmeaRedBull” I’m going divide this bitch up into three parts.

Part One – the fan fiction recommendation
To be honest, I haven’t really had the time lately to read a lot of fan fiction (the reasons for this will soon become apparent) but there are still a few that I will try to drop everything for when they update.

 Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Singles Girls – by bannerday (Incomplete)

I sort of stumbled on this fic by accident but was totally sucked in after a very, very amusing Bella/Edward introduction that involved a hat embroidered with the word “asshole” and an erection.

Synopsis - New teacher and aspiring writer, Bella Swan, moves to Seattle. She finds fan-fiction-creation-inspiration in the enigmatic and surly playboy who lives in the upscale condo across from hers. As her newest on-line story develops, so does a correspondence with a mysterious reader/reviewer of that story. Is it a co-worker? Is it the hothead playboy? It's a case of art imitating life and life imitating art. A fan-fic story within a fan-fic story with all the canon usuals. Lemons, laughs and love.

This Bella is a little flighty, a lot quirky and really endearing. Though Edward is a rich, beautiful hunk of man-slut, he’s got his faults and shining moments as well.

Fridays at Noon – by followstrouble1017 (incomplete)

For the life me I can’t remember who the hell recommended that I check this fic out but thanks! I LOVE this Bella. She’s spunky, independent and stands her ground. There were more than a couple scenes where I found myself mentally high-fiving her. This isn’t your typical rich, wounded Edward, either.

Synopsis - Handsome yet arrogant Edward Masen's life intersects with Bella Swan when she takes a job as a waitress at the restaurant he dines at for lunch every Friday. He doesn't know how to love anything or anyone, and she isn't impressed by the things that usually have women falling at his feet. He's got secrets and a temper - can Bella break down his walls? She'll get her chance Fridays at noon...

This fic has it all – the snark, the danger and a whole lot of adventure. It’s definitely angsty at some points but not overly so.

Part Two: A Book Recommendation That Is Not Twilight-Related
 I’ve recently started reading Game of Thrones. It wasn’t intentional--I had seen billboards for the HBO series and thought, "boooooring." I was stuck ridiculously late at Penn Station one night and bought it to help pass the time (and possibly beat the snot out of any scurrilous looking character who got too close to me) and for once I’m glad I’m an idiot and didn’t bother to check the train times because this book is pwning my ass.

George R.R. Martin’s writing is concise and crisp and introduces us to a world that is reminiscent of Medieval Europe. There is a fantastical element to these books (I believe there are currently five published) but the story isn’t drenched in it, which is really refreshing to me.

Be forewarned – this is not a light read. The first book alone was a whopping 807 pages, full of political subterfuge, family feuds, war, death… everything that makes a really intriguing and all-consuming fantasy novel.

The characters are richly fleshed out and I found myself actually concerned for their welfare, though there were a few so awful that I wanted to reach through pages and run them through with a longsword myself. There’s something to be said about an author who can make the reader feel so strongly, positively or negatively, about his characters and Martin truly has a way with words.

That being said, if you’re not inclined to devote yourself to what will inevitably be way more than a few thousand pages in total, you can always just watch the series on HBO. Since I live in the dark ages and don’t have HBO, I haven’t seen it yet but plan on getting my grubby little paws on the DVD’s the moment they are available.

Also? It has this guy in it. Helloooooo, Khal Drogo!!

His hair is longer than mine and he wears more eyeliner than me but I'd still let him mount me. 

Moving right along…

Part Three - Just Fucking Humor Me, People. I Love This Band
(I always wonder how horrified they would be to stumble across one of my posts about them. Nah, I'd rather not know.)

There's something so thrilling about waiting for a band to start playing...

Last week I was lucky enough to have a double dose of Man Man. The shows were, as they always are, fantastic and I had a blast. I’ve never seen a band so full of intensity and energy as Man Man and I've seen more than my fair share of bands.

Back in May, they released their new album Life Fantastic. For years now, their debut album Man in a Blue Turban with a Face has been my numero uno album to listen to but I think Life Fantastic has actually replaced it.

Life Fantastic strikes me as a more mature Man Man album. It still contains the high intensity of the previous albums and is a whirlwind of dark lyrics and eclectic instrumentation that implements a myriad of different musical genres but it’s a little more well-produced than their previous albums.

There are just so many layers to the songs. Each one is an intricate dance of instruments and lyrics – intense, sometimes frightening—but always emotional. There is a raw, piercing beauty to this album, even in its darker turns.

Don't believe me? Have a listen for yourself.

Man Man - Haute Tropique by simak1977

Man Man - Life Fantastic by PearBLLN

Oh, and this...

That's all for now, folks! I'm going to finish reading Game of... oh sweet! My Netflix streaming is working again!!


  1. Ooh, love Game of Thrones! I watched the HBO show, and am now in the process of listening to the audiobook (it's only 37 hours!). It's such a well-developed world, and the characters are wonderful.

  2. Ok, I lied... the first audiobook is only 33.5 hours. :) I almost wish I had a longer commute!

  3. @justfristin1 - I think I might give the audiobooks a try! I hear they are good for road rage...

  4. @STY - I'm a big fan of audiobooks while traveling. I started listening to them on planes (I can't read while flying), and now I usually have one going in the car as well. Some of the reviews for GoT were not kind to the narrator, but I like him. It does help with road rage - I just try to concentrate on the story instead of the idiots driving around me!

  5. Seriously the "Games of Thrones" series is UH-mazing. Martin just continues to bring us magic book after book. And to know we have 2 more books coming has me so stoked.

    The show, even though there are some differences is still brilliantly as beautiful as the book. Also, the actors that so wonderfully bring Martin's characters to screen are fantastic. I mean I drool every friggin' episode. I sit on the edge of my seat waiting to see how they will translate the book to the tube.

    As for "Man Man" and their perfection - I agree with everything you wrote.

  6. Friday's At Noon is complete! She's working on a sequel - Once Upon a Saturday - it's almost finished I think.

    If you're into audiobooks, you should try downloading the iFic audio podcast of Let Your Light Shine by LolaShoes (complete in 7 episodes). It's free on iTunes. I love driving to work listening to Edward & Bella on Isle Esme!

    Now imma go lookin' for some more Man Man.

  7. I wanted to read Game of Thrones before I started watching it on HBO.. But it didn't happen and I was afraid it's kill the books for me like True Blood. That was nothing like the books and I couldn't finish reading the books after watching the show.

    I was sucked into my Seat every Sunday watching Game of Thrones.. HBO did it well. They took the time to introduce every charter and explain the story unlike That new series from Starz Camelot that got canceled after one season.

    That dude that plays The Khal you can see him this month in Conan if you want anyways my point.. Run to the DVD's when this hits because I was left wanting more at the end of the first season.

  8. I just got hooked on the Game of Thrones too! I'm about 200 pages into the second book and I FLOVE it. I wish I had more time to read (damn you RL! *shakes fist at sky*) so that I could read more than a chapter a night lol. I can't wait until the show comes out on DVD because me and the hubs are too cheap to have HBO. Thanks for the other recs!

  9. Thanks for the music recommendation! Love the samples that you supplied and the local library actually has the last Man Man Cd and I'm always looking for new music! How am I not aware of this music ??- I swear living in the Midwest is like living in a cave sometimes. Local radio plays the same stuff over and over and over and thinks you like to listen to their non-witty banter. Fridays at Noon is an awesome (and complete) fic. Fan Fiction, Sex Gods, and Single Girls are on my list to read. You should try to read The Best I Ever Had - (also fanfic) it was really good too.

  10. "as amped up as a newborn vampire in a subway full of goddamned la tua cantantes" HOLY POO I almost peed myself laughing at this! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!

  11. I am also currently reading Game of Thrones, along with 2 of my co-workers. I haven't seen the episodes yet, but I hear they are very true to the book, so much so that my co-worker couldn't finish reading the 1st book because she already knew everything that happened and was dying to know what happened next, so she skipped to the 2nd book. shit, that was a long sentence.

    It's definitely not as easy a read as, say, the literary gold that is Twilight. *removes tongue from cheek*. I read some sentences and think "what the hell does that mean?" But all in all I'm liking it so far. I hear there's sex and rape in it, but I haven't gotten to those parts yet. Guess I best get some more reading done!

  12. Fridays at Noon was an amazing fic!!! I freakin' loved it...had me sucked in after the first chapter. You're right, Bella is snarky and strong...I love that. Edward is dark and mysterious, beautiful and broken...he's a great Edward.

    Once Upon a Saturday is the sequel and it is intense and has me totally on edge right now. It's short. She said it's only going to be 6-8 chapters and tomorrow's post will be chapter 6, so it's coming to an end...which I am both thankful for and sad about.

    I'll have to check out the other fic your rec'd. Hadn't heard of it, but it sound really good!!

    I'm all jacked up on Starbucks, so we would make quite the...ooooooo, shiny penny.

  13. I'm totally checking out these recs but I just have to say I nearly started crying when I read ..."Last week I was lucky enough to have a double dose of Man Man." I want a double dose of Man Man.

  14. Hey Jenny great reviews.
    I enjoyed Fridays at Noon also.
    I'll have to check out the rest.

    Here is a Fic Rec that may appeal to all Twitards. It is written by itzmegan73 the same author that brought us A Rough Start, The Tutor, & The Cannabean Betrothal. Her latest fic is not available on FanFic.Net It is only available on her blog: The Many Tales of Megan. Her new Edward/Bella Fic is called: Insatiable Desires
    Description: What happens when the paths of two teenage hypersexuals cross?
    She has 11 chapters posted so far.

  15. I think I just died and went to heaven. Jenny Jerkface rec'd my story on Twitarded. The confusion might be that it's complete on and almost complete on Twilighted. Thanks for the pimp!! xoxo

  16. God, I really shouldn't start any new fics, I waste enough time on the ones I'm currently reading but these sound really cool. No way am I getting sucked in to another epic tome so I'll pass on the book. If I put this much energy into my career, I'd be rich.

  17. I'm sooo jealous of anyone starting to read A Song of Ice and Fire now cos you assholes won't have to wait FIVE FUCKING YEARS for A Dance with Dragons to come out.

    A Song of Ice and Fire has been pwning my ass for about five years now. I picked up the second book in a charity shop, started it, realized it was the second book in a series and kept reading it anyway because I was hooked, read books three and four and then finally went back and read A Game of Thrones. Cos I'm awkward like that.

    I'm also such a geek that one of my bearded dragons is named Dany.

    I floved the series, I thought it was really well done and brilliantly acted. And Khal Drogo can mount me any time. Seriously. I also have a bit of a thing for that dude who plays Jon Snow. And Peter Dinklage, just cos he's such an awesome Tyrion. I'll shut up now.

  18. I just bought the whole Game of Thrones series at Costco. I haven't started them yet but love, love, love the show. One of my bff's son looks exactly like the character is freaky.

    I have two fic recs....

    'In Your World' by solostintwilight....inspired by the Amish Rob photo shoots. It is super well written and oddly captivating...even with all the religious stuff built in.

    The other one that I jumpy clap for when it updates is 'Animate Me' by abstractway. Just imagine nerdy, hot cartoonist Edward and hot, exec Bella. It is so endearing and I really, really want me a Toonward...he is perfection...and well hung.

    @JJ--I really, really like Man Man...make me a cd dude. xo

  19. @VitaminR I read over at A Different Forest that the "Animate Me" author abstractway got to meet Rob at ComicCon. She confessed to him that she wrote FanFic and he asked her what her Penname was! He could be reading that Fic as we speak!

    Word Verification: Calfech


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