Friday, August 5, 2011

Robert Pattinson is STILL Talking About That Damn Baby!

It seems there's been a reoccurring theme in Robert Pattinson's life since the Twilight movies burst onto the scene back in late 2008. People have been asking him to bite them for years now. Those people just have no imagination. I can think of a lot of things I would like RPattz to do to me, and biting is not exactly high on my list. Unless of course he bites me while he's doing other, ahem, things...

Appears he even asks himself to bite him.

In going back over the biting timeline, it appears the first incident came during the shooting of the first Twilight movie. You all know the story... Woman brings baby to set. Woman hands baby off to random stranger. Woman asks for baby's picture with Rob. Rob tries to bite her baby. Typical scene... if you want to end up in prison for child endangerment maybe. Or was she trying to trade her baby for sexual favors? That's what I'd do. If I had a baby.

And from the photo evidence, it appears RPattz might have a penchance for biting children. Or maybe he just put its whole head in his mouth like some sort of lion act at the circus -- foresight to practice for his future role in WFE perhaps?

I think he may have learned his lesson though with the whole children and biting thing. In November 2008, before the movie even hit the theaters, a 7 year old girl asked him to bite her (probably remembering how lucky that baby was). Lucky for him, he resisted his underlying urge to bite children. Probably a good thing since I'm sure Chris Hansen must have seen the previous photographic evidence and put the little girl up to the task -- possibly trying to out a serial child-biter.

Later on there were other requests for nibbling -- probably the most famous was from Tyra Banks. Since she is of age -- Rob (I'm sure gladly) agreed, knowing the result would most likely be a high five or fist bump from his mates, instead of mothers fleeing from him. First time ever I've been jealous of Tyra. I mean he really goes in for the kill. There is totally lips to neck contact and I want some! (His lips, not her neck.)

So this baby biting incident happened in 2008. It comes up in occasional interviews. I remember David Letterman inquired about it in an interview for New Moon, which was really funny. If you haven't seen it, click here for a chuckle! And fast forward to this year's Comic Con -- and Rob is still talking about that damn baby! That whole scene must have really made an impression on this up and comer (twss).

I wonder if this baby -- now a kid -- goes fetal at the sight of Edward Cullen?


  1. Forget the baby - forget Tyra - bite meeeeeeee RPatts!


    sorry. not sure i'd be able to help myself... probably for the best i wasn't in the front row at the WfE premiere thingy - lol!

    : )

  2. Screw putting your mouth on my kid all creeper-style, RPattz. Put those sexy lips on me ... ahem, all over me preferably (I can think of a few special places). Biting is optional.

  3. Normally I'm opposed to strangers biting me. I'll make this one exception. Call me, Rob.

  4. It just me...or does Rob look completely and totally gay in the screen shot with Kristen? Project Runway, here I come!

  5. I wonder if this is considered blashphemis, but I feel like Summit is totally dropping the ball on keeping fans interested in BD. They assume that the same rehashed stories and old Eclipse stills will tied us over. Honestly people, you make the big bucks, give a shit and give us something worth looking at or talking about!

    *phew* got that off my chest.

    How many of you agree with me though? It's high time Summit got off their over paid asses and released a few fucking pictures before we all shrug and go, 'Meh.'

  6. How does she manage to be twitchy while sitting still?!

    Although, come to think of it, I'd probably be a bit twitchy if I was sitting that close to Rob. Just a bit. Still you'd think she'd be used to it by now....


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