Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fan Fic Recommendation - Substance Clad in Shadows

Last week, somewhere in between emails about assholes and hot British dudes, Myg sent a little blurb about a new fan fic she was hooked hard on and strongly suggested I check it out. She was so certain I would like it that she said (and I'm totally paraphrasing here) "fucking read the fic". So I did. And Myg was right.

The fic is called Substance Clad in Shadows by hollelujah and it is excellent. The writing is fantastic, imaginative, intelligent and the concept and plot is truly one of a kind.

From - Bella's only release comes in the form of distantly orbiting the life of Edward Cullen. As with any addiction, however, she's always left wanting more. "Mad is a term we use to describe a man who is obsessed with one idea and nothing else." (Ugo Betti)

Edward is a bored, wealthy playboy and the object of Bella Swan's obsession, who soon becomes discontent with watching him from afar. Also? Bella in this particular fic is kinda psycho.

I'm cool with that.

See that "I don't give a fuck" look? Yeah, that's what SCiS Bella is like...

This is a work-in-progress but the author has stated that it will be approximately 20 chapters when everything is said and done and with about thirteen chapters already posted, it's almost finished.

This fic is right up my alley - it's edgy as hell, super sexy and the characters (especially Bella) are intense and intriguing. The moment I began reading I knew there was no way I was going to be able to stop. This one is definitely going on my "drop everything and READ NOW" list each time it is updated.

Huh. This picture is actually kinda works too...

A little word of warning, however. The sex scenes aren't exactly lovey-dovey. Control and power-plays are apparent when it comes to the bedroom scenes. At the very least, boundaries are definitely pushed so if that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable... you've been warned.

That being said, push your own boundaries and check this fic out! Honestly, this is one of the most intriguing fics I've read in a very long time and definitely has made my top five of favorite Twilight fan fictions.


  1. Will check it out - it sounds great. You caught me on a good day - i'm caught up on all the stories I'm following and was wandering around looking for something good to read tonight.

  2. I'm hooked, too, even tho' I'd sworn off WIPs!

    Speaking of hooked-on-fics with hardass Bellas, whatever happened to 15 Step? (hope you don't mind me asking;)

  3. Thanks! I read The Help this weekend. It was a good book, but now I need me some Edward & sex.

  4. Thanks. I was looking for something new. This looks great.

  5. This is the story I have been waiting for..Exactly what I imagined it to be..I LOVE it and can't wait for the updates..I have 3 that I am stuck on and all 3 are wip's which I said I would NOT do..but I just couldn't help myself..the other 2 are My Viking and Unexpected Circunstances..both are awesome. Thanks Myg for talkin it up and thanks Hollelujah for an awesome story.

  6. Sounds smashing - will give it a go.

  7. Can't wait to check it out. I too have sworn off WIPs, but given I am consumed by my re-read of Clipped Wings & Inked Armour, by the time I'm done with that, this might be done. Thanks JJ!

  8. Can't wait to get into this one. Thanks!

  9. OMG.


    The prologue reached out and wrapped it's fingers around my throat. Chapter one, squeezed.

    And I liked it.

    Too much to be healthy.

    THIS. MY kind of Bella.


  10. Twist my arm - this sounds good to me!

  11. Please do yourself a huge favour and read There Is A Light by BellaDonna Cullen. It's a WIP, based on a young B falling in love with an older E (musician, yum). I can't even begin to describe it... Incredible.

  12. I'm so glad you posted about SCiS! I just love this story. I love how confused yet powerful Bella is all at once. How assured she is of herself, how nuts she acts, how it starts to get away from her. This is one of those stories where I was just going to peek, and after the first paragraph I couldn't stop until I got all the way to the end. Now I can't wait for it to update, and I can tell you, it won't be all that long until it's complete.

    Also, hollelujah is not only talented, she's funny as hell and a total sweetheart (and she lurks here, I am told, so HI HOLL! *waves*)

    So go, read, have your head twisted a little, and show love.

  13. It is pretty fantastic in that--can't breathe and it makes you wait, and wait and wait--way.
    I read all there is in one go. Well, read what I wanted to. Now I will start over and read the non-Edward bits. That is how I do fan fic: insta gratification-style.

  14. Yes. Because fanfic has in no way taken over my life & I could do with more...


  15. This is sooo good, thanks for the rec! I needed a break from whiny Bella. Plus, that photo you posted of KStew with the long hair helps me forget the bad wig Bella that has crept into my brain ever since Eclipse!

  16. HI MYG! And thank you to everyone who's supporting this story! :)

  17. OMG. After I saw this posting I read the entire story (thus far). I am in LOVE with this kind of Bella. Not only that she's crazy but she's got a mad case of DGAF. I love her for it. I aspire to be more like her. I shall no longer devulge any personal information with the boys I encounter. Let the games begin :)

    PS. what the hell is a WIP? If this is a WIP, I want more of it.

  18. Ha! I came back here because I just had to comment on how much I LOVE this fic and wanted to thank you for recommending it .... but I see I was already the last to comment. Shows just how much I adore this story.

    Thank you again loves!


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