Monday, September 5, 2011

FORKS UPDATE: Important Stuff You NEED to Know!

As of today there are exactly 24 days until Forks! 24 DAYS PEOPLE! HOLY FUCK!! It seems like just yesterday I was thinking it was so far away. Not the case my friends. It's coming fast and furiously. I'm sure you're wondering about some stuff so I'm going to try and fill you in on some important things you'll need to know for your trip to FORKS!!

T-Shirts: Have you ordered your t-shirt yet? If not, click HERE to peruse all the fabulous merchandise on Cafe Press. We even have PJs!! (And be sure to thank @mama_cougar and @17foreverlisa for their amazing design!!)

Name tags: I know a lot of you were completely jealous of our very cool lanyard style name tags last year. This year, we're making them available to everyone! This way you won't have to worry about making a new sticker-y one every day. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of how to distribute so stay tuned on that front. If you would like to create your own fancy insert before you come to Forks, the size is 4" wide x 3" high.

Elks Lodge Transportation: Since the Elks Lodge is a bit out of town (about 1.5 miles from the Motel), we have arranged to hire the Twilight Tours bus to transport everyone to and from the Twitarded events on Friday and Saturday nights. We urge you ALL to use this service and not drive unless you are definitely NOT drinking. You know the Charlie's will be out in full force once they get wind that the crazy Twitards are back and we don't want anyone ending up in the clink!! The shuttle will pick up at the Forks Motel and run between 5:45pm-7:15pm and 11pm-12:30am each night.

Donating Raffle Items: We've had quite a few people offer to donate items we can raffle off during our events in Forks. This is completely awesome!! It can be something you hand-crafted or something you just have and would like to give away. If you have any type of Twi-related item you would like to add to the pile, please let us know -- you can email me:

If you've missed any of our previous Forks Updates, please visit them below:
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Also, please use #Forks2011 on Twitter when discussing... see you in 24 days, twat waffles!!



  1. Can I just skip my wedding & come? I could replace myself with FSE....DG would NEVER notice! :)

    XO J

  2. That is so awesome about the Twilight Tours bus. Good thinking there. Can not wait! Which is an incredible understatement.

  3. AAAHAHHHHHH I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! Probably - no, definitely - even more so than last year. Holy hell, I can't wait to see yall.

    I don't have any talent to create a raffle item, but I did order bracelet wristband things again this year, so everyone make sure to come see me so I can give you one. GAH I'm so excited.

    @Jen... LMAO! Just put a thick veil on FSE. DG won't notice until the kiss, and at that point it's too late, ha!

  4. Oh, and thank you for setting up the tour buses. Safety first and all that jazz. Definitely a good idea to have DDs for this crowd. Might also be a good idea to put a few plastic trash cans on the bus. Y'know, so no one loses a deposit or anything.

  5. The Twilight Tours bus is a great idea for shuttles. You guys rawk. Now I can get tanked and only worry about the poor bastards I end up hitting on and not whether or not I hit them with a car.

    *runs off to make insert for lanyard*

  6. Kristen (@kvotz, mamaliciouscullen)September 5, 2011 at 10:26 PM

    That is really thoughtful and AWESOMESAUCE of youz all to get the tour buses!

    That is all I want to say...

    24 days...I am going to hurl.


  7. Someone has to not let me start yelling when I hear the word "Last Call". We don't have those in Vegas and I'm so used to 24 hour lifestyle.

  8. "coming fast and furiously"... twss.

    The Elks Lodge is NOT going to know what has hit it - trust me, I scoped it out, they is gonna need THERAPY.

    If Arnold is your bus driver, he's rockin! He loves some 70's tunes, I believe.

    Have fun, lucky bitches.

  9. I ain't a-scared of walking a mile and a half...But I do love party busses! WOO!! I know, I know...It's not a party bus. But if we get more than 1 Twitard on a bus after a night of drinking, it BECOMES a party bus!!

    I am so happy there was a Forks update before I get married on Saturday. It seriously lets me focus on ANYTHING ELSE. I'm going fucking crazy.

  10. Lindsay Rae..Hey a little drunk walking can be good..although it is a big buzz kill..but I'm down with the kids. ( if it's nice out) thanks for the bus, that's very thoughtful of you. I'm on a roll with the twi-lingo.. I can't wait to squeeze you all in just a few weeks..again, thanks for all your hard work girlz is the bomb diggity..

  11. whoops, forgot to mention this, but there are still people looking for rooms and rides if ya'll havent been to the forum, check it out. sharing is caring..

  12. Thanks for setting up the party bus! So excited, working on my submissions for the raffel.... Muhahahaha!

  13. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! As Always you guys went above & beyond. See you all soon! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!


  14. Wow, the shuttle bus is an awesome idea! Thanks for looking out for us, girls! I can't believe how close it's getting. I'm so excited!!!

  15. While we think that spending some quality time with Chief Swan sounds nice in theory, we're not sure we want to go there. Three cheers for the drunk bus! If we're lucky, we'll have Travis carting our group back and forth - maybe he'll but on a cop uniform for us... ; )

  16. w00t! Party bus :)

    I'm getting sooooooo excited!

  17. What I want to know is if that guy with the USDA stamp on his rump is going to be there....

  18. A mile and a half ain't a terrible walk but party buses with be SO much more fun.

    I can't stress this enough - do not drink and drive. It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel for the cops, DUI-wise.

    See you soon, you crazy bitches!!

  19. Shitmanfuck! It's September already?! Thanks for all the time you put into planning and making arrangements for all us drunky h00rs. Can't wait to see everyone!

  20. Partay bus??? Too right! I don't intend to subject my beautiful, virginal driver's licence to anything wrong - especially, US-wise - it's been blemish-free for so long :-)

    Well done, laydeez, on getting this sorted! :-D

    Majorly excited now...

    CC x

  21. You H00rs rock sofa king much!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  22. Thank so much for arranging the buses. Lesa and I were talking today about taking turns being the DD or not drinking at all. Now we both can drink! :)
    I just starting making Rob P0rn pins...nothing like waiting until the last minute! I may have time to make something for the raffle...I have think about that.
    So looking forward to seeing everyone! 3 weeks! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! :)

  23. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I may have a few items to donate. Stay tuned.


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