Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FORKS UPDATE: OH MA GAH! Two Weeks to Go!!

Someone please pass me a Xanax... like right the fuck NOW! I'm desperately trying to remember if I've told you everything you need to know about what the hell we're doing in Forks. Please be on the lookout in your email for e-blasts from us over the next week or so with some important details and information.

Of course we're right down to the last minute... would it be Twitarded if we weren't?

Just a reminder, if you're planning to order a t-shirt, I would definitely try to do it before the end of the week so you don't get stuck paying ridiculous shipping charges to get it to yourself by the time you leave for Forks. Click HERE to order. I've ordered mine and now I wait patiently by the door each day awaiting it's arrival...

Basically this year it revolves around Friday and Saturday nights at the Elks Lodge. There have been some questions -- and yes, the Elks Lodge does have a bar (not the fanciest booze, but it'll do) and we will be providing food -- nothing fancy, but nobody will go hungry. Probably. We will be charging an admission fee for both nights and we'll be getting that info to you all next week, and whether or not we'll be asking you to pre-pay.

And of course, we need you to fill out another FORM -- I know how you all LOVE to fill out FORMS. This one is extra special -- if you don't fill it out, you don't get into the Friday/Saturday night shindigs at the Elks Lodge. We need a headcount, people!!

PLEASE FILL OUT BY SUNDAY, 9/18/11 -- EVERYONE MUST FILL OUT THE FORM if you're planning on joining us... (sorry for the shouty caps -- I get shouty when I get excited!) This is not just us being ball-busters - it's mandated in the contract we signed with the Elks Lodge. If you are not on the list, you can't come in.

And here are some links to previous Forks posts, in case you missed them:

Miscellaneous Stuff -- Don't forget to make your own name tag!!

T-Shirts and Wednesday Night Fuckery in Seattle

Have you booked your Twilight Tour? Don't forget to mention Twitarded for a discount.

Can't wait to see all you h00rs in Fooooooooooorks!! Yippee skippeeeeeee!


  1. I filled this out for hubby and I. He still needs to fill out the original form with his name for nametag. I tell him every day. Boys

  2. More bloody forms? I can hear a certain person laughing in Colorado about now......

    p.s. I think I've done all the forms now......if not, I'm trench crawling in through the window in disguise.

  3. OMG OMG OMG!!! I am so excited! I'm fucking stoked that the wedding is done JUST so I can start squeeing my ass off for this trip!

    Fucking YESSSS!!


  4. effing blogger.....

    so based on the way computers are treating me today - which losing my blog post just proves -- how can we be sure that you will really get our filled out form?

    Just in case I will be there Friday and Saturday. And Wednesday.

    What's on for Thursday? Board games and trivia on the pool deck?

  5. Sad Cullenboyz wants to go to Forks, but can't this year. Fervently hopes there is a next year. BC I think I can swing that. *eyes Mr Boyz*

  6. Yessss!!! Okay, done for the hubs and I. I really, really hope that we've filled everything out. lol I'm going to flip the fuck out if I've missed something... Do we get a return email with everything we've filled out? hahaha!

    Tee-shirts? Check.
    First form? Check.
    Hotel, car, flight? Check.
    Second form? Check.

    Am I missing something? lol

  7. *GASP*

    LKW, you didn't use my Elks Lodge photos in your post? You don't love me anymore? *SNIFF*

    I kid, I kid... Have fun, biotches.

  8. Maybe we can have a party by the pool on Thursday night? BYOB & BYOFSE!

  9. I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!! Counting the days impatiently.

  10. I'm actually pining away for some cool, damp weather and a walk along a black-sand beach... {{{sigh}}} I'll take it, humid-hair & all. [Note to self: re-stock arsenal of anti-frizz products.]

    Can't wait to see you all in FOOOORRRKKS!!!

  11. P.S. If you don't have the time or the means to make your own name-tag (I would be SOL if LKW didn't make mine!), we'll have paper and stick-on name tags there for your wearing pleasure. : )

  12. SQUEE, I'll be there! Is anyone actually under 21 or were you just required to ask that question?

    @STY... me too. Those beaches are calling to me. And the Hoh. That place smelled amazing. (I know how that sounds...) I have butterflies!

    Is Gus coming along this year? Or are we on our own for drunk photos? OOOOH, how can we get a photobooth at the Elks Lodge? Can you imagine?

  13. I filled it out twice - just in case I screwed up the first time.

    All I have left to do is get the t-shirt ordered.

    I would have changed my pic on Twitter last night as it was requested..but I was having uploading issues (and I dont have many photos of just me in them - Im the one behind the camera)

    GaH!, less then two weeks! Squee!!!

  14. DONE!!! *slams pencil on desk*

    BAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! I really want to come & hang out with you ladies on Wednesday but I have to work the next day. :-( I can't believe it's time already! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!

    WV: clutcoma


  15. Squee!! I can't wait!!

    @TheRugbymom BYOFSE lol, I love it!

  16. Done!
    My Shirts arrived today, so check.
    Confirmed Hotels, check there too.

  17. Do I NEED to wear a special T-shirt?

    I was going to buy a shirt for my Dobermann puppy, Emmett (and yes they look alike). And I will happily buy something else if it helps the cause.

    But is there a reason we must wear special shirts in Forks or else something bad will happen??? I would rather not wear one, but will if you say so.

  18. Eden (Defenderofmice)September 15, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    All signed up! Shirt is hopefully set to arrive soon so I can fuck it up a bit before flying out.

    I was so excited yesterday that I changed into last year's t-shirt (a bit snug :( these days)...

    My pic is the same, though I may change it to my time on the Forks cruiser to get into the spirit of things. :D

  19. Yeeeeeoooowwww! My BFF & I are hitting Forks with you! We cannot wait! Room booked, Twilight tour booked, didn't know about the shirts but I'll grab those tomorrow! Can't wait!

  20. Oh flippin' 'eck. I saw STY mention something about anti-frizz products and now I KNOW that I'm gonna be sporting an amazing 'fro-like 'do throughout the entire long weekend :-(

    But, you know what? I don't give a rat's arse: I've submitted the form. I don't have time to purchase merch (unless I get it delivered to @LoriAnnTwiFan's place) but at this point in the proceedings I'm more concerned with getting myself to your continent :-)

    Shakin' in mah shoes here!

    CC x

  21. Fellow twatwaffles! Please help. I am coming late to the party here. My cousin is coming in from Houston to visit me in Seattle, and we are COMING!!! Is there anything else other than this form that I need to fill out thus far? Also, anyone know if there are taxis? We are staying in La Push, and I would rather not have to have one of us be the DD. Looking forward to it!

  22. Done & done!!! I Can.Not.Wait!

    @therugbymom Im not sure FSEs, drunk peeps & lrg bodies of water mix...wouldnt want your FSE to become a pool floaty.

    VW: doesnt have anything to do with anything its just kinda random lol :)

  23. how the fuck do i know if y'all are gettin my elks lodge form...(name only right?) Is there a submit button or something?


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