Thursday, September 29, 2011

Movie Night with TexasKatherine

Just as a reminder, anyone who is not headed to a tiny town that exists under the near-constant cover of clouds (not London — the other one), is welcome to watch Twilight with me tonight. I'll be starting at 9 pm central. (Sorry east-coasters; I have to get my kid in bed before I can even think of sitting down.)

Let us hope they don't remove this welcome sign after this weekend.

Follow along on Twitter and hashtag your tweets with #onlyspoons (because we get no Forks).

 [Spoiler: Bella gets bitten.]
Happy viewing!


  1. Wait. What? I thought we were watching "Face Punch."

  2. Easy link to follow the hashtag in real time:

    I'm a closet Twihard. I may or may not be creating a new Twitter account so that nobody in my real life can tell that I'm tweeting about Twilight. #patheticreally

  3. That was fun. Thanks! If you weren't there, you can download a PDF of the Twitter comments here (scroll to the bottom of the linked page, wait 15 seconds for the free download button to light up, then off you go.) I'm @TwiJenster on the transcript.”.pdf

  4. Sorry I missed it! Hope you h00rs had fun xx

  5. Fffffff......udge. It was 04:00am here in South Africa so I was sleeping. That's right folks, I slept through Twlight. Somebody slap me...

  6. Thanks for the watch-along, TK! Any excuse to watch Twilight again works for me.

  7. Nice post! I would like to know how many books have this saga.


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