Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OH MA GAWD IT'S TIME!!!!! (And Some Forks Housekeeping)

I think I might be the only member of Twitarded that is actually packed and ready to go before midnight -- can someone please get me a gold star? Stat! And my one suitcase is well below the baggage weight limit which makes me very happy. Obviously I haven't packed nearly enough shit. And I'm positive I will have forgotten something veeeeery important -- that I will only remember as the plane is taxiing down the runway in Portland.

For packing excellence!!

So here I am... trying to think of any last minute details I may have forgotten to tell you about. The only thing I can think of is for my Raffle Item Donators. I failed to let you all know what to do with said raffle items. If you don't run into me anytime before Friday, please drop off your raffle item at the front desk at the Forks Motel for Stacy/Latchkey Wife -- that would be just marvelous! 

Oh and some of you have wondered if anything was going on Thursday night in Forks. We haven't planned anything formal and figured you all could do whatever!! I'm sure there's trouble to be found somewhere in that town! Or hop in a car and head on down to Port Angeles for some mushroom ravioli. Hell, most of us will just be a few doors down from each other at the Forks Motel - have a game of cards, or twister or... whatever floats your boat.

Just please don't make Charlie break out his riot guys! He would not be happy about that.

All I can really say is HOLY CRAP I need this vacation like you wouldn't believe and I'm so excited that it's here. It's HERE!! I'm not very excited about having to leave my house at 4am for a 6am flight but it's FORKS! The stress headache I've had for the past two weeks has to go away once I sit my ass on the plane, right? I hope so...

One of my bosses asked me where I was going and I said back to Washington. He said, oh for another one of those vampire vacations? YUP! And this time I'm going to be much more diligent about locating my very own sparkly vampire to bring home with me. I'm sure Mr. Latchkey won't mind. I just hope my sparkly vampire doesn't object to being stuffed into my luggage.

*sigh* Now this is the exact sparkly vampire I will be hunting!

I have to say I'm happy to be going back. There were some things I didn't get to do last time -- like spend quality time in the Hoh. After seeing everyone's awesome photos, I vowed to do some serious hiking in the rain forest this time around. If anyone has any suggestions for me as to what I must see in the Hoh, let me know in the comments. And if any of you didn't make it to Kalaloch last year, I highly suggest you make the trip this time around. It's absolutely breathtaking!! 

The Hoh is a bit moist... not unlike some other hos I know!!

What are you looking forward to most on your trip to the beautiful PNW? Don't forget your camera... 

Can't wait to see you all! Be safe.


  1. Looking forward to living vicariously through all of you. Load up those cameras, please. And, Be Safe. (Or, drive fast, take a lot of chances. Whatever. I'm not your mom.)

    Have a blast!

  2. Squee! so excited.... so much to do!!! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, drinking my face off, and hiking the Hoh!

  3. Papa and I are packed & ready to head for the airport at 5 a.m.

    We're most looking forward to seeing ALL OF YOU!!!




  4. Kalaloch? What, where? I can't remember. I will go google it. Can't wait to see everyone and to play in Forks again. Less than 12 hours now.

  5. What am I looking forward to? You need to ask?
    I'm looking forward to a whole host of things: meeting people I've previously only known online; travelling to a place in the world I've not yet been to; letting my Twi-flag fly freely - these are just a few of the things I'm looking forward to...
    I'm already enjoying part of this, having met some wonderful people in Atlanta so far :-D But I'm looking forward to meeting more!

    CC x

  6. #pitypartystartshere

    Have fun, biotches!

  7. This year I want to visit Lake Crescent. And spend a few days in Seattle - we got the CityPASS and I wanna see the Nirvana exhibit at the EMP.

    Oh yeah, we gotta check out Forks Outfitters [thanks @TwiKiwiFifty !]

    And I hope I don't hide in the corner as much as I did last year.

    Time to go load up the car & head to the airport soon. See you bitches! Laters baby!

  8. Ditto what Voolly said. Enjoy your break from reality, h00rs.

    Isn't that photo of Edward the best? Nice to see it super-sized.

  9. Enjoy yourselves, my dears, and Be Safe :) FOOOORRRRRKKKSSSSS!!!!!!


  11. Lucky bitches! I wish I could have gone but money has been tight all summer :-( Take lots of pics and get as drunk as possible!

  12. Have a drink or two or three on me! Enjoy and come back safe and sound. We want all the deets on what you
    h00rs were up to!

  13. HAVE FUN TWATWAFFLES!! Can't wait to hear all the (lurid) details...


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