Sunday, November 6, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Made Twitter Explode Yesterday!

So yesterday I hopped onto Twitter and holy fuck, my feed was going absolutely ape-shit nuts. Like my iPhone was actually smoking just a little bit. And then I remembered that whole TwiCon thing that everyone was all amped up about out there in LA this weekend. This right on the heels of Rob, Kristen and Taylor playing in the cement... holy crap, very tiring!

Not sure if I'll be able to handle this next year -- when it's the last time. *sniffle*

I felt a slight jealous twinge about not being there but then I realized it didn't matter. It was like I was there thanks to a complete play-by-play from many of the folks I follow on Twitter. I was cracking up at the multiple tweets saying the exact same thing from 8 different people!

I tried to follow along as best I could except for the fact that every time I logged on during the day, I was like 600 tweets behind. It was exhausting. Once Rob, Kristen and Tay-Tay hit the stage, I immediately thanked my lucky stars I wasn't there. From the sound of it, the IQ in the room took a rapid nose dive once that trio made their appearance. I witnessed many a second-hand embarrassed tweet coming from inside the room. Of course, I still wanted to watch....

Warning: Even Rob's beauty can't make you ignore the incessant, high-pitched screaming. 

With the extra hour I gained this morning, I've been desperately trying to catch up on all that's happened over the last few days. As I had hoped, my favorite Twilight interviewer, Josh Horowitz, didn't disappoint me with a great interview with Twi-threesome. Click HERE to watch the 8 million snippets (or 14) of this interview.

Rob just looked so amazingly hot, I'm not sure I ever actually heard anything he said. Although snippet #7 might be my favorite, when they talk about the honeymoon... hubba hubba!! And I was really impressed with Kristen in this interview -- she seemed less twitchy to me and more grown up. And Taylor's teeth are too white.

 Sorry - this photo has nothing to do with what I'm talking about but oh ma gawd *gasp* he's just so pretty!

Needless to say, I could've spent all day going through the bazillions of photos and videos from yesterday's TwiCon events and in turn, it would've taken you all 129 hours to read this post. I can't even think about what went on today without my head completely exploding. But from the looks of the schedule, seems to be a lot of 'get your picture taken with...' types of activities. Good, because I need a break!!

(PS: Is that the same plaid shirt he wore on the infamous WFE interview with Horowitz?)

Hope one of our Twitarded friends will come back with loads of good stuff to share with us all.... a guest post perhaps? Anyone? Anyone? We need it right from the source. Tell us, pleeeeeease!!


  1. 2 minutes to Walking Dead. Just enough time to appreciate all of the hotness on the screen here! I couldn't even TRY to do the twitter this weekend. Between my bday on Friday, all of the fuckery that was included in that, AND TwiCon, I just didn't dare get sucked in.

    I will be catching up with all of the videos tomorrow. Right now I'm just thanking my lucky stars that I have an East Coast feed for AMC.


  2. I am SO out of the loop with everything that has been going on! ARgh! Just saw Jen's pics over at Twired... ded!

    I am going to dedicate an entire evening tomorrow to scrolling through the blogosphere and catching up with all things Twi.


  3. Wow Blogger just ate my last comment! That hasn't happened in a while... I forgot how mad that makes me lol!

    I'm just trying to remind myself to enjoy it now while he's all over the place, since if last year is any indicator, he'll disappear some time around mid-December and won't resurface until spring! But at the rate I am going, I'll just be catching up on all the footage and interviews by then anyway...

    : )

  4. @sty i feel like rob is the groundhog. if he pops out of hiding than winter won't be so long and dry. ;)

    (it's me, robzsinger. back for some robvember action.)

    the way rob looks in that director's chair during joshy's interview...oh my word. made me want to break into lap dancing.

    this is such a great week. bring on the rob!

  5. It took me about an hour to watch the panel. I had to pause after every minute or so just to let my ears recover from the fucking shrieks!

    It was awkward, silly, and kind of adorable. I wish people could come up with better questions. It's been 4 years, people...Did you get dumber? YES.

  6. Well, it's not a Twitarded guest post, but you can check out my amazing pictures of Rob from the convention over at TwiBite. Someone told me afterwards that there were 3 other people on stage with him, but I don't remember seeing anyone else. Huh. He looked directly at me several times and I do believe I heard angels singing.
    XOXO!! Sue

  7. Kristin looks AMAZING here. I think I want to do them all - except for Bill, of course!

  8. @Robszinger ! Where you been, bb? I've missed your RSS feed!

  9. I am so, so, so, behind on all of this. What is wrong with me?

  10. OMG... I can't keep up! I can't keep up! I've been on a course all day today, and now I have beta-duties, and tomorrow I have parents' evening and work and RL and shit...


    I just want RL to STOP, right now, just for a week or so. Can someone organise that for me? Please?

    CC x

  11. I'm with Lindsey Rae-- the screaming!! I was getting jittery watching KStew's leg bouncing all over the place. But still fun to hear them answer.

    I wonder how they'd answer more tough/controversial questions.

    wv: entrem. If you can't beat 'em...

  12. There is so much shit flying around about this movie that I can barely keep up. But I cannot FUCKING wait to see it.

    And the pretty. Oh yes, can't wait to see the pretty on the big screen again.

  13. I'm a closet Twihard, so there's no one else to hear my scream my delight except you guys:

    I just bought my movie ticket for BD1. I was eligible for a local Thursday night sneak preview at 8 p.m. (AMC Stubs card thing), but--and this is some Twitarded logic if I've ever heard it--I didn't want to see the movie at 8 p.m. on Thursday, then either kill myself sitting through the midnight premier showing to see it again (me on Thursday late at night = barely able to form sentences, and that's BEFORE I watch Sexward in Brazil) or go home buzzing from the Thursday show eager to catch the 10 a.m. show the next morning. My husband would smell the excitement rat, and as he doesn't know I'm a Twihard, it's better to start at 10 a.m. on Friday so that I'll have all day to calm myself back down. Or to hit the show again at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., the better to have it memorized so that I can think about it all weekend.

    The sad and complicated mini-life of the closet Twitard.

  14. I was there and really I don't remember the screaming being incessant. When they first walked out it was really loud but then it was ok. Maybe it is different if you are there and not listening to it online. I don't know but it didn't bother me (as it usually would). I am glad I was there if only to see all my wonderful friends. The actors, well, they were the bonus to me :)


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