Thursday, November 3, 2011

Combining My Two Loves: Edward Cullen and Zombies

Lately I've become obsessed with The Walking Dead. I'm quite surprised by this because I don't generally like any alive dead things. But the story is just so riveting, I can't help myself. And I found I can handle gore a lot more than scary, horror-y type shows like American Horror Story (and I know it's probably a fabulous show but fuck, I tried and it just gives me the willies!)

I've expressed my love for zombies on this blog, and I've expressed my love for Edward Cullen all over this blog, as well as numerous pairs of underpants. But then I got to thinking (which is always dangerous), what if I combined my loves?

And then I got my new iPhone 4S, which might be the most amazing thing in the world, and started downloading a billion apps and came across the Zombifier: 3D Zombie Booth. Fuck yeah! It's totally worth the $0.99. I zombified everything but the kitchen sink. Dogs make scary zombies. Turns out, Edward Cullen makes a pretty scary zombie too. I know... I do have too much time on my hands.

Oh my lips are so chapped.

 Um Edward, looks like you got a little bit of your lunch on your shirt.

 Hey! Has anyone seen my eyeball? [Or since zombies don't talk: Grrr! Grrr grrrrrrrrr grrr grrrrrrr?]

 I'm feeling a little nauseous, that corpse must have been rotten.

What do you mean I need dental work?

One of the best parts of this app is that it animates your zombie. And if you touch the screen, it will try to eat your finger. Not really what I had in mind when I said I wanted Edward to eat me, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

Say "excuse me" Edward.

I think Zombieward might be my new favorite "ward". I feel this strange need to feed him stuff. I need to keep my pet zombie happy. Or whatever it is the living dead feel. Not hungry? Better just make sure to have some weaponry on hand in case he gets a little too handsy.


  1. I LOVE THAT APP!! I have zombified almost everyone in my contacts. I zombified my 6 & 4 year old niece one day when I was watching them and sent it off to my sister with the caption, "You didn't tell me they were infected". She wasn't happy with me.

    She sucks...

    If you love zombies like I do, you need to read Warm Bodies! It's a kick ass zombie book that Summit is making a movie out of.

    I'm 50/50 on that. YAY they're bringing R the zombie to the big screen! BOO that I have to deal with Scummit again.

  2. I love the Walking Dead! Best show out there. I didn't think I could handle the gore but surprisingly I've only had an "Oh my god I'm going to throw up" moment once. Zombieward is pretty awesome! I <3 SHANE!!!

    I can't do American Horror Story either that shit gets in my head.. I get ahscared!

  3. Too funny. Gteat job of combining my obsession with my teenager's obsession.

    I've been thinking about you on Sundays when I watch Once Upon a Time. The evil queen has exiled all the storybrook characters to a place where no one gets to live happily ever after. It is a terrible land called Maine!!!

  4. That looks awesome! And it's a nice counter balance to all the prettah pictures I've been looking at this evening.

    Can't wait to see what LivingwEdward looks like after zombiefication!

    Just remember "You must destroy or remove the head!"

  5. I LOVE that show! I'm not a fan of walking dead stuff, but you're right - the show is just so awesome!

    And thanks for the laugh of Zombie Edward! HA!

  6. That is pretty awesome..Love ZombEddie..although I perfer him in the non zombie way. Now I'll have to get you to zombie me up..Love ya.

  7. *runs to App Store*

  8. I don' think I like Zombieward so much. I would hate to have to point a gun at that face... even if it's my mortal, human life on the line. I also wouldn't want to snog him. It just wouldn't be the same as snogging Vampward.

    Speaking of zombie/vampire hybrids, I think it's catching on with my Humans vs. Zombies group. We had a match last Saturday that introduced a new special infected- the Vampire Zombie, who tags out humans by touch.

    Needless to say, when I got tagged by Vampire Zombie special infected, I got really pissed and shouted, "ok, vampires can turn into bats. They can have hot lesbian sex. They can suck carrots dry. And they can fucking sparkle. BUT THEY CAN"T BE FUCKING ZOMBIES!!! THAT"S BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

    Anyway, I just fulfilled my funny-story quota for the day.

  9. I need that app. I want to take pictures of everyone I don't like & zombie-fy them. JJ could have a field day on public transportation.

  10. Lawd, LKW: Messing with Robward this way: Is that even allowed????

    Actually, seeing the Pretay all f-ed up scares me as a kind of metaphor for the way Rob is bound to lose his hold on us, either with the simple passage of time or as he loses his youthful beauty. Thank God the Twilight movie(s) will preserve him like a fly in amber.

    As for Walking Dead. It is fantastic. But I am not sure I would bother to watch if it weren't for Andrew Lincoln. The same tenderness just underneath the surface that made him an annoying wet noddle in "Love Actually" makes him a total stud here, for reasons I can't understand.........Oh, except that he's always holding some kind of firearm.

  11. SOMEONE ZOMBIFY MEEEEE!!! Dammit I KNEW I was making a mistake getting an Android when Verizon started selling iPhones a few months later. BOO!

  12. Oh man, I LOLed at these pictures and captions! Please do another post with the whole cast zombified. Please please please. With a caption contest (which I will not enter, because I'm not witty, but you guys are witty as hell and you crack me up).

  13. The Walking Dead is SUCH a great show!!! Love it so much!

  14. This is all kinds of WIN! At least, it would be if I had an iPhone :-(

    I'm going to have to live vicariously through your zombified tweets, LKW, so just make sure you keep them coming! I particularly liked the animated bit!

    Damn! Why don't I have an iPhone? *pouts*

  15. This is fanfuckingtastic. My hubs LOVES zombies and is searching for this app as I type. See, Twilight - not such a waste of time after all!

  16. However, he's now waving the ipad in mah face so he can zombify me. Not happy!

  17. I wish I had an iPhone because I would totally fuck around with this app. TK is right, I'd be zombie-fying everyone on the train.

    Also, I love The Walking Dead SO much. Best show.

  18. JJ and STY I have the same phone as you....the app for Droid is called ZombieBooth and it is FREEEEEEEEE!!!! Go get it..I am addicted now. Thanks kids can never see Zombie Me because it will scar them for life. Teehee.


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