Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Zombie Babies Love You for Your Brains

Last year we did a little experiment to see what our lovechildren with RPattz would look like. You might want to click on that link and refresh your memory. Or, you might want to take an ice pick to your frontal lobe and erase those images completely. I'm a little of column A & column B. Because I am completely insane curious, I thought it would be interesting to see what our zombie babies would look like. You might remember Latchkey Wife's post on zombie Edward.

"Grrr. Argh." That's zombie-speak for "You got a right purdy mouth."  

Then she turned all of us into zombies. For some of us, that was an improvement. So, what would happen if two zombies managed to play Hide the Salami without body parts falling off? Nothing good, I can tell you. 

 JJZombieWard: She still looks like a serial killer, but much cuter than JJ's "normal" babies.

LKWZombieWard: This is the EXACT same picture as one of JJ's "normal" babies.  So many jokes. So little time. 

 STYZombieWard: First off, I didn't notice the thumbnail of the picture frame said "Our Baby Girl." Somehow it still works. Lil' STYZW must be picking up one some latent Jersey Shore genes and is ready to embrace the GTL way of life.

TKZombieWard: This is not ok. Why is my baby a plushie?! How the actual fuck do you combine two of the walking dead and get a motherfucking duck?! "These are the feathers of a killer, Bella." I should just go ahead and get him fitted for an ankle monitor right now. I assume it's a him. I don't think he'll develop his bright plumage until he's at least an adolescent plushie.

It wouldn't be fair not to let my cat in on the action...
ShakespeareZombieWard: This is the most normal-looking baby of all. I fucking give up.

I don't really know how to end this without offering some kind of Groupon for counseling. Just consider the comments section a safe place to share your feelings and start the healing process.


  1. "These are the feathers of a killer, Bella!"

    Laughing my ass off!

    TK, you are a riot, Sistah!

  2. BAHAHAHA... They kinda all look Would zombie babies be better or worse than vampire babies? thoughts to ponder.

  3. These damn baby posts, this one and the first original one, make me laugh SO hard to the point of bawling. I can't stand how funny this stuff is to me! I lost it at "These are the feathers of a killer, Bella."

  4. Another quick thought, at least none of these freaky offspring are burdened with the Renesmee moniker. LOL!

  5. I did try that. God, my baby was really... well... lets say good looking, okay?

  6. I refuse to believe that Guido Damien could even be related to Zombie me. Noooo!!!!

  7. This is one of the reasons I love you all so.

    "Feathers of a killer" *snort giggle"

  8. You all are some FUCKED up bitches....and I mean that with love. (also I'm a counselor and I would be happy to provide some therapy IF I thought there was any hope for you, but.....I do not:)

  9. Oh God! I almost spit out my wine when I read "These are the feathers of a killer, Bella." Best line ever!!

  10. Can someone tell me why all of our babies have freakishly small mouths?

    Just fucking weird. And scary. More scary than the zombies, imho.

  11. You're right, it wasn't bad. I cried from laughter. Why is it that all of these babies are still cuter than creepy baby Renesmee and her scary brown eyes?!

  12. Hilarious! How is it that these zombie babies are less scary looking than when you did "normal" babies?!

    "These are the feathers of a killer, Bella." <--- Bahahahaha!!!


  13. Ok I am glad I looked past the zombie part of this and read this post. Can't stop laughing!!!!


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