Friday, November 25, 2011

A Special Thanksgiving PSA From William Shatner

 Guess who likes turkey almost as much as me???

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, everyone (or at least everyone in the US)! Hope you all stayed home today, shopped online if you shopped at all, and pigged out on lots of leftovers. Turkey with all the trimmings is my FAVORITE meal, and I enjoyed my dinner last night even though I couldn't really taste that well because of this *&^%#!!! cold. Doesn't matter: I know what it tastes like: deliciousness. And the next day? More nom nom nom! Honestly? My "Thanksgiving sandwich" is the best thing in the whole world - basically everything but the green beans (i.e. turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce) on toasted bread with gobs of Hellmann's mayonnaise. HEAVEN! And yes, it HAS to be Hellmann's - Miracle Whip is the work of the devil.

I baked my bird yesterday, but if you have never experienced the joy that is a deep-fried turkey, you are seriously missing out. The first time - several years back -  when Mr. Snarky's sister told us we were having deep-fried turkey for dinner, I was dubious at best. But she is an amazing chef so I (grudgingly) trusted her. It may have been the best turkey I have ever tasted - while I expected a greasy, KFC-esque mess, there was not a trace of oil in the finished product - just succulent, juicy meat. Mmmm... I am making myself hungry again just writing this, so please enjoy Bill Shatner's special turkey-fryer safety PSA while I go and fix myself another sammie.

Yes this is a little late, but you know how we do...


  1. You wrote "succulent, juicy meat. Mmmm. . ." and I totally lost my train of thought! Suddenly, I wasn't thinking about turkey anymore!

  2. OMG! I just recently started reading the Bloggess. You should see the amazing costume she wore to see BD

  3. Love deep fried turkey. My brother has a turkey deep fryer and they are quite tasty....although I think I make a moister more succulent turkey with overnight brining. Love the William Shatner video.

  4. Only in America.... ;-)

    Deep fried turkey? Hmmm. I have to admit, I like the idea of succulent, juicy meat (TWSS), but deep fried turkey? Um, I don't know.

    I do like the video though! :-D

    CC x

  5. There is nothing yummier than deep fried anything!! We use ours for cornish game hens. That way I get my own bird and don't have to share the crispy skin with anyone!!

  6. While deep fried turkey sounds amazing I will stick with my father in laws completely gluten free meal and desserts that he makes for hubby and me :)

    Hmmm I need a snack now.

  7. We don't really eat Turkey here in NZ, except at Christmas... and then, I prefer ham, to be honest.

    It is weird having a big cooked meal in the middle of what is usually a really hot day, and cold ham is more appealing. Plus, leftovers keep on giving... and giving...

    PMSL at TheRugbyMom's comment!


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