Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks for Giving, Rob.

So I'm sitting here in a cold-medicine-induced haze, staring at the screen, trying to figure out what in the blazes to write about that isn't going to require me to be particularly functional or coherent... I've been under the weather and quarantined in my house for the better part of the week; the last time I went further than the end of the driveway was Sunday, when I HAD to go see Breaking Dawn again with Myg and JJ. It  was Myg's first viewing, JJ's second; it seemed unconscionable to allow this to happen without my being present.

I figure most of you are going to be spending the next few days running around like maniacs, visiting people out of town, hosting guests at your own houses, cooking and cleaning up a storm. So really, I figure the best thing I could possibly do would be to post some Robward deliciousness for you to enjoy while you lock yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes to collect your wits and try to maintain your sanity. Don't worry - the dog probably won't eat the entire pumpkin pie while you are in hiding, and the cat will probably only maul what's left of the turkey a little bit. Nobody will even notice the little claw and bite marks once it becomes a casserole or a sandwich or soup. 

I tried to look for some tantalizing videos that incorporated some of the recent BD press tour/premier photos and footage, but I came up empty-handed on YouTube. So either I am bad at searching, or people are slacking off in the video department. Please - someone alert Biel that we NEED her! I mean, I know she already knows this, but I think it's time to send out the Twi-signal and start begging her for some new 100% Robert Pattinson Content.

May I be so bold as to suggest that she include the following shots?

He's staring right into my Robotrip...

...and also please some "just the tip" and "thrusting Rob"! If you haven't watched this Jimmy Kimmel episode, at least watch THIS part, which is full of sound-bite WIN.


  1. Thank you STY! I LOVED this interview! I wondered if you llaaaadies were going to post this. It's pure awesome-sauce for your thanksgiving turkey. YUM!

    And I just loved how his parents were in the audience. His dad is SO red with "just the tip" comment. Oh Rob. How we love you.

    Also, is anyone else thinking "Hello, Fifty!" in that 3rd pic? He has him down to the confident air and grey tie. Screw turkey. That is delicious!

    p.s. ~I want to say THANK YOU for TWITARDIA~ Happy Thanksgiving twatwaffles. :)

  2. @astonmartingirl - thank YOU for that comment - been in a funk with this cold (might be sitting home tomorrow - and i LOVE Thanksgiving! - boo) and you really made my night. : )

  3. @astonmartingirl you're so right about pic #3! I thought the same thing....yummy, how I do love me some Fifty. You know you're gettin' more than "just the tip" with him!

    Happy Turkey Day to all!

  4. AWWW, hope you feel better soon, but you have officially killed me DED with those pics, i just love robs word vomit nowdays!!!

    happy turkey day all!!

  5. I just love the way he giggles! I'm so thankful I have that sound bite - "just the tip" indeed!

    It's almost as good as "I'm just a tool. I'm a tool. I'm a big hard tool!" I have that one on my dashboard. Every morning I open my laptop and check out the weather (in my area AND Forks!) and I get to hear Rob say he's a tool!

    Sometimes, the simple things can bring us great joy! Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

    P.S. STY - get well soon!

  6. No holidays here... But since I get summer, I'm ok with that.

    Thanks for the eye candy STY! I be RC&S-ing all of em!

    Get well soon honey xxx

  7. Wow! That is some serious Thanksgiving deliciousness. This is the gift that keeps on giving!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

    STY feel better girl. Those pics woke me up thoroughly this morning! I'll think about them as we drive 2 hrs out into nowhere's land PA to my in-laws.

    I will never forget "just the tip"! Priceless.

  9. STY, feel better soon, and Happy Thanksgiving to the Twitards!

    Also, thanks for posting that clip. Absolutely priceless.

  10. So sorry you're not feeling well, Snarkier Than You. Rob is such eye candy...thanks so much for posting the pics and the video. He is just so completely edible. Love it when he's done up in a suit and tie.

    astonmartingirl, I totally agree that he's definitely channeling Fifty in that third pic.

  11. Oh melt, melt. Am in the full throws of a full-on Rob Crush. Just what I needed. Thank u Sty! Great interview. I don't think he realizes that it's not his character Edward we're in love with (well yes we are but..)It's his adorable goofiness, sense of humor, his laugh, smile, jawbone, eyes, did I mention jawbone?? Ooh thoses pics are beautiful. Yes, Biel where are you?? Come on! Us Twihards need a new clip with some sexy song and some dreamy Rob Shots! Oh can you imagine!? Just the tip. Love it when he said that. Get well soon Sty.

  12. I swear I can look at a picture of him and then suddenly lose 20 minutes of my life.

    And I totally forgot ML is sitting next to me and he just said, "aren't you tired of staring at him?"

  13. I am late here but I want to say I am so thankful to Twitarded and all the joy it has brought to my life. I love you ladies and I only wish the best for you always.


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