Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TwiKiwi's SPOILER-FREE Review of Breaking Dawn Part 1

Please welcome our very own TwiKiwi for a completely SPOILER FREE review of Breaking Dawn. And who said Twitarded always up on current events? We're in the future today, twat waffles!


I am writing this at 3am, just home from the midnight screening of Breaking Dawn: Before the Spawn here in Auckland, New Zealand. OMG OMG OMG - so much to tell you. I am bouncing off the walls right now... oh, and it’s 3am.

SparklyJul, Kiwi-Ed and I ready to go!

Now, I know you're not all spoiler h00rs so here's how this is gonna go down. This review post is SPOILER-FREE... but for the good stuff, I have written another post over at my blog which is balls-to-the-wall spoilerific. So, read this, then get yourselves over there if you can handle it, m’kay?

Firstly: I. LOVED. THIS. MOVIE. It is by far and away the best one yet in my opinion. Bill Condon deserves worship. Brilliant.

It is just the right length, it splits at a GREAT moment, I just.... I just LOVED it. Start to finish.

This movie is quite graphic. I actually wonder if PG13 was appropriate. Bill C has certainly used his imagination – and it really works. BD1 is VERY different from the tone of the other movies, but also compliments them really well. There are a few flashbacks and inclusive moments of ‘the journey so far’ which works really well, and Carter Burwell doing the score is fabulous as it really ties things back to the original film we all know and love.

The soundtrack is also amazing. My friend said “It’s almost like the songs were written for the movie”, they just fit in really well. And as much as I was sceptical about Bruno Mars.... it works.

Here’s a tip: STAY TILL THE END. If you’re one of those people who leave as soon as the credits roll, don’t. Trust me.

Shit.... that’s enough. I’m in real danger of overstepping the SPOILER FREE nature of this post and don’t want to end up in LKW’s freezer just yet. I could go on and on... and I will some more over at TwiKiwi so please head on over if you’re up for it!

So yeah. I loved it and will be back in the cinema as soon as possible for round two. It was one of those movies when you don’t notice time passing, and all of a sudden it’s been two hours. In my opinion, that’s a sign of a talented film maker who can keep the story rolling well.

I hope those of you who have seen the film feel free to express your opinions too. I’ll be fascinated to see who agrees or disagrees. [Note from LKW: Keep the comments spoiler free if you like living life outside a freezer!]

OME I nearly forgot – DaddyWard – HOT. BLISTERING HOT. Take your Shamwows.

Is it November 2012 yet?


  1. Now that I've had some sleep, there is SO much else to say. Oh well, guess you guys will just have to see for yourselves xxx

  2. Gah, Daddyward. I love your description and I. can't. freaking. wait!! I live with a hottie who adores his baby girl. Nothing sexier than a hands-on father! Can't wait to see Edward in that role *goosebumps*

  3. i saw it last night too, i felt it was rather drawn out, it gets pritty cool when her bones start breaking, wigs were shit again!it needed more thrusting or moaning, the speaches at the wedding were epic. some of what was in the trailers wasn't in the movie, maybe its just for the states?it made me relive my pregnancy it was alot like that for me as in it was fuckin bad, so if anything i highly recommend u take all teenage girls to see this in hopes of them making the right ...condom....choices but hell what can i say....i'd let him bareback even after seeing how horibbly horribly dead i would be. i hate pain, but some edward juice might make me reconsider lol.i stayed till the credits then left so im not sure if there was something at the end or not.

  4. Anonymous - those were some spoilers...ish...Gah! Closes eyes and runs.

  5. ok i am NOT reading any other comments {{no spoilers no spoilers no spoilers!!!}} but SQUEEE!!! Can't WAIT to go see this! I have had my "meh" moments over the last year - not gonna lie - but I'm pretty psyched at this point! Even though i read the very end on Twitter. So yeah, twidom media blackout for me until Friday lol...

    Thanks @TwiKiwi for letting us know how AWESOME it was without giving anything away - it aint easy! I can't wait to read your spoiler-y post after I catch up to the future realm where you reside (where it will already be next Tuesday or something for you). MWAH!

  6. @TwiKiwi--Thanks so much for writing this! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  7. You're very welcome ladies. I loved writing this! :-)

  8. Thanks Twikiwififty. My 11 year old wants to go and I have been hearing that it wont be a good idea....I will have to screen the movie first for her.(ahem) I am seeing it on Saturday.

    Its gonna be horrible reading all the bloggy posts for the next few days.

  9. AHHH!!! TwiKiwi! I love you hard! This is flipping awesome, and you're amazing, and now I will take my spoiler h00r self over to your home base to read the shit out of your REAL review.

    I can't wait...I can't make it to the midnight show, but my bestie Allie_Jo and I are gonna be there first show Friday. EEEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!

  10. Damn! I dindn't stay tioll the end credits!!! *heads over to TwiKiwi's poiler post*

    wv: ugedork. I kod you not. Like uberdork but more uger.

  11. I cannot flippin' WAIT!!!

    I'm sitting on a train as I write this, making my way up north to meet with some UK Twihards - we going to sit through the whole shebang before we finally get to see BD1 (Before the Spawn - bwahahaha!), so it's a bloody good job I've got a nicely padded arse ;-)

    Thank you so much for keeping this spoiler-free and, um, I bow to your greatness - you've entered the Twitarded Holy Grail as a guest-poster! Wowza!

    CC x

  12. FutureGirl,

    Thanks for your spoiler-free enthusiastic review!

    Can't wait til tonight!

  13. I can't believe it is finally here!!!

    Thanks for the review - I didn't think it was possible for me to get more excited than I already was.

    I have a question for those of you who have already seen it.. you keep saying this movie is totally different than the others. Do you mean that it is actually a good movie? Something for us fans to be proud of loving (finally)? *Please say yes - that is what I'm hoping you mean :)

    Only 14 more hours for me. SOFA KING EXCITED!!!

  14. It's time, it's time, it's time!! Only 12 more hours for me and I so can. not. wait! Thanks so much for the review TwiKiwi! I really want to read your spoilery version, but I think I'll make myself wait until tomorrow after I've seen the movie. I feel like I've seen/heard too much already this week.

    I'm so glad to be hearing good things from the people who've seen it. I'm already antsy for next year. :) It's gonna be a looong wait.

  15. TwiKiwi - you guys are SO cute in your Forks sweatshirts!!!

    Can't wait to see this movie. Heading into the city tonight with STY and Myg to check it out. Will definitely stay through the credits. Thanks for the heads up because I NEVER stay through credits. xoxo.

  16. SO excited!!!
    Going to see it with 17 of my lovely twitard friends, then dinner & drinks!!!
    Already have my 2nd viewing planned as well.
    God I love this!

  17. Thanks for no spoilers - not going to be able to see it until the middle of next week (yes you heard me right) so I reckon I won't be logging on here until after that....

  18. GAH!! I missed what happens during the credits! I was in such a hurry to beat everyone to the ladies room. Well, just means I have to see it again :)

  19. Great post! Very non spoilery and that is hard to do. I saw it twice and I would still love to see it again but not sure I will make it.


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