Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day! Um...What Is Boxing Day?

I'm not even sure what Boxing Day is but I like it. Especially when I don't have to work. So is Boxing Day always the day after Christmas? Seriously... I really have no idea and I'm super lazy (and possibly just a teensy bit drunk) and I have no desire to Google that shit right now. What I do know is that it happens in the UK and I probably have no right to even celebrate it!

Really not sure this is what they meant by Boxing Day!

So was everyone's Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah? For those of you who celebrate Christmas, did the fat man deliver the goods or what? I love that pudgy elf -- he makes me so happy! Do you remember when you were a kid and you believed that crazy bearded man actually visited every single kids' house on Christmas eve? And how your parents would wrap the "Santa" gifts in different paper so they would stand out from the regular gifts? Those were the fucking days! I miss the "Santa" gifts now that I'm older and even though I really want to believe that jolly mo-fo is real, I know that he's just a myth. I kinda wish my mom would still designate one of my gifts to be from Santa. I would totally believe!!

This guy must sleep for weeks after his busy night.

My Christmas was pretty amazing! I love spending time with my family and it was my seven-month-old niece's first one and even though she was more interested in eating the wrapping paper than seeing what was actually in the package, it still made the day that much more fun. And I also had two cousins visiting that I hadn't seen in five years, which also made me really happy. At my age, I'm more thankful for these moments than I am for the presents. Which, if you know me, is a very bold statement. I fucking love presents.

My mom still goes all Christmas crazy and buys us all a ton of stuff even though she probably doesn't really have to since there's nothing we really "need-need". I think my favorite gift this year is something I haven't even received yet. I asked for a ClamCase for my iPad. If you're not familiar with this contraption, it turns your iPad into a sort of laptoppy type thingy. The iPad snaps into one half and the other half is a wireless keyboard. Sometimes I get super tired of typing on that touch keyboard so I thought this would be really cool. Of course, the fucking this is sold out so now I have to wait...

This thing better be kick ass or I will kick someone's ass.

What was your favorite gift this year or your favorite moment? Did you get a new Kindle Fire or an iPad or a new smartphone? Or maybe it was something else... or someone? If anyone had Robert Pattinson under their tree, you'd better fess up! And please tell me you've secured him away in your basement and will be selling him to the highest bidder in a private Twitarded auction, natch - lol. I'd like to start the bidding please... (For charity, of course...)

Why the fuck wasn't this under my tree this year?
Maybe Santa knows I've been just a liiiitle bit naughty this year!

PS: You know what is NOT a good chaser for a bottle of wine? Peanut butter chip brownies and a glass of milk. I might vomit soon.


  1. Sadly, I did not get any big ticket items but I did get something I have always, always wanted....a gargoyle. Yes, it's true. I saw one recently at a statuary shop that I really liked and my lovely daughters remembered and had the mister go get it. My big dragon gargoyle was my Christmas pressie from the 9 and 6 year old daughters. Apparently I am raising them right. ;-) I have been watching American Horror Story and I just watch Paranormal Activity 1 and I am hoping my sweet little dragon gargoyle (with a tongue so long it made my mind instantly go to the gutter) will ward off all evil spirits from entering my abode. Fingers crossed.

  2. Spent Christmas with My After Car and her family. The best part was my grandbaby, "after car, jr." she is such a joy! That picture of Rob might have just jumped up there to #2, though. Lordy, he's hot!

  3. @Vitamin R - I'm a fan of gargoyles too! We have a few small ones lurking around the house.

    @Casch - Sounds like a great holiday and I bet your grandbaby is super adorable!!

    I got a few great CD's and a seltzer/soda maker, which made me a happy girl. I also apparently contracted the bubonic plague, which sucked.

    Hope everyone had a great holiday and got lots of goodies!!

  4. Well, I was spoiled rotten once again by the hubby and kids. It was ENOUGH for me this year (birthday/mother's day/arbor's day) gift to myself to fly over and meet you folks in Foorrrrkkksssss. Best time ever.

    I will not be returning the perfumes and the Lady Gaga Book and bicycle that was gifted to me this year. Nope. Not gonna happen.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

  5. I know it's a manip but MY OH MY I love me some SantaPatts. I'd sit on his lap and tell him what I want for Christmas any day (and then he would blush).

  6. Mmmm...Santa Pattz. Yummo! I actually have my FSE NEXT to my tree. With a santa hat on. I can't believe he's still there, and not flat on the ground with cardboard pieces all over the house.

    This was an odd Christmas for The Bentist and me. We couldn't afford to fly home to Michigan for the holiday, so we stayed here in Eugene and skyped/video called our families instead. It was equal parts sad and awesome.

    I did get crazy awesome shit, though. I'm grateful, but I definitely didn't expect it. Christmas is awesome.

  7. Ho! Ho! Ho! I got a big surprise for Christmas!

    My ex brought his new GF to the family shindig. (Well, they were his family before they were mine, but we all agreed that I divorced him, not them.)

  8. Greetings!

    So I just learned something - that not all countries mark Boxing Day. Here is NZ it is a day for hardcore shopping... the sales are intense!

    I had a nice Christmas, except that I have had a cold, which really sucks on your summer holiday.

    I managed to convince my Mum to buy an iPhone 4S and swap with me... so now she's got my old 4 and I've got a new 4S! Score! I looooves Siri.

  9. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! HAving a great chillout, doing very little and enjoying not having to rush to get the kids to school in the mornings. Santa brought me the Hunger Games trilogy and I am literally devouring them. I read the first one in four hours. Brilliant stuff, can't wait to see the movie. Thanks to you guys here for recommending them. xx ps we call the 26th December St Stephen's Day in Ireland.

  10. Spent the holiday with DangrMomma while hubby went to his family's home. It was very nice. We ate out, shopped, played, watched movies, slept in and basically just enjoyed our time together.

    Then Santa brought me a horrible cold which I am still not over :(

    My niece got me the Water for Elephants DVD :)!!

    My biggie gift was before Christmas and DangrMomma or is that SantaMomma got me a Kitchenaid Mixer! My cookies truly were the best ever.

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