Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here's To Our Tribe (A New Year's Thing a Couple of Days Early)

 Happy holidays, you amazing, loving, crazy, genius women (and a few men). It's the end of the year, the usual time for us to all ruminate fondly (or not so fondly) on another year that has gone under the bridge, been filed under "past" or... Something like that.

All I'm saying is that another year has passed and we are all still here, going strong. I once read somewhere that the average lifespan of a blog is less than one year. With Twitarded, I think it's less about the content and more about the readers that have kept this blog going.

Oooh, we made it into purple!!

See, here's the thing (and bear with me because I'm on cold drugs and am possibly high off my face) I think adolescent/teenage girls have a bit of a curse on them. Sort of like werewolves, but less hairy and way more in-pain-y and emotional. Lost and alone, sort of. Adult women are more like vampires. Vampires are smarter and classier but are also tortured in their ridiculously and eternal good looks by being... well, alone.

 We're just like Edward Cullen, tortured and alone. Or not.

So, in 2009, we were all sort of wandering around lost, a little confused and maybe a wee bit embarrassed about our affection for all things Twilight. We loved the fantasy of them, the suspension of reality. But we were still all alone. Like the vampires (I'm definitely high). You know, like Victoria and James, before they got they together. But we were less murder-y (well, most of us were, I think).

Oh fuck it. I guess what I'm trying to say is this - thank you, all of you, for another wonderful year spent together. Thank you all for being so open-minded and generous with your love and kindness. Thank you SO much for totally digging the same porn as I do.


You ladies have banded together and helped each other out when someone needs it, and that's just amazing. It blows my mind and warms my cold, cynical heart. Your acts of kindness have made me a better person, I promise.

Our last Forks trip (ever) was awesome and I hold so many memories from both those trips close in my heart.

The Twitter conversations I've witnessed between all you people are proof that not only are you ladies intelligent and kind, you're also fucking funny as shit. Nine out of ten times that my boss asks me why I'm laughing so hard, it's because I'm reading something one of you wrote.

So, thanks again for being exactly who you are. All of you. Stay awesome, be safe and have a kick-ass New Year.

Love you!


  1. This blog is an inspiration! Congratulations on your against all odds longevity! And you ARE useful, relevant and essential! I need to come here and laugh and feel like I am not a lone freak. There are lots of freaks just like me, and I can't thank you enough for bringing us together.
    (You used to know me as tankergirl. Now I have additional issues which can't be helped here.)
    Love you ladies!

  2. THAT Photo!! Gah!

    I am so glad I went this year. Is it really the last trip ever?

    I am also very happy to have found this site with all you funny, lovely ladies. Mwah.

  3. OMG JJ... I thought this was leading to some kind of big announcement. I was skerred. And then relieved that there was no "I'm sorry to tell you that..." at the end. THANK GAWD.

    Because I have no idea where i'd be without you, twat waffles. There is so much love. And you're so right, it's not about the content, it's about the people.

    *rushes off to plan New Years thank you type blog post for TwiKiwi*

  4. Thank YOU wonderful ladies for providing a safe place for my obsession to continue for so long. Yours is the last blog of many I check each day, needed to save the best for last. love you ladies

  5. It's been a wild a crazy time, looking forward to many more! Luv you all!

  6. You wild crazy, sick, fantastic twats. There are not appropriate words to express my appreciation and gratitude for you ladies. The internet is such a powerful tool. You all have managed to create a community that allows hoOrs from all over the globe to unite. It has truly transcended from being just a Twilight blog to something so much more!!

    I have the life long friends and tattoo to prove it!


  7. I've been a Twihard since November 2008, and a Twitarded reader since March 2009. Wow, almost three years... what? Um, love you h00rs. Love the blog, loved both Forks trips (maybe just one more? No? Okay, how about Tent City 2012?), love twittering with yall. I've met some amazing friends here - women who inspire me and who I love dearly. You make my life better. As always, THANK YOU.

  8. I'm so glad you're around. I read Twilight the summer of '09, but didn't find you until much later. Unfortunately I do not have the date I found your blog circled on my calendar (hell, I don't even keep a physical calendar any more) but I know the day was epic.

    Thank you for continuing to post!

  9. Woah JJ, gettin' all sentimental, you MUST be high on cold meds ;)

    This fandom is amazing. I especially think our little twitter/blog world is extra fabulous.

    Here's to one more year anticipating a Twi movie, before it's OVER. At least we know we have all made friends for life!

    xo J

  10. Lovin you gals- you make me laugh, cry, and feel part of a bigger whole! Who would have ever thought from those damn books would come all this fuzzy love? If you keep writing, we will keep reading! MWAAH!!!

  11. I think my favorite part about our little corner of the blogosphere is our ability to be sexy, silly, smart, sentimental and snarky as fuck at the flip of a switch. ...Thank Edward I don't have a lisp for that sentence!

    I am so grateful to have found you bitches. Who knew you could throw so many like-minded obsessed-yet-functional Twihards, and throw them together to talk about the things we talk about? And then talk us into meeting up together in Forks? TWICE?? Truly a miracle.

    Congrats on not falling through the cracks, and a pat on the back for us loyal readers for not letting it happen. I check this site almost as much as I check the news.

  12. Having gotten married and had kids (and gotten divorced) very young, I didn't have a lot of me time in my post-teen years. I've worked by tail off to provide for my kids and am just at the point where they are starting to move out and make their own way in this world.

    Before you ladies, my life was like a starless night. Literally not much fun going on here. This lovely group of chicks has given me an outlet to find my fun self, and I am SO grateful to have made the EPIC Forks trip this year! I really wish we could do something again, so I (not so) secretly have my fingers crossed for some excuse to trek to far away locales for more face time with you h00rs.

    Thank you for making me a fun-ner and happier person!

  13. Thank you. I love you. That is all.

  14. Um, yeah. Late to the party and all that crap, but... um, yeah. I concur. Big time. Thank you to all of the wonderful Twitards out there who have shown me what female companionship can really be like. I love you all more than you can ever know :-)

    CC x


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