Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Review of The Tudors. Er, a Few Years Late

I don't think it's any secret that I can't do anything in a timely manner. I file my taxes at about 11:59PM on April 14th. I send birthday presents so late I have to pretend they are for the person's upcoming birthday. I wait to go to the bathroom until I'm in very, very serious danger of wetting myself. I really need an adult to take care of me.

I watch almost no television, so I am exceptionally out of the loop in this category. We finally signed up for Nexflix (Did I mention I am slow at doing everything?) literally a few months before they doubled their rates. Bastards. Mr. TK and I marveled at all the shows we missed on the talking box. Most of them were crap, but we found a few gems. (I'm looking at you, 30 Rock.)

I'd heard good things about The Tudors (mostly about the pretty flesh it showcased). Naturally, Mr. TK was on board.

This looks promising.

I was expecting it to be mostly porn with a little plot and this was fine by me. I was a little confused when the plot-to-porn ratio was not as I anticipated. There was dialogue and a story and stuff with limited nakedness. I was actually having to pay attention.

The whole 'paying attention' thing led me to see the glaring historical, um, liberties the writers took. Overall, the story is pretty close to historical accounts, but there are parts where the creators obviously just said "Fuck it."

Parts of the Catholic masses and prayers are said in English instead of Latin. The parts that are in Latin are just random phrases that don't make any sense. Some of the characters' actions have been embellished to add drama — Thomas More and Thomas Tallis, for instance. I have to say Queen Catherine of Aragon is pretty spot on. I love the bits of Shakespeare's Henry VIII they have woven in. Anne Boleyn was actually probably smarter than she got credit for. She had much more education than most women in that era. Ironically, that's the thing that probably both helped her gain the throne and led to her death. It's tough to be royal. That's why I only pretend to be a princess.

 It always comes back to Edward.

We haven't made it past season two yet because it just wouldn't be right to be less than five years behind the times. I've pretty much lost interest in the show at this point, mostly because I know how it ends and they don't show enough skin. I think everyone else on the planet has seen it. So, tell me — is it worth watching the rest? I'm not worried about spoilers unless Anne Boleyn comes back as a zombie and eats some people. That would be awesome. (Just don't Google "zombie Anne Boleyn." I made that mistake.)


  1. I've never seen it, so I got nothing. Though, I am glad that you related this post back to Edward in some way. I think I'm having a renewed love affair with him thanks to BD.

    First, b*tches!

  2. I haven't seen it either but you should probably move on to shows about Vampires. The Vampire Diarires is damn good once you get to episode three.

    BTW I also play chicken with my bladder... I'm guessing this will be the reason I'll constantly wet myself later in life.

  3. I FUCKING LOVED THE TUDORS. Keep up the watching. It gets rough in the end because they had to make His Royal Hotness look fat and ugly in order to stay "historically accurate," but I still thought it was great.

    True, the tit to talk ratio leaves a bit to be desired, but just knowing that Henry Cavill is damn fine helped me see it through, even when Jonathan Rhys Meyers made my lip curl. The costuming and cinematography are so amazing, and some of the side plots are interesting.

  4. Like Lindsay Rae I LOVED IT!

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers did a great job as Henry VIII and really embodied that "character" in the series IMO. And the cinematography, costuming, and production design were truly breathtaking and crazy awesome! I loved their Ann Boleyn - she had sass!! Joss Stone was screwed in casting. NO spoilers just I wouldn't be rushing to my agent with that character description.

    That being said... the plot was completely ludicrous at times, not enough sexy goodness as it went on (where is YOUR broken headboard Henry?), and a point diagram and 2 page spreadsheet were needed just to remember who the hell everyone was.

    Worth a watch but I'm easily distracted with sparkle!!

    Oh and I always look at pomegranates differently now...

  5. You totally need to read Phillipa Gregory novels... I did. See the result of that here -
    You will love them xxx
    Love your blog girls xxx

  6. If there were Tudor zombies, there would be no question of watching... I think you may be on to something here - just remake all these shows with zombies and sparkly vampires.

  7. I absolutely LOVED The Tudors. Yes, you should continue on. Though Season 2 is probably the best, it was a very good show. I actually wished they would have continued on with the children, Elizabeth, Mary and Edward. The children actually had ruthless history too as they grew older.

    Either way, yes it's sexy and awesome and it's totally worth your time to see it through. Even though I knew the history, I got teary eyed during the last episode. Especially after the hours you invest into the series and these characters. Plus, Henry Cavill. Enough said.

  8. I think I'm still on season 1. I watch it for Henry Cavill. The end.

  9. Never saw it and probably never will. Oh well but I am glad you tried it. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  10. Gotta agree about The Vampire Diaries...I LOVE IT. It's my second favorite vampire thing to Twilight. :)

  11. Never watched the Tudors, but I do know someone who was an extra in, three I think. Anyhoo, I really wasn't arsed watching the whole thing just for his .5 seconds of fame.

    @astonmartingirl: yeah I was surprised when I saw her in the ads as Ann of Cleves, I never watched the series but I know my history and well...poor Joss. I always thought she was weirdly pretty.

    Is the Vampire Diaries actually good? I read the books when I was a teenager, but that wussy-looking guy who plays Stefan looks nothing like I pictured him and turned me right off watching it. Maybe I should give it a shot...

  12. @astonmartingirl--Yes to the diagram & spreadsheet! I feel like a moron (no comments, please) during every episode.

  13. I LOVE the Tudors! Henry is one hot bastard! I think I'd piss myself if the King took me as a mistress. All of them end up dead. I recently watched an episode where a supposed traitor to the King got a hot poker shoved up his ass. That has stuck with me for daaaays. *shudders*

  14. hi tk - i loved season 1 and 2 of the tudors. but holy fk, i watched it for HENRY CAVILL!!!! that is one fkg hawt king's "best friend" indeed! i have season 3 recorded on dvd somehwere but haven't watched it. i'm 2 seasons behind.

    one thing i just watched was season 1 of Game of Thrones! awesome show.

  15. I got bored before the end of season 1, did not like the actress playing Anne Boleyn (whatever) but YES to Henry Cavill times one million, (new Superman!!!) and HELLO? TRUE BLOOD, anyone?? anyone...? Vampire Bill...Sookie...Eric the Viking?!!?

  16. A friend lent me the series on DVD. I got bored somewhere in season 3 and gave up watching. Meh. I'm with you...the plot-to-porn ratio sucked. Plus I think the big red-headed guy in Season 1 would have made a much better Henry.

  17. I'm an English Lit major with an English History minor and the Tudor Era is my favorite. The series took a few liberties with accuracy, but was on the whole, very well done. The actors, cinematography, costumes, etc. were perfection.

    As Anne Boleyn is my fave of all of the wives, I really enjoyed Natalie Dormer's interpretation.

    JRM was yummy, even during "Harry, the fugly years."

    Although I can picture no other Edward Cullen than the precious, I can appreciate that Henry Cavill was Stephie's "Edward.". He brought the hawt in this series, fo sho!

    I think it's worth watching from start to finish....I've done so multiple times now.


    Oh, and Iove that it always somehow comes back to Edward. :)

  18. I have never watched the Tudors but I will recommend tons of TV shows you have been missing out on! If you are looking for vampires you NEED to watch True Blood!!!!!!! So AMAZING!!! Non vampire related Community, Archer, Weeds and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  19. I actually enjoyed the Tudors until Netflix completely ruined it for me. There was some kind of issue so when I watched episode 3 of season 2 I ended up watching the season finale instead. I finally called Netflix and ended up cursing out the 20-something stoner on the other end of the line because he basically told me to suck it up. Asshole.

  20. I know I'm SO late to this party, but I watched The Tudors all the way through and LOVED it! I think the reason it goes a bit downhill after season 2 is cuz Henry Cavill stops being a manwhore. He's fucking dreamy and I like it when he's an asshole. Call me a sadist, it's what I live for - hot guys who don't give a fuck. That's what makes me luuuurrrrve Damon on The Vampire Diaries. Mmmmm...


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