Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Vampire Diaries: The Plot is Good. The Vampires are Smooookin'...

It has been approximately 10 days since I discovered that The Vampire Diaries seasons one and two were streaming on Netflix. To say I am hooked is the understatement of the decade. Possibly the century. Asking me if I'm addicted to this series is like asking if a shark shits in the water.

In those ten days I devoured the first two seasons with an unhealthy and possibly psychotic fervor and am currently working my way through the third, thanks to The house is once again in shambles and ML keeps grumbling something about taking a sledge hammer to the modem because I. Cannot. Stop. Watching.

To put it in perspective: Combined, seasons one and two have a total of 43 episodes at approximately 42 minutes an episode. So far I've ripped through the first three episodes of season three, which brings my grand total to 46 episodes. That's a grand total of THIRTY TWO FUCKING HOURS of fuck-hawt dudes, super-natural awesome-sauce, violence and ridiculous butt-hurt teen drama.

 Butt-hurt, front and center

That's almost a full-time job, people. But it's a really nice full-time job because I get to stare at a cast full of really, really hot guys.

Also, now that I did the math, jeeeeeezus I'm a loser

I almost don't want to encourage you folks to start watching because I don't want to be responsible for your children going hungry or your S/O leaving you. I mean, I've already done that to you before, what with Twilight and fan fiction so...

Fuck it. I can't help myself.

Did I mention some serious hunkaliciousness going on in The Vampire Diaries? Even if VD isn't your cup of tea, you might as well have some eye candy! (And yes, I went there. Get it?)

Damon Salvatore - the bad brother. Yum.

 Here, let me fix your shirt. By taking it off...

 Stefan Salvatore - the brooding Edward wannabe. I'm okay with it. 

 The first thing I noticed was that oddly shaped candle in the corner. Nah, just kidding. Look at those pythons...

Group shot! The Salvatore brothers and a werewolf (yes, there are werewolves)

Klaus - one of the Originals. My brain is still reeling from the spontaneous orgasm I had staring at this picture so no witty captions for you. 

At the very least, you need to check this guy out. Jaymes805 of Borderline Phenomenal sent me this link and I pretty much spent every chance I could get reading it and shitting myself laughing. It's a breakdown of each episode by a VERY funny guy named Price Peterson. You won't regret it.


  1. My show is Supernatural. The Winchester boys just do it for me. I love Dean and his smart mouth. Soooooo hot.

  2. @Kerri - Supernatural all the way! I've had such a crush on Jensen since his time on Days. If the chance came to do the dirty, I'd want him to be Dean though...

    FLOVE VD! I'm still shocked with how many times we tweet VD, still no VDbot talking about STD treatments.

    You need a VD boyfriend Jenny! I think Matt Newton is the only one left though. Yes, I dubbed him Matt Newton cause he just needs to not exist.

  3. Supernatural and VD are my two all time favorite TV shows! Yes!

  4. Look who is drinking the VD Kool-Aid now!

  5. I might try watching this show again. I tried watching it right after I read books 1-4 and the fact they the two were so different made me turned off to the show. But its been a couple years now, and I have been bad with not keeping up with the book series, so I think I could watch this without nitpicking every little detail. Or not. We shall see. And now that Netflix is on my Nook, I can watch it without the hubby getting his panties in a twist. Win Win.

  6. If there are vampires and werewolves in a show, I'm watching it. Ian Somerhalder (Damon) is gorgeous! Now that Stephan (Paul Wesley) has been turned in to his former nasty self, I am hoping that Elena decides on Damon. Oh, and Supernatural is a great show too. I've been watching it from the start.

  7. Oh, and I forgot to ask...does anybody watch "Being Human" on SyFy? I love that show, too.

  8. You're lucky you just started watching it. Their breaks are excruciatingly long! I miss you Damon. *sniff*

    @trinity, The BBC Being Human is WAY better than the american one and you can stream it on Netflix.

  9. Hey JJ... I'm right there with you. I recently broke my ankle so have had a lot of time to catch up on all the shows I've been missing:

    HBO's Game of Thrones is just Wow!
    I think I'll wait until the author pens the last two novels before I read the book series though. I'm sure the author of these books will be classified with J.R.R. Tolkien one day.

    HBO's True Blood Fucken Sookie! cracks me up. I've read all the books in this series (of which there are also two left.) The show is quite a bit different from the books but I'm OK with it so far.

    CW's The Vampire Diaries - I confess I watched the first episode when it aired and it put me off. The two main characters seemed too much like Edward and Bella wannabees. Now with time, distance, and Netflix streaming without commercials, I'm OK with them too. It has been interesting to watch the Salvatore brother's shift from bad to good and good to bad.

    Now when I go back and read Twilight FanFic I find myself picturing Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert, TVD) as Bella.

    I still need to catch up on some Supernatural and Sons of Anarchy. Also on my list of to be watched:
    Spartacus and Californication

    It's always nice to know when someone else shares in the crazy. On that note, a book rec for you: The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton.

    Btw, my WV: gynonica seems appropriate given the subject matter.

    Regards, PNW Luna aka Donna from Silverdale, Washington

  10. PLEASE don't tell us that there is ANOTHER show we need to add to the DVR? how many days of our lives is THIS one going to take???

    (OK I am glad you told us...)

    : )

  11. I had been avoiding the VD like the plague, telling myself that it was probably a terrible show. Then you posted that it was good AND available at Netflix for streaming. And now I am addicted. It's all your fault! :-) TY!

  12. I have been a closet VD fan from day 1! Started watching it on NinjaVideo and then almost had a heart attack when NinjaVideo went toes up!

    I love my Edward but if I want some hot sex fantasies, I pull out Damon/Ian every time! What can I say? I'm a complete sucker for that dark hair/ice blue eyes combo. They're my kryptonite.

    Last Christmas, I bought Season 1 and took it over to a friend's house. We spent the entire weekend with her teen daughter watching it! This is a woman who goes to bed at 8 and is up at 5! At midnight, she's telling me "One more episode! You can stay for one more episode!"

    I bought Season 2 a while back. Guess what same friend and I are doing New Years Eve??? ;-)

    And, BTW - my other two fave supernatural shows are "Once Upon A Time" and "Grimm"!

  13. Ugh Stefan is gross! He does not compare to the hotness that is RPattz! Personally my favorite show is True Blood! Now those guys are smokin hot!!!!!


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