Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Am I Too Old For Uggs???

I try to steer clear of wearing clothes or shoes or following trends that would be easily categorized as "too young" (er, except where sparkly vampires are concerned, anyway). I grudgingly stopped shopping in the Juniors Department a long time ago, and have been know to tease friends-of-a-certain-age if their clothes tend to come in odd sizes. Note: nothing made for a person my age comes in a 7, 9, or 11...and thankfully, the "Bella dress" sold by Hot Topic years back was sized S-M-L, so I didn't have to break my own rule to stash it in my closet - woo hoo!  

Recently - like in the past year, I discovered the perfect pair of skinny jeans, and ended my years-long embargo of that style. Seriously, don't give up until you have tried Loft's Modern Skinny cut - while I realized that in theory all skinny jeans are created somewhat equal, these are one of the few cuts that don't make me look like a big-rumped ice cream cone. Once the weather started turning colder--you remember those two days last year when it acted like winter, don't you?--I decided that one possibly-questionable fashion acquisition deserves another, and declared that I needed a pair of Uggs. And I say "Uggs" like people say "BandAid" or "Kleenex." Although does anyone really say "Kleenex" when they mean "tissue" or is this just a really convenient example that people use even though it's not true? Anyway, armed with birthday gift cards, I scoured Zappos and Amazon to find the perfect pair (Bearpaws, actually) -

They're like slippers on crack! In a good way.

I love them. They are ridiculously comfy and are neither too hot nor too cold - they somehow manage to keep my feet at "just right" temperature at all times, indoors or out. However, it has occurred to me that maybe there is such a thing as "too old for Uggs"??? While doing Very Serious Internet Research on this topic, I found lots of pics of the Twilight cast and their Uggs (yes, we can make almost any topic Twi-related) -

Ashley Green has a well-documented love-affair with Uggs -

And the wolf pack dudes all wore them when they were running around the set half-nekkid -

Including Taycob, who must have been freezing when they shot the scene below, which thank goodness was filmed from the waist up, as I almost thought that this must be photo-shopped until I realized that you just couldn't see his feet in the actual movie -

Even Bella wears Uggs in Twilight, although not the kind you might associate with the brand. And Kristen Stewart wearing Uggs isn't really going to help me answer the burning "am I tool old for this?" question. I mean, I have tights that are older than she is.

Didn't see this particular shot on the movie...

...this one either. But cute shoes.

P.S. I am also considering buying a pair of Danskos to fill the hole in my shoe wardrobe where a basic black shoe with a little bit of height but not high-heeled goes. Because I am at a loss and have a lot of pants that are too long for flats and too short for real heels (and it would be nice to wear socks again). Please tell Texas Katherine that I love her and I am sorry, since I am pretty sure she's not speaking to me at the moment. But at least I won't be wearing these UggCrocVibram demon hybrids anytime soon, so maybe she'll be thankful for that?

I don't care if these make your feet feel like they're being kissed by bunnies and massaged by RPatts.
Or massaged by bunnies and kissed by RPatts. Just NO. Also, they cannot be unseen. Sorry.

So is there such a thing as "too old for Uggs," or am I good as long as I don't pair them with a tiny mini-skirt and a midriff-baring shirt?


  1. Holy shit, I'm first? That's... a first. Well, since other people besides STY and I started reading this... never mind.

    I don't think anyone is too old for Uggs (or Emus, in my case)as long as they are wearing them more for function than fashion.

    So yes, you're good as long as you aren't wearing a mini skirt and a Hello Kitty shirt. :)

    And I'm getting TK those weird, horrifying pink monstrosities for Christmas this year. I'll have to ask Latchkey Wife where she ordered hers from.

  2. I'm too old for Uggs, but I don't give a shit..I have 2 pair of boots one leather which I decided were different from the ones everyone else was wearing the Kensington ..although I needed to have them stretched..and also the tan ones that have buttons on the side (very comfy) and I also have a pair of Ugg sneakers chuck style which I love love love...the are extremely cozy to wear...but wear without socks. I refuse to grow old and act my age...so carry on and keep wearing what you want. Xoxo

  3. Almost everyone is too old for Uggs. You have to have just the right body in just the right outfit to wear them properly. They usually just make people look old and fat that aren't really old and fat or that could look younger and skinnier if they just wore better shoes.

    And, oh... I did scream out loud when I scrolled down to see those pink demon spawn "shoes". If I ever see those in the wild I will probably run and hide. I can't believe anyone even THOUGHT of those. ***cringe***

  4. Well, I'm older than dirt and I have a pair. I have really flat feet, so they aren't the most comfortable boots. I only wear them when necessary because of the cold.

    I also have some really fuzzy boots that look like wookie feet! I'm definitely too old for them, but what-the-hell! I'll wear them sometimes - just to piss off my boss!

    AND . . . I wear crocs - but NEVER outside the house! That right there tells you not to listen to my advice!

  5. I will preface this by saying...As soon as I saw the title to this post, I yelled "YES." Because I personally think they're awful. But that's because I have wide calves, so it just looks like I have Thankles. Work that one out.

    However, since I know you, and since I know you have killer 8 mile legs, I say wear whatever the shit your feet want. Even those Danskos or whatev. I know VR and LKW love those fuckers, but I just...I can't.

    Also, I can't help but think of Jason Segel in "I Love You, Man" walking his puggle. Men should never wear Uggs. That includes Taycob.

  6. Oo-I love those black ones!
    I think footwear is more forgiving than other clothing. Not that I pay much attention to that.
    The kidlet rolls her eyes at half my stuff. What's wrong with my burnout skull tee? Or the Hello Kitty shoulder bag?

  7. I'm not too old for them, but I'm a good-sized girl, and I think I'm too fat for them. I do, however, own a pair of Bella-in-Twilight boots, and I had them before her, and I'm pretty sure no normal teenager ever wore those, anyway. I guess Bella wasn't normal. What am I thinking?

  8. Well, I got a pair of ripoff Uggs. They were the only boots I could find that were cheap. I really don't think anything of the style, I just needed boots purely to walk to work. My husband thinks Uggs are the ugliest things ever and has not stopped making fun of me. Oh, and those pink things--they look like they were lobbed off of a female bigfoot.

    Also, everyone one I know and I use the term Kleenex for tissue, no one actually says tissue.

  9. Oh! You mentioned Dansko! If you've never experienced them, go try them on first. Danskos are handmade, so they fit differently each time.

  10. I have a pair of knockoff Uggs from Target, and I looooove them. Though, I rarely wear them out of the house.

    Here's my rule for dressing once you become an adult and no longer have the body of a teenager (aka, the body KStew will probably always have... h00r). Are you ready? This is big. As in, when I went to the last chapter meeting of my sorority career, and they passed me the gavel and it was my turn to bequeath my hard-earned wisdom onto the younger girls, I said the following: "Slutty on the top, covered on the bottom. Slutty on the bottom, covered on the top." As long as you follow that rule, how you deck yourself out is up to you. So, go for the Uggs. Just don't pair them with a miniskirt and a tube top.

  11. Um....is it ok to wear the Hello Kitty T-shirt, minus the mini skirt....?

  12. @JJ - Maybe we can chip in for a pair for LKW...

    @Double-Dippin - I'm with you - I might grow old, but never up.

    @Lila - TK has already informed me that Uggs should not be worn by anyone who measures their age in years and not months. Oh well. : )

    @TheRugbyMom - I am not sure I get crocs, and I have yet to wear the Ugg-y boots anywhere but to run errands and stuff like that. I live near a college town and it's not unusual to see people out in their pajamas (this is SO WRONG btw) so I don't feel too dressed-down.

    @Lindsay Rae - I seriously thought that pic of Taycob was a joke - they look ridiculous on dudes!

    @Kintail - Love the style I bought, but have to say that when the little pieces of black fuzz occasionally fall out, it makes it look like a giant spider on the floor - screee!!!

    @SpunkyBookworm - I really like the Bella boots - although I adore the slip-on-no-socks simplicity of the "regular" Uggs!

    vloveselvis - REALLY?! Maybe "Kleenex" is a regional think - like "grinders" vs. "hoagies" vs. "subs"???

    My After Car - Words to live by.

    @Nix - I'll admit that I gave my collection of too-cute tees to JJ a while ago (and she's mostly stopped wearing them) but I say if you can pull off Hello Kitty and a mini (and I've seen you and think you can) AND you feel good doing it, than go for it!

  13. oh i missed y'all here! jumping out of lurkdom to post on shoes, of course! uggs, neeeeever too old...and i'd know cause i wear mine ALL the time! yeah, jacob look ridonculous in that pict, yup...the one with b and e standing behind her, mmmmmm, and i happen to have the entire outfit b is wearing where they're leaning on couch...tell me you're not impressed...srsly.

  14. I think you can wear whatever you want as long as it fits and nothing is hanging out inappropriately.

    I bought a skirt last summer that was far too short but my dh says it looks good so I'll wear it with tights and boots...at night to see a band or something. It has been renamed my "whore skirt". I try not to stand around on corners in it though, just in case.

    I bought boots that are kind of Ugg like but I have big feet and I think the real ones make me look ridiculous, hence the sort of Uggish boots.

    By the way, thanks for scarring me for life with those pink horrors.

  15. I live in Atlanta. UGGs make absolutely no sense here. When I see someone wearing UGGs down here it makes me think of their probably stinky, sweaty feet and then I get a little grossed out. But my friends that live in the midwest and northeast swear by them.

    Also, I remembered hearing during all the New Moon press that the Precious doesn't appreciate the UGGs. That sealed their fate for me. I can never wear them if it will hurt my nonexistent chances with the Precious. ;-)


  16. No one should *ever* wear uggs. Seriously?!

  17. @sister surf - Definitely impressed (not even kidding).

    @LB - er I suppose I should have given some sort of "turn away now or be scarred forever" kind of warning before inflicting that image on the masses. I may have shrieked a little bit when I saw it for the first time (not in a good way).

    @mel in the atl - so THAT'S why I can't find Kristen Stewart wearing Ugg-y Uggs, except one at Sundance when she was promoting "Speak" and was about 12 - lol! Totally makes sense now. Before it was a little baffling. I feel I have total insight into their relationship now. : )

  18. @mel in the atl - I forgot to mention that Uggs & their ilk seem to have a good ability to regulate temperature. As in, they don't get too hot. You won't ever cath me wearing them with anything but jeans and only in the winter, but I get how people can get away with it down south (but honestly don't understand why you would want to - lol - there are so many better footwear options for warmer weather!

    @crinum_lily Fine, fine don't get behind adults wearing Uggs, but the mini baby ones are the cutest things I have ever seen.

  19. I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw those pink demon boots. Can't unsee them either - more therapy will ensue. Saw a lady at the gym wearing those vibram monstrosities wtf? I have no words.

    STY the whole "age appropriate" thing is a preoccupation for me since I'm a woman of a certain age, but I too will never grow up!

  20. I always thought those were Sorrel Carobou boots that Bella wore in Twilight??

    P.S. I hate those shoes with toes!!

  21. Sorry I'm more of a Sorrel kinda gal. If I wore those Uggs in the snow or rain my feet would be soaked. I still have a pair of Sorrels that are over 20 years old. Only wear in the snow.

    I think Big Foot wears those pink ones in the PNW.

  22. I could never bring myself to try them and they are HORRID to look at but those Vibram toe-shoe thingies are supposed to be THE BEST. I refuse to even try them - ever - for fear that I might like them, and then TK would fly to New Jersey and bitch-slap me.

  23. I think everyone knows how I feel about this. At least they are better than Crocs. I will give them that much.

    @JJ--They will never find your body if those appear in my mailbox.

  24. @TK... Well, I guess I can concede to that... They definitely are better than crocs!!!!



    that is all....

  26. In my opinion, Uggs are not about age but just about being, well, awful. There are plenty of other boots that will look better leaving your house!! Uggs are like Winter's flip-flops: you wear them because the weather instructs you to. There are plenty of other boots to wear in order to look "nice" in the winter, just like there are better sandal options in the summer in lieu of flip flops.
    But what do I know, I'm just a clothing designer...

  27. I have the "Bella Boots" Uggs and they are the best snow/rain/heavy duty warm boots I've ever owned. I've used them for everything from winter tidepooling to camping to work on an oceanic research vessel. They're awesome.

  28. I have UGGs but i only wear them when it's super duper cold out because my feet sweat like a mofo in those things. I have Crocs but I only wear them scooping poop in the yard or gardening. I have Danskos which are the BEST fucking shoes ever! And I am dying for the UGGs boots that Bella wears in Twilight. I'm in need of a new cold weather winter boot. My Sorels have officially shit the bed and my Keen Betty boots aren't warm enough for lengthy outdoor activities.

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