Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Stupidly Excited for Superbowl Sunday

**dances around wildly flailing all appendages**  I'm sure you all know what a huge sports fan I am -- I may have mentioned once or twice here or on Twitter. I pretty much live for the Red Sox and Patriots, and wouldn't you know, the Patriots have made it to the Superbowl once again! (My apologies to you fans of Denver and Baltimore...um, not really.) This makes me very happy for more reasons than just Tom Brady's pretty face greeting me every time I turn around.

I have been in fucking football heaven this week with my favorite morning sports radio talk show covering every aspect of upcoming battle between the New England Patriots and (evil) New York Giants. The betting line gives the Patriots a slight edge on the spread, but on paper, the Giants look unbeatable. I've been down on the Patriots' horrible defense all year, and though they've made it to the big game, every player on that team is going to need to have a career day to take down Big Blue.

Eli Manning might be having one hell of a playoff run this year, but Tom Brady doesn't suck two weeks in a row and in the AFC Championship game, he sucked. Hard. But even at his suckiest, he still gets the job done. And I still wouldn't kick him out of bed. Even if he does wear Uggs.

You're probably wondering where the serious trash talkin' is? This is how I roll... I'm ridiculously superstitious when it comes to my sports teams. Let me tell you, trash talking is the biggest way to jinx your favorite team. Kind of like when a pitcher is tossing a no hitter -- you never mention the no hitter. And if one of the announcers even utters the words, say bye-bye to the no-no.

I find that if I go into a Superbowl (or any big game) that the Pats are playing in with a completely pessimistic attitude, they do much better. It's probably just me, but I sort of think they're trying to prove me wrong by winning. The one game I didn't go into feeling all glass-half-empty was the infamous Superbowl of 2008 -- the first meeting of the Pats and the G-Men. The Patriots came into the game virtually invincible having not lost a game all season. I was cocky as all shit going into that match-up.  The Giants had squeaked into the playoffs and there was no possible way New England could've lost that game. But they did. I was devastated. Crushed. Inconsolable.

So I will keep my trash talking to myself. I will cheer my team on wearing the same Patriots sweatshirt I wore for the last game. And maybe the same jeans, t-shirt and underwear too. I'll let Mishka the husky handle the Superbowl predictions.



  1. I hear ya LKW! I live for the Pats and Sox, too! And after spending the last 17 years living in Giants/Yanks country, I am so happy to be in NH surrounded by Pats/Sox fans! And I feel exactly the same as you with the trash talk! But I'll be wearing my Bruschi jersey again and screaming at the tv like a crazy person! Might be time to get a Gronk jersey too! GO PATS!!


    1. Hey!!! You're my sister!!!! Hahahah. No really! Soo funny cause I'm reading this on facebook whichi know you never go to! Love you!!! Have you mentioned to latchkey that we believe she is our long lost sister?

      Call you tomorrow!! (Liz- not latchkey!)

  2. Pats rock, and Brady knows his job-even if it means leaping like a dolphin into the end zone to get the td! Gotta say, I cried real tears of relief & joy when they missed that field goal-I almost felt sorry for that poor kicker (no, not really)...I think we were all stunned for a moment-dead silence in my livingroom, then the screaming & crying began! I'll need to be highly inebria...um, medicated, to watch the SB with any pretense of calm!!

  3. I'm a HUGE Patriots fan so I'm obviously super pumped they made it to the Super Bowl! It just so happens that Super Bowl Sunday falls on my birthday this year so Tom Brady better not disappoint me on my b-day! I'm so so nervous about this game ... I was wicked nervous for the Ravens game, I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack at certain points, thank goodness Myra Kraft was watching over her boys and helped Cundiff miss that FG! Hopefully MK makes her presence known in Indy on Sunday! GOOOOOO PATRIOTS!

  4. At least he wasn't wearing furry UGGS, so there's that.

    I am looking forward to the commercials, and I want to be in a pool since that always makes things interesting. Does that count? Also, I like snacks. And drinking. WOOT!

    Your trash-talking theory is intriguing, however.

  5. Tim Tebow who? Tom Brady is so good at what he does... And let me just say looks mighty fine in that uniform. I so don't care if the Pats win or not. I'm just proud that they made it! GO PATS!!!!!

  6. No offense, LKW, but I'm more excited for the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet than I am for the Superbowl!


    A bitter 49er fan.

    ;) I also love puppies.

  7. Being from MA I'm a Pat's fan too. I totally agree with going into the game with a pessimistic attitude. They tend to do worse when you think they've got the game in the bag. Def looking forward to the game, the commercials, the good eats, and even Madonna.

    Can't believe I just admitted that.

  8. I want to preface my comment by saying I don't give a flying fuck about football. Now, I have to say every time I hear or read about Tom Brady I think about a lady I worked with in Palo Alto about 10-11 years ago. Which if I remember right is about the time when your boy Tom became the quarterback for the Patriots. Ok, so this woman, let's call her Lucy (cuz that's her name) used to go on and on about how she couldn't believe that "little Tommy Brady" was the quarterback for blah, blah, blah & how his parents are so proud. Turns out Lucy had known "little Tommy Brady" his whole effin life cuz she is bffs with his mom. At the time, I was like "Who? What?" & now I'm like kicking myself for not begging for an introduction. *floggs self repeatedly*. Ok, thats all the football fangirly shiz I got. Turns out 7 degrees of seperation could actually be real. Who knew :)

  9. I'm not a fan of sports. I live in Indianapolis, and apparently the super bowl is like a national holiday or something because I had to take today and next monday off work just so football fans could have a place to park in downtown indy. Vacation is all well and good but I was forced to take my own vacation time...


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