Wednesday, January 25, 2012

YouTube: Not Just for Cute Animal Videos Anymore!

Like most people, I turn to YouTube for my fix of cute animal videos. Well, I'm lazy, so I often let Cute Overload do the vetting for me. But it's recently come to my attention that there is more to YouTube than dogs denied bacon, twitchy sleeping puppies, talking cats, and rambunctious baby dwarf goats. There's even more to YouTube than Robert Pattinson porn and the eighty gazillion videos of screeching fans that never fail to catch me off guard and leave me lunging for the volume control. 

Case in point: last week, Sister Snarky sent me an email with a link saying "This is hysterical and don't you wish you would have thought of it first?"

It was actually a link to one of my all-time favorite YouTube finds, My Drunk Kitchen. If you are not familiar with the wonderfulness that is My Drunk Kitchen, it's pretty much what it sounds like: a drunk cooking show. Well, a mini drunk kitchen show. Most episodes clock in at around five minutes, and feature the ridiculously cute and witty Hannah Hart cooking...something and drinking a lot of appropriately themed cocktails, wines, and other assorted spirits. Who doesn't love a person who makes mimosas by adding an eye-dropper of orange juice to a bottle of champagne? Girl after my own heart...


Have you ever had poutine? No? If you drink, stay up too late, and wander home in the wee hours of the morning searching for the perfect bad-for-you food that sounds dirty, tastes delicious after 2 a.m., and probably absorbs its weight in alcohol, look no further.


For the record, my response to Sister Snarky's "Isn't this hysterical and don't you wish you'd thought of it first?" was "YES! aaaand kinda but not really." It's hard to be that witty when drunk, and to look that cute drunk. Many of you who have met me in person have seen me drunk. Actually, almost anyone reading this unless you are a crazy stalker following me around my local grocery store has seen me drunk either in person or in a video, since I find it nearly impossible to calm my social anxiety and face any sort of meet-up sober. And between you and me, if you ARE following me around the grocery store, the odds still aren't really in your favor that I was totally sober. I mean, you never know who you might run into at the grocery store. I believe in being prepared for any eventuality, people.

I am not a cute drunk. Oh sure, I'm generally a happy drunk, but I get the wonky eye where one of my eyes starts to get a little droopier than the other, thanks to a childhood bout of Bells palsy. There are no pictures of me at parties where it looks like both my eyes are open. Also, I tend to burn and injure myself in the kitchen a lot more than she does since I am naturally Bella-level clumsy, and adding hot things and sharp knives just ups the danger level tenfold. But if you need a quick pick me up, you are guaranteed to be cheered by watching an episode of My Drunk Kitchen. You also might have a strong desire to have a drink; plan your watching environment and stealth flask placement accordingly.  

I also need to give a HUGE round of applause to the equally cute Kristin and her "Dirty Signs" videos. I think the following says everything that needs to be said about how much I love her -

Well, that and this -

It's possible that recently I may have inappropriately merged the two and angrily signed something along the lines of "Fuck you you fucking pancake waffle!", but really, I think I probably still conveyed my general point.

And last but most certainly not Star Wars? Have two hours to kill?

You're welcome, and may the Forks be with you.

Share your favorite YouTube go-tos and guilty pleasures in the comments!


  1. I love love love My Drunk Kitchen!!

  2. Hi, loved 'em, but u gotta go to LTT RIGHT NOW and watch the vid, Breaking Dawn 1-the musical"-GO, NOW ok, please go now? u will not want to have any liquids in either end that might spew or leak during prolonged hysterical laughing fits....for reals!

    1. OMG that IS AWESOME! I debated tacking it on to this post, but it truly deserves it's own special place here. : )

  3. Cue the Twilight zone music, pun intended. I was just watching My Drunk Kitchen (not via Twitarded) earlier today...for the FIRST TIME. So funny you posted this! I found it via this other funny chick on Facebook called "Jenna Marbles." She's pretty damn funny.

    xoxo J

  4. BLESS THE TWITARD who suggested the Twat waffle sign.
    Here's one of my favorite videos.

    You Deserve A Drink

    1. That's me! I think...At least...I found it and put it on the Twi account! I feel blessed either way :)

  5. Drunk Kitchen! I do totally love her, she's fucking adorbs. And I make my mimosas in a similar fashion. Especially if I'm not planning on leaving the house (or driving, if that's the case).

    As for the dirty signs, I love that chick, too. I love that she's super teeny and reminds me of JJ a little bit. She inspires me to learn more creative ways to insult people in ASL. Yay for interpreting!!

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