Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JMFHF! I Have a Celebrity Twitter Follower!

As much as I want to write a post lamenting the heartbreaking loss my New England Patriots suffered last Sunday in the Super Bowl, I won't. I'll spare you the oh-woe-is-me blather and how it's been three days and I still can't seem to pull myself out of this funk that has me teetering on a ledge daily. I even got a very concerned email from the STY, JJ, Myg, VitR and TK on Monday making sure I hadn't leapt in front of a semi truck after the game.

Talk about kicking a girl when she's down. Geez.

At first I just wanted to forget that Sunday ever happened, that there was never a football game that my favorite team never lost. But if that was the case, I would have forgotten about the best thing EVER to happen to me on Twitter. EVER!!

I have two Twitter accounts. One for @LatchkeyWife, and one for my real life shit that I use for following work crap and all my various sports people -- we'll call it @lkwreallife for short. So since it was Super Bowl Sunday and all, I was obsessed with all the sporty tidbits in my timeline while watching the 817 hours of pre game.

At one point, Jimmy Fallon came on the pre game and I innocently tweeted: I have such a crush on @jimmyfallon

Cute + Funny = Rawr

And then the interviewer asked Jimmy what team he would be rooting for and he says he's going with the Giants.


So I tweeted: Until he said he's rooting for the Giants. I've retracted my crush. @jimmyfallon

Not five minutes later my phone dings with a Twitter alert that says @jimmyfallon is now following @lkwreallife

HOLY FUCKING CHRIST ON A CRACKER!!!!!! Are you fucking serious right now???

And seconds after that, I get another alert that says @jimmyfallon has sent you a direct message.

At this point, I'm vibrating (twss) with excitement. I have never gotten a tweet from someone famous. The closest I've come was when one of my favorite sports talk guys that I listen to every morning tweeted me back and I totally squealed like a little girl. But this... this was different.

I opened my DMs to find this message from @jimmyfallon: Say it ain't so. I still love Brady and the boys.


I replied: Uh huh. Nice try. I will reinstate my crush if the Pats win the Super Bowl.

He wrote back: Deal.


I sent him another DM after the Patriot lost that said: Oh well, I guess we'll just have to be friends. But I never heard from him again. I'm sure he's just distraught because he thinks I was serious about retracting my crush on him. Even if he is a Giants fan, I could never quit him... he's just too damn cute. And funny. And for me, most of the time funny is even sexier than cute.

Jimmy, if you happen to stumble upon this post, tweet me. Don't be bothered.
I still love you. (And your tree friend.)


  1. Wow, that is so awesome..I love JF he is so cute..and funny. Good for you, I hope he tweets you back sometime. XOXO

  2. Thump...that's me hitting the floor...bigfangirlcrush a side note, I bullied @fosterthepeople into following me, but Imma play it cool and wait em out to DM me first;) should happen soon.

    1. I'm trying so hard not to cyber stalk him!! But it's very difficult!!

  3. That is the coolest thing ever. I love how Twitter has democratized (is that even a word) the ability for fans to get in touch with each other, their celebrity crushes, and even celebrities who have never met to get in touch with each other. LONG LIVE THE INTERNET!!!

  4. JMFHF IS RIGHT!!! Jimmy is totes on my Freebie list...Hilarious, sweet, super adorkable...JEALOUS! I was reading this whole post with a shit-eating grin for you, and a mega-SQUEE!

    Sorry 'bout the Pats. Bentist and I were pissed, too.

    1. Thanks dude. I'm still so sad about it. Just one less bad play and I'm convinced we'd have been hoisting that trophy!! On to baseball!

  5. Jimmy can join the sticky bun anytime.

  6. How cool!!! I love Jimmy Fallon, too.


  7. mmmmm, cyyyyberstalking, mmmmmm...i know i sound creepy...i doona care!

  8. Omg!!!! That is so cool! And the fact that he DM'd you, so intimate! Lol! Now I guess you need to be careful what you tweet from that account cause you never know, it might end up on his show!

    Also, sorry about your Pats. I know how heartbreaking it is when your team loses :(

  9. Cool! Fallon was in town (Indianapolis) for the super bowl. And I got to see him do a stand up act (along with his TV writers). He's adorable in person. I didn't get to go to his TV show tapings though because I wanted to avoid all the football nonsense. That's awesome he tweeted you back!

  10. Woot! I'm totally squeeing for you vicariously right now. You're so right, Cute + funny = total win. Maybe I should actually use my extremely neglected twitter account to tell Seth McFarlane I have a huge crush on him...wait he's kind of a technophobe. Hmm. Anyone know any good sky writers?

  11. First super duper sadness about the Pats. I didnt want to watch the game because it was my Birthday and who really wants to have a bad Birthday if their team loses?! Luckily for me I was in the car most of the day on the way back from Disneyland but had my ESPN alerts to my phone. I made it home for the 4th quarter and as it got down to the wire, I felt 2008 coming back again.. serious depression was setting in. Maybe next year.

    In other news, Jimmy Fallon holy balls!!! So freaking exciting. I had to send this link to one of my old co-workers, she is obsessed with him.

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