Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh mon dieu, Bel Ami photos de la précieuse!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled installment of Reckoner to bring you Robert Pattinson in Berlin. Myg will return next week for more Reckoner deliciousness! I can't think of a better fill-in for a Friday night, can you?

Word on the street is that RPattz is currently in Berlin promoting Bel Ami with co-stars Christina Ricci and Holliday Grainger. And judging from the way my Twitter feed was completely exploding this afternoon with pretty picture after pretty picture, that word is accurate.

First, the photo call yesterday... oh mah gawd I love that fucking shaved head more than I can express. Although I would prefer the brows be a little more groomed. I'm not a fan of the unibrow look. I missed the live feed -- I had an urgent appointment to get my eyebrows tidied up since the last time may or may not have been before I went to Forks last fall (shhhhhh!). Not a good look -- it was really bordering on Peter Mayhew-ish.

I honestly think this hair cut gives him a bit of badass-ness. I love me a good badass.

I want to bite that lip too. His lip, not hers.

Then the Bel Ami premiere in Berlin today (or tonight, over there in futuristic Europe!) Everyone looked absolutely stunning. Especially Rob in his gray suit and long overcoat. I wonder if those three had a little slap and tickle party in the hotel room before this event. Is it just me or do the ladies look to be sporting a couple of shit-eating grins?

Hands off, you clit-danglers!!

 Smiley Rob lights up the room. (Or in this case, the outside.)


Rob: It's disturbing. These women treat me like I'm a piece of meat.
Christina: You are a piece of meat. Shut up and look pretty.

And in case you haven't seen it nearly enough, here's the Bel Ami trailer once again. I can't wait to see that boy's crack. Please god don't let him suck.

TGIF fuck-mittens! Hope you all have a safe and fun holiday weekend (if you are lucky enough to get Presiden't Day off. Like me.)

Photos from Celebrity Gossip and Pop Sugar.


  1. This movie is going to ded me. And I can't fuckin' wait!

  2. The Flowbee is still in attack mode, but he's still looking awesome! I think we should get an eyebrow-threading ninja after him, though...

  3. Yay Rob photos! It's been waaaay too long. Even if the shaved head isn't as drool-worthy as, say, GQ sex hair, he's still fhizjfdjfh... Sorry, got a bit distracted there.

    Oddly enough, when I'm reading Twilight, Bella always kinda looks like Christina Ricci in my head. It's pretty cool to see her standing next to Rob in RL.

  4. That man is going to be the absolute death of me. (death by spontaneous explosion at the movie theater. Maybe that's how those floors get so sticky?) I hope the movie has the same percentage of sex scenes as the preview (roughly 90%.)

  5. Oui, I see that somebody is still having les bon temps with Profanity Candy... you butt plumber you.

    I'm not such a fan of the short hair. I will always and forever love the Edward hair. The coat, though... likey.

    Wang wallets. Man, that app is the gift that keeps on giving!

    1. Profanity Candy is the gift that keeps on giving!!

      Fuck Mitten. This has become my favorite so far.

  6. I have to say that I think the short hair is growing on me. But it'll never compare to the bouffant thingy.

    I really hope this movie doesn't suck.

  7. So pretty......I am also hoping the movie doesn't suck, but since I have serious girl wood for Christina Ricci, and I have serious automatic leg-spreading disease for Rob, I think I'll make it through.

    Sieht gut aus, Geschlecht Eimer. (According to Google Translator, I said "Lookin' good, sex pot)

    1. Leg spreading disease? I looked that up on WebMD and oddly enough, RPattz's picture was right there!!

  8. @Snarkier Than You - EXACTLY!!! When he displayed such a lovely trimmed beard, then the goatee, for the BD1 premier overseas, I thought "Somebody gave that boy a trimmer!" Then when he shows up with a fully buzzed head, I thought "He has gone crazy with that thing! He's addicted to the buzzing!"

    I wonder if he is using it other body areas? I would certainly appreciate some Rob-manscaping!

    But before you go talking bad about the caterpillars, consider this [lifted from Rangalicious on ADF].

  9. I still love the bouffant thingy. For crying out loud, that will always be how I remember him. But what I love about the buzz cut is that he's not afraid to put Edward behind him and I think it makes him look a little older. And yummy. GAH!!

  10. I am hoping this movie doesn't suck hairy donkey balls. I really, really hope not. However, I prefer Robert with some hair.


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