Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Green Jeans Saga

I'd love for this to be something important and meaningful like The Bloggess's Red Dress dealie, but sadly I am not that awesome and this is more of a self-centered "Hey, can I pull this look off??? I need your advice!" sort of situation that I am laying out here...

I've always been pretty boring conservative when it comes to clothes. I may have experimented a little bit in college (for better or for worse) - my favorite outfit was a vintage pair of men's silk pajama bottoms tailored into shorts, a tee, and Doc Martens - but my wardrobe in my current faux-grown-up state is decidedly free of color (and style). It's mainly black, gray, black, black, and black, with a little bit of black thrown in for color. I'd include blue here but jeans don't really count color-wise and my favorite jeans are gray anyway. Honestly, the only reason I even mix black, gray and maybe the occasional off-white piece (if I am feeling daring) together is because it's not possible to pair jeans/pants, a shirt, and a sweater that are all the exact same shade of black.

Every once in a while, I buy something that is outside of my comfort zone. Or some well-intentioned person gifts me out of my comfort zone with a bright-red fuzzy coat. A silk sundress with a vibrant pattern. A pair of ballet flats in snakeskin-embossed metallic lavender. Most of the time this stuff languishes in the back of my closet before being sucked into the black hole known as "the Goodwill-bound hefty bag," but I am working on it.

Enter the green jeans. I was lurking on Myg's Pinterest page a few weeks ago, coveting the things that a person with some sense of actual style has flagged as cool, when I saw them...

  Me some, please!

I'd been considering a pair of red jeans for while, and the green just seemed so...fresh. Maybe it's a spring thing - they just looked right to me. Like they were exactly the dose of color I needed to wrest me out of my winter blahs. I hemmed and hawed and pestered Myg for a while about the possibility of taking a trip to Urban Outfitters. After pining away for them for weeks, I finally plunked down my credit card - virtually - one night in a combination of wine-fueled gusto and I-just-got-my-tax-return-money-and-I-deserve-this exuberance.

Then I waited.

I didn't have to wait long. They showed up a day or two later and I nearly tackled the UPS guy as he exited his truck. I ran inside, clawed open the box, pushed aside the packaging material which protected the fragile denim from some imaginary danger, and...BOOM! I had to shield my eyes to protect them from the sheer intensity of the green fabric I found there. Let's just say that they are a tad brighter in person than they appear on the website. Less hunter green, more Easter-basket-grass green. Not neon - I'm not going there! - but let's just say that they are very, very VERY not gray or black.

Oh sure they photograph like THIS not-so-bright color...

...but they are more like THIS color in person.

I promptly stuffed them in the closet so that I could think about it. I'd show you how much they stand out in my sea-of-black closet, but then I'd have to show you what a wreck my closet is at the moment (plus you would all find out where I stash my mountains of Twilighty stuff). Anyway, since then, I have tried them on. More than once. A lot more than once. They fit like they were made for me. Which might just be a cruel tease, since I can't decide if I could ever see myself wearing them out of the house, and really, they were too expensive to immediately take their place amongst the category of clothes that I should probably get rid of but promise myself I'll only wear around the house or when cleaning.

For starters, I can't decide if there's some "life's-too-short-to-only-wear-black/gray" reason that I should be pushing myself to wear something that will make me feel like everyone is staring at me saying "holy fucking shit, wft is she wearing?!" every time I walk out the door. Even though I live near a college in a town with a pretty eccentric population and I'd probably have to go bounding into the grocery store wearing a vinyl jumpsuit and a gimp mask to  really garner that much genuine interest in my outfit.  

Also? And somewhat more perplexing?  I have absolutely no idea what to wear with them. It seems like a black t-shirt isn't going to cut it here. For once. I've already purchased a couple of shirts, a sweater, and two pairs of shoes (flats - no way I am wearing the humongo concrete-block-size shoes all the models in skinny jeans wear on the UO website) in an effort to make this work, but so far everything I've tried has made me feel like I am in over my head and should just return the whole damn lot.

So if you are one of those people who frequents Polyvore and knows how to put clothes together, I need your help. Stat. Links to possible outfits in the comments, please!! Because I only have another couple of days to decide if I'm keeping these dang things or taking them back to Urban Outfitters and mumbling something to the 18-year-old cashier about how they didn't fit my imaginary daughter as she refunds my money and I run screaming to Talbots, head hung in defeat defeat. Please don't let that happen.


  1. Do you really shop at Talbots? LOL.

    Oh STY, you have bigger balls than me & you're also much thinner than me. No way could I pull those off, as I'd look like a green-apple jelly belly. But you however, are tall and slim, I know this, I have seen you in person, don't argue. I think you could totally rock this with a black or off white/cream loose fitting top and some cute flats that have black/cream in them maybe...oh god.... I'm sooo not the person to be asking. Fashion is not my forte. How about wearing them out once in public & see how you feel. Just head to the local grocery store...I think it's the only way you'll find out.

    Keep us posted! I am dying to see what everyone else things. There has to be some fashionistas in this fandom.

    xo J

    1. Talbots? Not yet... But it's probably a slippery slope from Loft to Ann Taylor to Talbots - someone really needs to keep an eye on me over the next decades lol...

      I think the "baby steps" approach to wearing them might work. Also, wearing them only after sundown.

  2. those jeans are so fkg cool! i have a similar pair but in dark purple.

    you can wear the jeans with sexy peep toe heels, or dress it down with a pair of converse or vans. since those are skinny jeans, you can also wear them with boots and they would look hot. even clunky boots. as for the top, why not go with black? dark grey? a chunky sweater maybe? or since the jeans are skinny, you can wear a blousy top (gypsy'ish). those seem to be in nowadays but i tend to wear clothes that aren't baggy on the top.

    (sorry i don't have links to photos that would make visualizing this easier)

    good luck! that's a big step in adding "color" to your wardrobe. i hope you keep them and wear the hell out of those jeans!

    1. vans/converse - of COURSE! Duh - can't believe I didn't think of that... I need to channel my inner Kristen Stewart for this one, huh? : )

  3. http://www-hollywoodlife-com.vimg.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/031811_ashley_greene_leggings_spl258591_002110318095259.jpg


    Hopefully these links works. Ashley Greene paired hers with a long black sweater and black boots.

    Anna Kendrick selected a black blazer and black heels.

    See what I did there? Fashion AND Twilight!

    I would do a cream tunic and scarf and whatever shoes float your boat.

    1. Well done - thanks! although I noted that Ashley Greene saved her green jeans for St. Patrick's day - lol - a little costume-y. But Anna Kendrick's outfit is great and I love the idea of cream top and a scarf (that will somehow say "look up here! there is more to this outfit than green jeans!").

  4. You can wear this,bb. It will look awesome.

    1. Thanks!!! and all I have to do is wait a few more days and then I won't have a choice - it will be too late to return them lol!

  5. I have owned several pairs of that brand of jeans in various colors and I can attest that they are ridiculously comfortable and have the magical ability of making me not look like a round woman in skinny jeans. I wear them with these boots http://www.fluevog.com/code/?p=1&view=detail&colourID=327 or converse (red, to be festive). And you can absolutely wear a black t-shirt. If you're going to have one bold piece, the rest should be kind of subtle. I'm a naturally reserved person, and I find wearing bright colors makes me feel more confident.

    I think we all make these rules for ourselves of things we can and can't do that have no foundation in reality. I told myself that I can't sing in the car at a stop light because people will think I'm weird (which is hard here is LA because driving is basically prolonged parking). But I have come to a realization that is both disappointing and relieving: I am not the center of the universe. Most people are too busy thinking about themselves to notice me, much less care about what I'm doing (strangers, that is; I'm sure my friends would still make fun of me). Now I think that maybe if people do notice me (which they don't), perhaps they would actually be envious of the girl who was having such an awesome time sitting in traffic.

    Quod erat demonstrandum: wear the shit out of those jeans and make people wild with jealousy of your dramatic flair and great ass (I don't actually know anything about your ass, but, trust me, those jeans will make it look great no matter what).

    1. All I can say is YOU NAILED IT. Totally relate. Me and my ass will try to do these jeans justice. I might even sing a song in the car while wearing them.

    2. Excellent comment and advice.

  6. OMG...so jealous right now. I have been wanting a pair of green jeans and have been totally chickening out. I was at UO and didn't have the lady balls to ask for a fitting room (out of fear the 19 year old hipster clerk would tell me I am too old to wear UO clothes).

    I think you have inspired me and I may go get a pair this week.

    You are in luck though, I have devoted many an hour to how I will wear said green jeans once they are purchased.

    My ideas:
    First idea - the basic T in either solid or nautical stripe.



    Next suggestion - the Chambray top (and if you need the Twilight reference Bella wore one to her graduation party in the movie version of Eclipse)




    Third suggestion - the feminine blouse.




    However you decide to wear them I know you will rock the look, STY!!!! Own those green jeans and wear the shit out of them!!!!!


    1. I've officially cut the tags off!

      and WOW thanks for all the links! definitely have given the "nautical stripe" thing some consideration (not like it can be avoided this season lol). Not sure I am ready for chambray. Again. Damn I am old.

      That said, YOU GO GET YOURSELF A PAIR OF THESE JEANS. Also? I hate going to the store, too. It's bad enough that the reviews on the UO website all list age and i am ten years older than anyone I saw reviewing these jeans lol... I might have to go leave a review myself just so that people know you don't have to be 20-somthing or less to rock them.

      Also, shipping is free, sooooo there's that.

  7. Ooooh I want those! Love them! I have a pair of teal jeans that I flove. I wear them with white, cream, and gray tops mostly. Old Navy has a pair of HOT pink jeans that I am currently coveting.

    All in all, life is too short. One of the MANY things I've learned from this crowd is that I need to be unashamed to be who I am, and if that means wearing hot pink jeans, then so be it. Walk on the frickin wild side! Live out loud! Wear green jeans!

    1. Life is too short not to wear green jeans.

      Someone should put that on a t-shirt. Preferably one that goes well with said jeans lol...

  8. I love them! How about black t-shirt and go find a scarf in the sameish color + green nails. Gognac brown shoes, or any brown and a matching belt....

  9. STY - there's no point in me actually posting links as I live on another continent, but let me say this: WEAR 'EM!

    Green is one of those colours that goes with pretty much anything. Black and various shades of (if you need to stay within your comfort zone), white, cream, purple (yes! Purple! Think Wimbledon colours!). And you know what? The green will TOTALLY complement your hair colour (I know this: I've met you).

    Believe me: black is so yesterday. And it ages. There - if that's not a reason to get out there and flaunt some colour, I don't know what is!

    Enjoy your foray into our technicolour world!

    CC x

  10. Glad you kept the jeans. I would pull out the Doc Martens and wear them. Luv them so much I wore a pair of white ones for my wedding shoes.

  11. STY - WEAR THE JEANS!! DAMMIT !! Many others have given you options to wear with it so I wont help there. If its something you like, and it makes you happy, you must do it/wear it/ be it.

    When I hit **coughfortycough** two years ago, I decided that I was going to do things that scared me before. That year a roller coaster or two at the fair and had a GREAT time. Last year a trip to Forks, Washington with 100+ people I never met in person before.
    This year, I wanna see tigers up close, maybe hold a tigercub (please..) and I will get the photo of my family in front of the gators in the swamp in gatorland. I wanna use as a xmas card.

    Wear the jeans, enjoy them. I think I'll buy a pair too, it will go well with my twitarded shirt.

  12. You will rock those green jeans I know it. I love the idea of you in a nice (not faded) black t and some converse and those fucking awesome green jeans. You are so beautifully tall and proportioned it will work wonderfully. Please wear them in November when we spoon. ;-)

  13. Since you are taking the color plunge, I will share my new obsession to rev up my blacked-out wardrobe: colored Dr. Martens! They look so badass with black skinny jeans! Here's a link: http://Favim.com/image/155749/
    You will look great in your green jeans! Just don't wear the green Docs with the green jeans! Haha

  14. Green jeans are soooo hot right now. In fact all colored denim is "in" but the green seems to be particularly "in." I just bought a pair or patent camel-colored ballet flats at Payless that would be an awesome complement to your awesome jeans. I'd try navy or purple with them if it were me, maybe like a kimono style top... FYI, Target has some pretty cool ones right now. Anyway, have fun. I'm jealous, but I love y'all's blog : ) And yes, I realize that "y'all's" has no place in anyone's vocab, but, what the heck...

  15. Now I want a pair.

    When you wear them, can you please post a picture for us to see and gush about? :)


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