Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Equals Music Madness (aka It's SXSW Again)

It's March again, Spring is (sort of) in the air and once again I'm taking off to the very large state of Texas to embark on five days of non-stop music, amazing pulled pork sandwiches and as much shitty free beer as I can drink without projectile vomiting everywhere. Hopefully I won't bleed all over my boarding pass this time...

That's right, it's SXSW time!!

 SXSW 2009(?) aka how many people can you fit in a tiny hotel room? (Answer - eleven. Uncomfortably.)

I have to admit that this year I was planning on NOT going. Work was being wonky and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to take off so I didn't really decide I was going until I got tipsy with a girlfriend of mine and bam! the next day I'm buying airplane tickets without even knowing if I was going to have a place to stay.

Thankfully, I have a place to stay. Because that would have really sucked otherwise. Really, really sucked. Given the fact that most of the hotels in the area are booked up by the October before SXSW, there was a very good chance I could have ended up sleeping in a car or something. For once, luck was on my side.

Anyway, I've been completely immersed in trying to find bands that I want to see that are playing free parties (free being the operative word here since badges are expensive as all get out) and that exercise is seriously labor intensive. 

(Free!!) Mess With Texas Party 2011 aka Dirty as a Motherfucker. Seriously. That haze you see? Fucking dirt flying.  

Since I know many of you won't be able to hop on a plane and meet me in Austin, I figured I'd bring some of the music to you.

In no particular order, here are just a few of the bands I really, totally, freaking-can't-wait to see...

Noah Gundersen
If you are a fan of Sons of Anarchy, you've already heard Noah Gundersen. For a young looking kid, he sure has a lot of heart and soul, not to mention a truly beautiful voice.

There is no segue I can come up with that could even remotely tie together Cro-Mags with Noah Gundersen. They are the total opposite. They are so opposite from each other that if they ended up playing in the same room together, at the same time, the earth would tilt on its axis and spill the oceans out and we'd probably just fucking implode and shit.

The last time I saw the Cro-Mags was in the 90s and I'm pretty sure my staple outfit involved a pair of Doc Martens and a lot of safety pins. Just sayin'.

I am super, super excited to see Futurebirds. I've seen them a few times before and they always put on a fantastic show. Very energetic and fun. Plus, I fucking love the banjo, dude.

Crystal Antlers
I had only vaguely heard of this band but never sought them out until I stumbled upon them in my SXSW party searches. So far, so good. Their sound is mildly psychedelic but certainly not jammy. It's definitely worth checking out!

So there you have it! I probably could go on and on but I imagine there are only so many music videos a person can look through in one sitting. I hope you enjoy!

And please - if you have any recommendations, or know how my girlfriends and I can get badges without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money or perform sexual favors, let me know!!


  1. Hope you have a great time! Don't raise too much heck!

    No. Scratch that. You're not getting any younger, and who knows what next year might bring? Party your ass off - like it's you're fuckin' job!

  2. I love new music!!!!!!!

    Have a fuckawesome time, and make sure you have a bag full of wet wipes!

  3. After turning me on to The National, I will forever trust your musical recommendations. Have a blast! Wish I were going.

  4. My cousin and his girlfriend front Nightmare Air, so I've got to put a plug in for them! Playing Friday 3/16 on the outdoor stage at Trophy's, 2:30pm. :)

  5. Be safe (especially at the Cro-Mags show)! Don't forget to take lots of pics! And pack lots of baby wipes & hand sanitizer! Don't forget the peanut better! And Mini-Edward! (what? You're leaving him at home??? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE HE IS RIGHT NOW?!??)

    1. Of course I know where mini Edward is!! He's in my house... Somewhere.

  6. SPIN Magazine has a free SXSW download. Get it here:

    1. Perfect! I was actually looking for this but could t remember who put it out. Thank you!

  7. If you want to rock out..ASKING ALEXANDRIA there awesome...and I highly recommend LISSY TULLIE..she is pretty sweet.. I am music. Have a blast.

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely check them out.

  8. Ok... I didn't hate them all. I'm afraid I could never listen to the Cro Mags for more than .2 seconds without wanting to murder someone. But I did like that first dude -- Noah Gunderson. Great voice! I love SXSW shenanigans... can't wait to hear all about it.

  9. Lucky you. Wish I was there listening to great music. Thomas Dolby is playing for the old folks and it is a short set, Dragonette and the Ting Tings are cool but guessing not a freebie. Just stay out the pit at the Mags show!!

  10. My cousin's band from Denver, Take to the Oars, is playing the Red Gorilla Fest 3/14, 11pm @ Touche 417 E6th St. and Illegal Pete's Starving Artist Party 3/16, 9pm @ Peckerheads 402 E6th St.


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