Friday, March 16, 2012

A Music Recommendation - The SXSW Drive-By Post

Hi! So, I decided that maybe I shouldn't have totally ditched my co-bloggy-hobags for SXSW this week and decided to be nice and write a post for you.

But mostly I'm writing this because holyshit y'all (hey, I'm in Texas) must check out this musician. Like, yesterday.

His name is Noah Gundersen and I ventured down to the Side Bar on 7th St. to see him play today.  Seriously, I have seen hundreds of shows and I have never, ever gotten goosebumps.

Until today.

 I think I might have cried a little during this show...

I'll elaborate more on this when I return but trust me when I say that his set was emotionally intense and absolutely beautiful.

So go here and check him out!


  1. Love love LOVE that pic - will have to check out his music (more than what I've heard on SoA anyway~) - and also? Can't wait to have you back home. Miss you bb. I hear your liver wants this trip to be over, even if you don't want it to end. : )

  2. This guy is AMAZING! I ended up listening to most of the EP. Can't wait to hear more from him! Thanks for the rec!

  3. It's times like this when I wish I had more say in the production meetings at work. The line up we play leans more toward the top 40 Alternative charts, and less Indie. I lOVE Indie. This guy, Noah Gundersen and his sister, reminds me so much of this great musician Jake Bugg from England. Jake Bugg sounds a bit like Bob Dylan, but Noah sounds something like Bon Iver; very calming. There's something so emotional about adding violin or a cello to a song.

    Thanks for the tip JJ!

  4. So glad you guys checked him out!! He has a beautiful voice that needs to be heard.

  5. Jen I listened and loved. He is playing in Seattle on April 28th....I may just need to go check him out. My bestie would dig him too. Thanks for the rec darling. xo

  6. Two songs in and I was buying the album. Wow! love it. Thanks


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