Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!! More Than Just a Day Off From Work...

Well, it's Memorial Day here in 'Murica and most folks are lounging around in lawn chairs, balancing soggy plates of grilled deliciousness and celebrating this day with their friends and families. By getting totally wasted.

I spent my Memorial Day weekend the same way I do every year -- hanging out at a friend's church-turning-into-a-house-eventually, drinking awesome alcoholic beverages and listening to other friends jam out inside.

But I still haven't forgotten what this day is really about.

So, thank you, soldiers. And thanks to the families that are left behind to worry about their loved ones who are deployed.

War sucks. Killing sucks. In a perfect world we'd all be high-fiving (or ass-slapping, I guess, depending on the culture) each other instead of blowing each other up but unfortunately, this world isn't perfect.

Know what doesn't suck? This guy, a marine by the name of Tim Chambers.

Every year he stands and salutes the fallen soldiers during the Rolling Thunder rally in Washington, D.C.

Here is another video explaining why this marine chooses to do this.

So, enjoy your hotdogs and potato salad and don't forget to high-five a military person!!

Or hug them.


  1. that video and what he is doing. One year his wrist was broken, and that didn't stop him. Amazing.

  2. As a military wife I wanted to thank you for this lovely post. I will definitely give my military man an ass slap today :)

  3. I come from a family of military men and am so proud of them and of course all the past present and future soliders out there taking life risks and serving..Many Thanks..

  4. WAHOO! This is my America. Badass mother fuckers who are stronger than I will ever be. So grateful.

  5. Don't miss a chance, any time it comes back on HBO, to see "Taking Chance," in which Kevin Bacon plays a Marine escorting the body of a young private (Chance Phelps) back to his Wyoming hometown. A true story, but more important, one you can never forget on any future Memorial Day......

  6. Thanks for posting this, JJ. That video made me teary eyed. Those who offer their service for this country like this really amaze me with their character, their selflessness. Makes me proud and grateful to be here.

  7. Thank you for posting this video. Although I watched it w/o the audio, I was choked up at the scene where the motorcyclist actually stopped to return Sgt. Chambers' salute. God Bless the United States Armed Forces!

  8. As a retired Air Force officer, I thank you for remembering that this day honors the sacrifice of those who can no longer enjoy the way of life we celebrate!


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