Sunday, July 1, 2012

Magic Mike Was... Well... Magical!


I can't actually write a true review of Magic Mike tonight because my head is still spinning and I can't seem to get this goofy grin off my face long enough to really sit back and think about what I actually thought of the movie.

Let's just say Channing Tatum has come a long way from this...

Ice, Ice Baby...

To giving stripping advice to David Letterman...

Am I the only one who can't stop staring at his crotch? I think I'm waiting for it to do some tricks.

I've never been to a movie with so much hootin' and hollerin' and clapping -- bunch of dirty 'ol women! And I'm pretty sure at one point I was laughing so hard, I did my best Jenny Jerkface snort. If you've already seen the movie, you'll know what I mean when I say that I can't wait for the DVD and the pause button.

Did you make it out to see Magic Mike this weekend? If so, what did you think? Please no spoilers for our friends who haven't seen it yet... I'll be putting together a more comprehensive review when my brain returns to my head after spending most of tonight in my pants.

PS. I want to thank whoever called me in the middle of the movie while my phone was on vibrate. In my lap. 


  1. The only movie I've ever wanted to be 3D.
    I could have done with a bunch more nakedness and a lot less talking!

  2. GAH! Cannot wait to see it. My friend/neighbor and I made a pact to see it together...little did we both know she'd be out of town when it came out. I think she comes back the middle of this it's on the horizon, for sure!

  3. Can't wait to see this - I just had abdominal surgery and it hurts to laugh, so I don't dare go yet, but it's #1 on my list.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Matthew McC, who just seems to get hotter as he gets older. The press interviews for this movie have been great fun to watch. Although watching Joe Manganiello grinding on Ann Curry the other morning on Today was a little over the top. He seems to be having way too much fun with this role role.

    1. Oh no! Hope you have a smooth and fast recovery. xoxo

    2. Thanks! Nothing like getting a month's vacation from work - and not being able to have a lot of fun.

  4. Going tonight!!! Girls night, w00t!

  5. Unless there were pretty men on a stage dancing and shaking, or in the prep room with next to nothing on, I thought the movie sucked.

    Since the sucky parts were only about 30% of the movie, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE EXTENDED VERSION. I'm hoping for a 12 inch dvd case. JS.

  6. I really like Tatum in this movie. Everyone else...Meh. However, who really needs any of them to be good in this movie? Not I surely. I can't wait to go again. Oh heck! I can't wait until I can own this on Blu Ray & pretend Channing is grinding on my face! LOL!

  7. My best friend is flying in from Boston tomorrow and we're going for drinks and then seeing it thank god the theater is conveniently located adjacent to the bars. I told her to pack her flask so we can smuggle something in. I suppose we can just drink during the boring parts.

  8. ok i HAVE to see this sooner rather than later! even the reviews I've read say it's damn awesome (even the straight men liked it!).

  9. just got back from seeing it ... I went for Adam Rodriguez (CSI Miami - don't judge) and was NOT disappointed.

  10. Channing Tatum freaks me out. His ears make his head look like a jar. {{runs and hides}}

  11. Just saw it last night. There was not enough me all hot and bothered and then had a storyline. DAMNIT!

    I liked it and had trouble falling asleep after I got home.. Swoon!!

  12. I went at 11 AM on a Friday and it was a packed out. However, there was no hooting and hollering in my theater. A lot of squirming in the seats and uncomfortable giggles, but that is it.

    My favorite moment of the experience was this elderly woman who kept moving because she didn't want anyone blocking her view of the goods. Lady it's a packed house, someone was going to have to sit in front of her.

    I really loved this movie.

    Do you know they are bringing "Magic Mike" to Broadway. They are changing the story (of course), but it will be a show. Normally, it can take 2-3 years before a show it's Broadway. I wonder how fast they will try to get this open.

  13. @ jj that's what paper bags are for...

  14. Finally saw it tonight. I couldn't believe how packed the theater was - a week after opening!

    I thought Matthew MaConaughey did a great job - not many actors could portray a crazy motherfucker like that! It's a good thing that Charming Tater boy doesn't really do it for me, or I might be a ded h00r. I was totally drooling over Joe Manganiello. Woof!

    I can't even imagine the pandemonium that would occur if Rob danced/stripped in a movie like that!!!

  15. Those socks are sooooooo sexy..... :|

  16. I saw it the Friday night that it came out (but have been twitarded fail for a few weeks and am only reading this now).

    I loved the movie too. We had a groaning and hootin/ hollering theater...with I think very female in the theater groaning at the very beginning...those that have seen it know when I mean ;-)

    I was just a tiny bit disappointed, they made it out to be more about stripping and it actually had a story which threw me for a loop, lol. Was anyone else unfulfilled with the ending? Our theater was very audible with their dislike of the end!!


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