Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pre Fireworks Fireworks... Cosmopolis-Style

Yeah... right now there are fireworks in mah pants. Just sayin'.

I figure everyone is busy getting ready for Independence Day activities so I'm going to make it so simple for you tonight. You're welcome.

Just watch... admire... drool and faint. *thud*

(The music is not exactly my favorite, but TheBrunella80 did quite an amazing job on this video! Bravo, BRAVO!!)

Have a very Happy July 4th. Be safe.



  1. Bahhaa! I used to sit in my room at about 14 & daydream about my boyfriend or my crush at the time...to this exact song. I had this Celine Dion CD and was so in love with it. Too funny. Now, it's a little embarrassing.

    Great vid though. We need these now and then to remind us of his holy hotness ;)

    xo J

    1. EXACTLY. I haven't seen a video like this in a while but there has definitely been enough new fodder to make several smokin' vids!

  2. *thud* I am ded! Great job...man I miss Cannes! Long live the fan made videos.

  3. Lovely, lovely, scrumptious, yummy yum yum aaaaahhhhhhhhhh THANK YOU for that lovely Rob fix! x


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