Saturday, August 4, 2012

Will Farrell is Broken Up Over the Break Up...

It appears Will Farrell is having a real tizzy over the recent breakup of our two favorite Twilight stars. Like seriously, he nearly lost his shit on Conan the other night.

I'll let him tell you about it in his own words.


  1. I love him!

    I don't love the word "trampire" though. :(

  2. OMG! "Trampire" made me literally squirt Diet Dew through my nose!

  3. He said it so well... WE JUST DONT KNOW!!! WE NEVER WILL!!!!

  4. I think Trampire is hilarious! It's hard to believe someone didn't think of it sooner.

  5. "Trampire" is the best part! She has been called a trampire in a few articles since the whole thing went public, but no one can pull it off better than Will Ferrell! And I have always loved the way he yells "EVER". I am still in mourning over the Robsten situation, but WF using it as a bit made me laugh so hard I cried so I will let his mocking slide this time.

    I just hope Rob doesn't see the clip or take it to heart - poor Rob!

    Has anyone read the reports about Kristen not showering or changing her clothes in days? That's probably not helping her get him back... ;)

    1. That story reeks of BS but if it's true, she has really gone all New Moon Bella. Let's tick off the months...





      BD2 premier time to get your shit together and smile for the cameras.

      If she's staying with her Meet the Riley's director she is really hitting the self-destruct button. She makes millions, u think she'd find a nice place of her own to wallow in. Did mom & dad kick her out too? Her brothers? Guess they are team Rob.

  6. Will Ferrell cracks me up at the best of times, but I have to say I'm really surprised that he got away with this!

    He has, however, very very cleverly depicted EXACTLY what was going on all over Twatter last week (and what caused me to use that big ol' Unfollow button repeatedly). Genius!

    I wonder how many haters he has now, though... :-(

    CC x

  7. Yeah I don't like that he did that. I'm all for laughing at the stupid sh*t people do, but not when someone else is still heartbroken over it. It's cruel for him to mock them when Rob is obviously hurting. Had Kristen pulled a LiLo and gone to jail, or thrown a tantrum on set, or gotten drunk at a bar and fallen on her face on the sidewalk or something, I'd be all for laughing at it, but this, Will Ferrell, was unkind. :(

  8. I just wish that Kristen had kept her trap shut and not named names, I mean she refused to discuss her private life before when it was going well, why be all "Yeah that dude over there, the one you think I might be dating, I totally cheated on him and like sorry, I love him and stuff. So now that I've made this super public profound confession of my love, feel free to discuss our private lives and nothing else until the end of time." If you say NOTHING, the person you've been in the private relationship with has the option of pretending that it was casual and that they don't care that much to save face, and it all continues to be amusing conjecture. NEVER CONFIRM ANYTHING!

  9. Have you seen this parody of Kristin Stewart "confessing"? It's hilarious!

  10. ok ok ok I finally watched it, and it was.............HILARIOUS! Will knows us all so well ;) I was afraid to watch, guess I needed to move to the next step in my recovery before I could find any joking funny. LOL!

    xo J


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