Monday, November 19, 2012

Four Year, Five Movies and A Million Thanks!

Nearly four years ago, a friend handed me a book called Twilight and said, "here, I think this is a book right up your alley." I shrugged, took the book and never looked back. Over the next two weeks I did nothing but work and read and work and read and when it was over, I started back at the beginning. Like all of you did. Several times.

And now, I sit here in the silence of my living room, still a bit emotionally fragile after finally seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 and I feel a little like New Moon Bella... I'm curled up on my couch in my sweats watching the last four years flash by like changing seasons. And looking at what my life has become. I almost think I waited to see the movie because I knew that was admitting it was really over.

This would sound extremely strange to any non-fan, but to you, it will sound normal. Twilight has made my life better. Those four books, innocently penned by Stephenie Meyer, have given me so much to be thankful for. Frankly, I'm so jealous of those of you who got to meet her in LA at the premiere and tell her things. And give her notes. I sent her a fan letter years ago. I don't know if she ever received it but if she did, she knows.

I have met some really awesome folks along the way. Not only here in Maine, but clear across the country, across the pond and even down under. People that, regardless if there's another Twilight movie ever, will be an integral and important part of my life. These are people I talk to on a daily basis, at times more often than my own mother (you know who you are). People I turn to for support and advice and my daily dose of laughter.

At the end of Breaking Dawn this afternoon, I sobbed. Not so much because the movie itself was sad, but for the memories Twilight has awarded me. (Ok, I sobbed because of the movie too.) If you haven't seen the movie yet... trust me, bring the tissues. I had a pocket full of them that were not easily accessible and ended up using my sleeve. Have them ready. Seriously.

Lastly, I would like to extend my biggest "thanks" to Jenny Jerkface and Snarkier Than You -- because without them, there is no us. I love you girls more than you'll ever know and I'm grateful every day you're in my life.

Now someone please hold me.


  1. Love this. And thank you for sharing yourself with us!

  2. *sniffs* I still remember the day I fangirled over Jenny , on meeting her in Austin!

    I agree, I've met some fabulous (and not so fabulous) people along the way! The fun times we have had, brings a smile to my face! I mean, how many people out there, can say they have been to Forks twice!!!!

    Trench crawling will never be the same again......and I thank you
    Jenny, Snarky, Texas Katherine and Latchkey for the last few years.


  3. Sob sob sob. I knew this post was coming but that doesn't make it easier to experience. I read Twilight over Thanksgiving in 2008, found Twitarded in ~March of 2009, and then proceeded to follow you all onto twitter and then to Forks three times and finally to LA. That it is all coming to an end makes my heart absolutely ache.

    Nothing, except the regrettably fictional romance of two absurdly beautiful vampires, lasts forever, but as long as I live I will look back on these four years and remember the laughs, the incredible trips, and more than anything the amazing, amazing friendships I've found thanks to this blog. You've changed my life in so many ways and I will be eternally sparkly, I mean grateful.

  4. I totally forgot how fugly they made Edward even in the FIRST Twilight poster. I mean I KNEW it, but I think I blocked it out or something.

    Aaaaand that's all I'm saying right now because I already cried when I read this earlier.


  5. -- because without them, there is no us.


    All my love and thanks.


  6. Thank you, girls for the ride. I remember finding twitarded in 09 and I'll never forget.
    LK, I think you totally hit it on the head. I've been listening to "Ghosts" from the BD2 ST for the last 4 days on repeat just weeping. I'm a masochist, I can't help it.
    Anyways, really. Thank you girls...

  7. I'm spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter because I keep looking for the button so I can "like" this and all the comments on it and I do like it, no, love it all, as much as it also pains me to think in terms of endings.

    Every time I think about Twilight I try to understand why it's had such an effect on so many of us, and I think I just have to admit now that it's beyond me. It just is. It happened, this blog happened, our lives were changed and we will never be the same again and that's a special thing when it happens. We got married, we had babies, we made multiple pilgrimages, we took our friendships off the internet and into the streets of Manhattan, the beaches (and bars) of Washington State. Stephenie Meyer took a dream and made it into a work of fiction. Twitarded took a work of fiction and made into something very real for all of us - a community. And among all the things I admire and love you ladies for, I am truly inspired by that.

  8. I love thus blog. This wasnt the last post was it? I do go to bloggwaffles everyday though!

  9. I can't thank all of you enough for the awesome adventure you've led us on. Discovering Twitarded was discovering a secret world of people who were like me - crazy. I loved the books (well, the first 3) but never would have dived into this insanity as deeply as I did without you guys. Thanks a lot!

    So, a salute to the lovely women I refer to as "those crazy ladies from New Jersey" and the even crazier lady from Maine (that freezer scares me!) You've allowed me to ignore my age, act like a kid again, meet some fabulous people and have an incredible 4 year adventure. Which isn't going to end for any of us; it will just morph into a new and different direction.

    Forks, 2020!

  10. Exactly! Thank you Twitarded!

  11. Just as I went through my own emotional roller coaster during the marathon opening night...I went through it again watching BD2 for the 2nd time yesterday. I wept like a child during the credits and walked around my house all day yesterday feeling just as lost as you Latchkey. It's incredible the impact that these characters (and YOU characters)have had on me. It's not even the characters that did it for me, it is the whole FEELING of the world SM created. I do sincerely hope with all my being that this becomes a long lasting cult favorite, like the Rocky Horrow picture show. I hate that movie but every few years, they do a re-screening and all the crazies come out to celebrate how much THEY love it. I want this for us too! Every few years...all of us crazies get together to celebrate. Just sayin'

  12. When BD2 was over, I just sobbed until there was no one else in the theater. It's the end of an era, but it will always stay alive for me. I just keep reading the books over and over and over. Probably even when I'm on my death bed. I still have a severe ache in my heart and a lump in my throat, like you said about feeling like Bella in New Moon, but I continue on. I guess it's really over for a lot of people, but it'll never be over for me. ♥
    - Jess

  13. I have been in a bit of a slump since last Thursday. Moping about, watching all my Twilight movies, pulling all 4 books off the shelf to read. I have seen the movie twice & want to watch it a few more times but I cry at the end. Then I start thinking about how there won't be another one. WHAT AM I GOING TO OBSESS OVER NOW??!! Anyways...

    I am so thankful I found you wonderful ladies! I remember it was around Feb or March 2009 when my friend Jessica sent me the link to this blog, and said "you have to read this". It has been an adventure. One that I will always cherish. And out of stubborness and my LOVE for the Olympic peninsula I refuse to stop going to Forks every year. :-) Someday I am going to come over there to the Eastside of this country & track all of you down!

    P.S. - This post made me cry. Again. NOT. COOL.

  14. And now I'm crying again, but these are happy tears.

    I can't explain how or why this all happened, but we all know it's so much more than a young adult book series that we all happen to like. The books and then the movies were just the catalyst that led me to meeting the most amazing group of friends and more adventures than a girl could ever ask for.

    As I was headed out the door for Tent City 2 weeks ago, my husband half-jokingly said that he'll "sure be glad when all this Twilight stuff is over." I hate to break it to him, but it will NEVER be over. Love all of you guys so hard!!! XOXO

  15. I've been a lurker of Twitarded for the past 3 years. I have enjoyed every single one of your posts. Thanks for all the tears and laughter. Tis bittersweet.

    ...runs to blog waffles

  16. Hardcover books: $7
    Movie tickets: $50
    Twilight Swag: $500+
    Twilight Travels: $1000s
    Friendships made: PRICELESS!!!!

    I have no more words, just tears of sadness and of joy. Thank you for everything.

  17. I've read this twice, and got misty each time .... What an amazing journey with everyone...the friends, the adventures, the stories. You twats brought so many of us together with just this blog, and our love of all things TWI. We love you dearly. I personally could never express how much I have enjoyed and loved being a part of something so much bigger than I ever imagined. SO, Ladies (h00rs, twats) I tip my hat, and raise my glass to you..Thank you so much for keeping us entertained over the past four years it truly has been a fantastic voyage. XOXO

  18. So many tears everywhere. ILY so much.

  19. I am the luckiest hoOr. I got to see BD2 in the crappy Port Angeles Theater surrounded by my friends whom I met because of THIS BLOG. I can not thank you ladies enough. I am tattooed, pierced, well traveled, have amazing friends and am an official lifelong Twitard because of you. Love you Twatwaffles! - mwa

    1. YES. I could not have been happier to be in that theater with you. It was epic because we are.

  20. We sobbed sobbing h00rs who shouldn't sob during a movie aimed at teenagers. And we screamed, and laughed at our sobbing, and sobbed some more. But we were together, and we were channeling every twitard we had ever met or talked to in the past 3 years. You were all with us because:

    "Without them, there is no us"

    Without Twitarded, I never would have met you beautiful, beautiful women, and I would have gone on with my life never knowing what I was missing. No Forks trips? No fanfic? No TWITARDED? Unacceptable. There is too much love for you all to think about what could have been, or what wasn't.


  21. Reading these comments was a little more difficult than I expected.

    There are a hundred things I've tried to write in this comment and deleted. A million responses to all the comments left here and to those who are out there, reading and laughing. I just can't seem to say the right thing.

    So I can only say this -- it's not REALLY over. Yes, the movies have officially come and gone but I see the friendships that have been forged because of Twilight, or this blog, or another blog.

    And I can tell those won't end. I read your tweets and see your photos together, all women (and a few men), great big smiles and love in your eyes for each other and it's just SO FUCKING COOL.

    Honestly, YOU, every last mother fucker, are amazing. You've taught me so much about people, about myself. We've put aside differences that normally would keep people apart because of this craziness, and we've continued to put them aside. Because we see each other as we are, and that's one of the fucking most awesome things about this community.

    You. All of you. It's really all about you. And that makes me so fucking stoked.

    So much love, twatwaffles. Truly.


  22. Love you all so much! I cant believe I've been reading this blog for that long. I'm disappointed I was never able to make the trek to Foooorks, but I really enjoyed reading about the debauchery that ensued. The plumbing is still fucked on my eyes after having a child(I blame that and not the fact that I'm a softie at heart)and watching the movie brought tears to my eyes. But dammit don't make me cry at work! All these comments and I kept getting teary eyed which makes my library patrons question my sanity. JJ, STY, LW and Tk. You guys are the best. You have made my day better on so many occasions and for that I thank you.
    Yours always, Sweet_Tiddies aka Debby :)

  23. 3 years ago this weekend I was forever changed. I started my Twilightful adventure and never took shit for doing so. Hell, I even moved to the location 4 of 5 of the movies were partially filmed because I like to be weird and stupid. And not many in this TwiFandom community bullied me. And I didn't even get to meet any of them. I meet Mike Welch at PD1 premiere and got Taylor Lautner's autograph, but that is the most from them I got. I got the rest of my love, joy, smiles, laughs, tears and acceptance from other fans, like you.
    Now I can't keep up with my emails, twitters or facebook and for once in my life I belong and kinda feel popular. That is something to cherish. Through the negativity, we still stand, proud. And now I sound like a gay pride rally, but I don't care, we need more pride in this world and if I look ridiculous doing it, well so what, does it matter? They don't live in my head.
    Just like the books and movies with live forever, I hope and will do what I can to make this Fandom live too. It starts with support, whether or not I agree, I support. Of course I will give my opinion but I try to stay away from insults. I have been on the receiving end so I don't treat others that way. Thank you for being there all along the way.
    I think we all need to party and celebrate that the powers that be, gave us this wild ride and even though it is winding down, it's not over. DVD release people. Award shows (even if they are silly), lets party and celebrate being alive, free and twitarded.
    I have said enough for now. Later.

  24. I only have two words: thank you.

  25. it will never be over for those who are IN. is HP over? have your kids removed the posters from the wall? mine haven't. so why should Twifandom give up on something that changed our lives and made us happier? every word in this post is so true :....)

  26. I just saw it, and of course, I had to come to the place that made sense of my emotions; a place that introduced me to so many wonderful, fantastic women from around the globe. Maybe I never made it to Forks, maybe I never met any of you in person, but I don't think this will ever be over for me. It's about so much more than the books/movies themselves.
    And regardless of the fact that I rarely come to the blogs, I will always remember all of you.

  27. Hi,
    I too would like to say how sad I am that we have reached this point, but I wouldn't call it the end, its the beginning of forever. I discovered Twilight & all the associated fanfic very late, as in this year after reading Fifty Shades! I was somehow distracted with family, and teenagers(one was self destructive, the other joined the army) and rebuilding our lives and our home after a bushfire, and the Twilight phenomenom pretty much passed me by. However, I knew I had discovered something special when I read Fifty Shades and needed to know more about what this Twilight fanfic that MOTU came from was all about. Wow! how had I missed all that. I read the Twilight books within a week (and the audio books in the car over 3 months) and wanted more, so much more that wasn't in the books! I discovered fanfic with lemons, and my life has changed. (I always loved good erotica, but it was so hard to find - now its right there on my ipad!) Thank you SO MUCH ladies for writing these stories and making them available. You have liberated me from a boring middle aged life. Right now I am loving the audio book of Gabriel's Inferno. Now that's what seduction should be like. What a delicious story. (I read Uni of EM and the GI book, but the audio is so erotic). This year I have got a new job, bought my own car, had my hair cut short & dyed it auburn, got three piercings in each ear,lost 5kg and rediscovered my sex drive. All thanks to Twilight fan fic. Next week its our 32nd wedding anniversary, and I'm gettin a tattoo based on the bear from Myg's Osa Bella story. Its my tribute to the love I have rediscovered for myself, and the passion for my husband, and to thank you wonderful ladies for writing fantastic lemony stories about one sexy vampire! And I also discovered the delicious Robert. Now that's a career to keep an eye on. Thank you, thank you, you have no idea how being part of the Twilight fandom has changed my life. And it will go on forever, Stephenie let the genie out of the lamp, and its never going to fit back in!

    1. You sound just like me! Like all of us here...our lives are better because of a fictional sparkly vampire-how ridiculously sublime! Love it so much, reading so many stories of "me" in all of your experiences. This truly is a sisterhood of fabulous h00rs! Love you all!

      PS What kind of car?

    2. I loved reading your comment! I'm so glad that you have found yourself again and that you're taking time for you. *hugs*

  28. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have watched all the Twilight movies seveal times on my ipad & I went to BD2 last Sat night in the premium lounge at Dendy in Canberra with 40 devoted fans - all older ladies. It was magical. This week I watched Robert in "Remember Me" - I like him a lot in that movie. Tonight I'll watch "Water For Elephants" I saw "Cosmopolis" in the opening week. Not sure why that movie wasn't in more theatres and for longer. I liked Robert in that too. Quite frankly, I always like Robert in whatever he does.

  29. Good on you for sending SM a fan letter! I wrote one but never sent it.

    I started crying during the opening credits of BD2.

    Not all of us have had the opportunity to go on the TwiAdventures (or maybe just not me) so I've been really grateful to you guys for creating this space here where I could check in and laugh with others that "speak Twilight." (the good, the bad, and the ugly wigs!)

    And I love that this site grew into speaking fuckhawtness of Rob and fanfiction and tons of other subjects. Its all been good!

  30. I cried more because it was over than anything. i sit here now, having seen it twice, in melancholy that there isn't anything really to look forward to. I rewatched the first movie last night just to start fresh. It is sad. And I don't really have people in my life that understand how much I love this series. Sigh. I hope that this blog and others out there continue so that I have a place to come and get my twi on. Thanks so much for the joy, laughter, and community over the years!

  31. It's hard to know what to say but I think Myg summed it up the best for me, "Twitarded took a work of fiction & made it into something very real for all of us - a community". For me it's become about the frienships I have made which I hope will last - forever. X

  32. I used to like Christina Perry's A thousand I can't...I can't even listen to it without thinking of the ending credits. *sob*

  33. I am so greatful that I fell for Twilight because it led me here to Twitarded. I really miss you all, so much. :)

    - norcaltwitard


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