Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Time: Pre-New Moon ReVirginization!

That's right: I'm on New Moon lock-down 'til 11/19!

Like many a slutty chick who has happily flounced around the block more than a few times and then wants a fresh start, now that "The Big Day" is fast approaching, I'm starting to rethink my whorish online consumption of all things New Moon and how it may sully my premiere-night experience. Honestly, I am done. Over. Going to turn over a pristine new leaf. That's right: it's revirginization time!!!

I thought I was totally good with my level of pre-movie online stalking. I went NUTS when New Moon was being filmed because I didn't want to follow along with the on-set stuff, but I was aware of everything happening on a day-to-day basis even if I wasn't looking at the pictures. I finally gave up trying to avoid Robward's about-to-hit-the-sun, sculpted, almost-naked body (I love YouTube videos too much) but never went back to watch the 8,647,321 photos of the event that were splashed across Twilight blogs EVERYWHERE that day. Maybe when it's all said and done, the TwiPurity chicks like Cutie, Mrs. Vanquish, KG, EtomyB and I can get together for a belated "SQUEEEE!!" over the footage from that day???

Anyway, I was fine with watching the first few official snippets of film, images, and trailers that were released... But then... Something happened... It got to be too much.

When all of the trading cards and scans from the New Moon Movie Companion started showing up everywhere (along with those "back lot" photos which I assume are in a book somewhere), it hit me: I didn't want to see all of it. In fact, I didn't want to see any more of it than I'd already seen. I'd already seen too much. I was watching a video the other day that included a pic of Robward in the "Reunion" scene with full-on CGI vampire sparkle going on, and I was immediately really pissed that I'd seen it like that! It's like you want your first time to be all special with flower petals on 400 thread-count sheets with candles and soft music and romantic cuddle-time after and instead it ends up being a futon with questionable bedding and incense burning and afterwards you have to go to your shitty job at Jamesway... Wait where was I??? Oh yeah - there were just TOO MANY spoilers out there - if I looked at all of it, I'd see the whole movie - and then some! - before I even headed out to the theater on November 19th (which, I'd like to note is exactly four weeks from tonight!!! Four weeks from this exact moment, I will have seen New Moon - wooooooo!!! GAH!!!).

See you soon, STY, you dirty girl. I miss you already...

Back when JJ and I happened across Twilight, we had a few months to kill from the time when we finished the saga for the first time to the time when the movie was released. No biggie. We watched the trailer when it was posted on the official Twilight site. We watched it a LOT. Like every day. Several times a day. Rare was the day that I hadn't watched it at least once before leaving my house for the office. Usually a few times. But we were clueless to the rest of the stuff that was likely available in the Twidom, because we weren't aware that the Twidom existed. [I KNOW - we can't believe it, either!!]

I wouldn't go back for all the lemons in fanfic, but WOW there's a lot of content out there!

I ran my dilemma by our friend NeedsIntervention (who now goes by the name "InterventionReject" since there was some sort of a mix up over her first Twidom moniker) after she left a comment suggesting that she was also going to try to knock some of the slut out of her system prior to seeing New Moon:
I'm a greedy born-again virgin whore: I just want that "feeling" that I got from watching Twilight for the first time, which was on DVD by the way. (I'm a complete late blooming Twitard). I'm a drug addict in search of a new high. I want to be surprised and entertained and to ooh and ah. I want to squee and squee like I mean it. I don't want to be thinking, which I have a nasty habit of doing, in the movie theater, "Oh, I remember this from online. Oh, so that's what this scene was. Eh, I think Kristen's acting too hard. Uh, Rob looks so angsty here."

I want to be in complete Bella/Edward/Jacob Twi-La-La-Land. I don't want to be thinking about director's or actors' methods. I certainly don't want to experience deja vu in the theater. I know the movie will be slightly different from the book, so I'm really looking forward to Chris Weitz's artistic interpretation. I have a mild non-sexual crush on him; I'm in love with his brain (though his looking like Superman doesn't hurt much). If Rob were just hot and not nerdy too, I'd go for his nerdy best friend Chris Weitz. (Me lurves the nerds.)
So what do you think, folks??? Are you feeling the overdose or are you plowing ahead in your skanky twi-surfing ways right up to the happy ending on 11/19-11/20? Will you be standing on line for NM, greedily watching the latest dirt on your iPhone??? Is it too late for the likes of me and InterventionReject??? Hell, even JJ is off of her NM feed, having not watched the latest clips of the film that were recently screened in Rome - I saw Danger Magnet mulling it over tonight, too.

And then there's the bigger question: is four weeks enough time for our Twilight hymens to grow back???

If I wear this, I can probably grow back my other hymen, too! Bonus! They sell these at the grocery store now - g'head - buy a few extra pints of ice cream - who's gonna notice???


  1. I was just over at Robsessed...about 15 minutes ago...and there it was...the full break-up scene. It was like I found the closet where my parents hid the Christmas presents...and I hesitated before I finally gave in. I clicked play...and was immediately guilty as hell.
    I'm sorry I saw it...(not to mention it was semi-anticlimactic). So stay's not worth the feeling you have the "morning after"

  2. I was just telling Stan yesterday (or was it this morning, I forget) that I'm afraid they're using all the good parts of the movie up on the trailers, and I'll be disappointed when the movie actually comes out...or something like that. I think I won't be watching any more, and I won't be reading NM before I see the movie. Grow, Twi-Hymen, Grow!

  3. I've seen it all and feel very much the walk of shame...gah! NO SELF CONTROL. we're still workingon the meme..mines done but e's lagging:)
    xoxoxo K

  4. I'm with STY. Actually I decided a while ago, no more New Moon spoilers for me and I don't post any clips/pics from the movies on my blog or in my videos that I make. This is going to be really hard, but I'm going to try this for Eclispe too. Right now with NM, it's like overload. Enough already, at least that's how I feel.

  5. I'm totally with you on not watching and NM material from here on out. You don't want to feel cheap, dirty, disappointed and sore after watching NM.

    Is re-reading NM again allowed? Or are we on an all NM fast? yeah- clearly I'm obsessed....


  6. I feel the same way @MrsP. I was NOT going to watch the full breakup scene, but I could just not stay away. And after I watched it felt very guilty. I do not want to see anymore. I will join the ReVirginization.

  7. I've made a grave mistake... I watched the break up scene at first I said no i'm not gonna watch it, then I said ok just a little bit...then I ended up watching the whole thing. Fuck! Fortunately I don't have a good memory and I've forgotten 90% of the dialogue.

    Sadly all the scenes that I really wanted to see I've already seen bits and pieces of. The cliff dive, the volturi confrontation, we've seen all the photos of edward and bella reuniting in italy... argh i'm ruining this for myself!

    I need methadone for twilight.

    Ok that it's no more I need to detox and repurify myself for the midnight show! I'm on twi-crack overload right now!

  8. Yep, I'm done too, though I am not sure if I can stop reading the Twismut. I wonder if I could give up ALL things Twilight for four weeks, I'm thinking probably no. I think that would be too agonizing. I have tried desperately to stay away from naked Robward or any images of Italy, which is hard to do, so at least I've only seen teeny snapshots of it, and I'm really glad I stayed away from most of everything. My daughter has been the filter for me - screening things to make sure there are none of those images in there, she takes one for the team every time, witnessing it ALL.

    But yeah, does this mean we can't read "New Moon" one more time?!?! What say you?

  9. reading = good! go nuts... imho.

    : )

    i used to unwrap and rewrap christmas presents, and it sure did suck on the 25th...

    Robsten!! You're doing the meme?! You guys are awesome! Can't wait... oh and sorry for tagging you - lol. Talk to JJ. : )

  10. I am SO with you. I also have declared myself officially done. I actually read my own blog while scrolling wildly past spoilers posted by my love bloggy partner. I feel like we've seen too much. I could have written most of this post myself. You said it wonderfullly!
    I'm also going spoiler-free for Eclipse. Cutie was my inspiration. I love that she's walking into the theater in 4 weeks with no idea what Edward will look like in the reunion scene. No idea what to expect from the Volturi. I have to admit that I am jealous.
    I am, however, rereading the book, and expect I'll probably reread it once more before we actually make it to November 19!

  11. I completely agree! As much as I want to watch any and all New Moon footage...I just can't bring myself to watch the footage from Rome. I feel like I have already seen the movie and its not even out yet!!! I refuse to watch anymore till 11/20.

  12. *chuckles*


    KG will be the first to admit she is a New Moon slut to the extreme. She is "saving herself" for Eclipse however.

    And I'm still wondering if I'm the only one who hasn't seen the first trailer? Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment... But it's ever so nice to have new friends in the corner. *hugs STY*

    My question is: What in the world happened this week? I've been lost in a sea of midterm cramming. So I'm even more out of the loop then normal. And once again, when I got even the hint of New Moon info I skipped... sorry *blushes* So I didn't read about what got you upset STY.

    Again, as I posted months ago, I think it's important that EVERYONE be happy with their Twi-story, the end. And as bloggers we can totally go pure and still be supportive of EVERYONE.

    Love you ladies like I love me some hand porn.

  13. lol, I was just debating on writing a blog on this same thing!

    I've actually found myself withdrawing from the twidom, I put my finger on it that after the third trailer was released, I kind of felt done. I didn't want to see anymore than they already showed. It was enough for me to feel like this might turn out great, but, any more than that and I think it would start feeling like I've watched the whole movie.

    but, with the release so far away, what to do? I didn't want to re-read the books again cause I'd be knitpicking on how it's different, so I've been in fanfic land. Although I haven't even read any of that in days.

    I'm a little burned out, maybe I'll go read Ender's Game again...

  14. I just got done watching the breakup scene over at The Danger Magnet and here's a copy of the comment I posted after watching it:

    "Amazing. So moving. They got it absolutely right! I’m really surprised that they have released clips of such key parts of the movie, though: the reunion scene in Italy and now the breakup scene. I haven’t been able to get enough in anticipation of New Moon, but part of me hopes that I have the willpower to go into Eclipse cold."

    Then I come back to check Twitarded one last time before calling it a day and fine your latest post. I totally get what you are saying.

    I'm not saying I don't want more. Oh, I want more alright . . . more Rob. What I wouldn't give for a new interview video. Need to regroup in the morning. *sigh*


  15. STY I just sent you an e-mail before checking in here telling you that I decided not to watch the break-up scene--Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form of a blindfold, Form of a fully regenerated Twymen.

    I am done too. Totally done. No more for me. I am holding out until the 20th. Pinky shake.

    @Cutie Cute--I don't know how you do it girl but I am in awe of you. Smooches!

  16. After watching the vid of the reunion scene, I pretty much swore off everything except the trailers. What's the fun of going to see a movie that I've seen every single frame of already?! So I'm going to ignore anything movie-related until I actually see the movie.
    About that snuggie thing - it does look nice and warmish (I have a very cold living room and that's where the TV & computer are). However, I laugh every time I see one - a snuggie is what we called going up behind people (that's what she said) and yanking their underwear up! Also known as a "melvin."

    veri word: pulogam - yet another word for a snuggie

  17. Twilight hymens, oh good times.

    I read the series numerous times before seeing the movie, and I was horrified by it. I've only seen it once and I refuse to watch it again it was just SO bad. I'm a sucker for details, and seriously Bella's curtains are YELLOWED LACE. How hard can that be?? Obviously difficult considering a Mercedes replaced the BMW. But moving on....

    That first time has scarred me a bit. Like having the hymen broke by some jerkwad who watched one too many porn movies scarred. So I feel like I have to watch what I can now so I can get the ole bitch and moan out of the way, than in the theater I can sit back and fully enjoy.

  18. I am with you on this STY. After today's onslaught of movie clips I started feeling like there was nothing left to see. Kinda feelin' dirty...but in a bad way... I don't even want to see the fan made YouTubes because its like seeing the clips all over again. Of course, I don't think I could turn down anything that was tagged as Rob Porn...

    I saw all the tweets about the break up scene and I just can't bring myself to watch it... I want something to remain special for the moment that I see the movie.

    I am going to bury myself in fanfic for the next 4 weeks!

    Here's to revirgination!

  19. I'm sitting here with super glue, duct tape & bailing wire trying to McGyver my New Moon hymen back in. I've been pretty good (well, for me anyway) about not seeing spoilers. And my illustrated companion book is still unopened. My biggest fear now is dropping dead in the theater as soon as the "feature presentation" screen appears.

  20. I realize my opinion is of the extreme minority but I'm just a dirty slutty little Twiwhore. I want it all. I want it all now. The term "spoiler" has no real meaning for me, as it doesn't spoil my experience at all - it enhances it! I routinely read books back to front. Well not literally , but I get so invested in the story and anxious for resolution. That I have to skip to the end, make sure I'm going to get that ultimate satisfaction, then I can relax, read and enjoy the story. I don't care who thinks I'm not appreciating the story "the way it was meant to be appreciated".

    So in conclusion, I will suck up any little bit of info, pic,video I can get my grubby little hands on, and when I'm sitting in the theater watching New Moon I will be just as excited as any kid on Christmas morning opening their presents for the first time. No shame. No regrets. But to those of you purists and revirginators.... Good luck with that! I respect you!

    F Kat

  21. Today I resisted! I, KG the New Moon spoiler whore, did NOT watch the break-up scene! I just couldn't do that to myself, and I am so happy. I want to CRY when I watch Edward leave. I knew if I watched that scene today, I would seriously regret it. I have seen WAAAAAAY too much already. And from this day forward, I will not look at anything new from New Moon.

    I was going to blog about this today, and of course we are freakin TWINNERS, and you beat me to it!!

    As for Eclipse, I have only seen one or two pics...on accident, and I was mad that I saw them.
    I refuse to follow David Slade...cause he is a spoiler king...jerk.
    I don't want to ruin Eclipse for myself, and I really hope that I haven't completely killed my New Moon experience.

    Here's hoping our twi-hymens grows back fast!


    ps...I am so buying that "Suck it." twitarded shirt!! and wearing it opening night! LOVES IT!

  22. Mrs P, bierbeck & Team Six Pack, I'm exactly the same as you ladies. I saw that the break-up scene was there, clicked on it and glugged it back greedily with no regrets. This morning though I have the hugest Twi hangover and am so sorry that I watched it :o(. Am off now to leave a message for my friends I left the link for - yep, I've become that annoying one at the end of the night, who keeps tryng to bully you into having one last drink when you know full well that you don't want one and will regret it afterwards.

    V/W - sivsedno. Well, good for you Siv, I wish I'd been as strong.

  23. I think our brain waves got crossed somewhere in the cosmos because I blogged about the same thing today. I'm over the over saturation of New Moon and I vow to keep my Eclipse hymen intact!

    btw....Tainty Slankets are much better than Snuggies!

    WV: "immas". Immas gonna keep my cootch covered to prevent full on Eclipse penetration.

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  26. Be strong, ladies!
    you deserve the newmoonlight 'n' roses!
    I was in JJ's camp, and it's been hard- but worth the wait. right?....



  27. I agree 100%.... when I saw the video labeled "full break up scene" I decided then and there no more spoiler videos and did not watch it! To me that's a scene that needs to be seen full on! Less than a month to go...I can do it (I think)

  28. Oh yeah, I've been on this revirginizing bender for a couple of weeks now, and have not seen any new videos. My desire to feel the total glory of full delirious NM penetration on the 19th far outweighs my curiousity with playing 'just the tip' in the meantime.

    I'm not even opening the NM movie companion, I'm not buying the soundtrack until after either.

    if Weitz lets me down with a soft-on on the big night though, I'm going to have to go after him with a claw-hammer.

  29. Um, even if I wanted to spoil the surprise by watching segments of NM, I don't think I could, I'm too busy and definately NOT an internet girl. Watching the trailer was good (OMG I still haven't gotten over Edward saying "Go to hell" in this third one. Third time was the charm after all), but further than that, no. After all, you are the only blog I follow and it is because I simply don't have the time and energy for updates such as "check out these new pics from NM filming", like, 2,587 times a day. Too angsty for me. I prefer reading about the RL experiences of people like you. And of course read fanfic. So, when YOU girls find stuff, I do too. After all, I'm not the type of person who wants to spoil surprises. I like to have things shown to me the way they're supposed to be, not in 1:45-or-someting-like-that long videos. This doesn't work for me. Plus, I'm a big screen fan and I intend to watch it there first. And another gazillion times on DVD.
    So, you have one more not-so-reborn NM virgin there. Let's make a collective prayer and hope that our 28 days won't seem like an eternity...

  30. @TexasKatherine - I hear ya! My heart races and my stomach drops when the music starts and the camera pans the beach in the opening seconds of the official trailers. Can't imagine what it's going to be like on November 20th. And my New Moon Illustrated Companion is tucked away, too. After seeing some of the scanned photos online just before it arrived, I knew I didn't want to see/read everything until after the movie release.

    @Stan - I send out a daily email to a group of co-workers who have bonded over Twilight/Rob. I always include an RP picture and usually include a link or two to things I think they would like to check out. After watching the breakup scene, I immediately sent out another email telling them that the video clip was out there but that I wouldn't be sending them the link and it would be up to them to decide if they wanted to watch it or not. I'm still reeling from it this morning. Your hangover analogy is perfect!


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  32. I'm with ya. I got about 30 seconds into the breakup scene and stopped it. I felt dirty.

    I did watch the behind the scenes stuff, but I watched it on mute since I'm at work. I figure that only makes it a half-spoiler. I was glad I did, cause Rob is fucking smokin' in his little interview parts. Yum.

  33. Yep, I feel exactly the same way...drowned in a sea of New Moon-dom over the last few months...I hope I can be surprised and shiver with glee when I'm in the theater! Not sure if 4 weeks is enough time to wear white to the movie, but I'm gonna try!

  34. I definitely won't be watching the Rome footage. I didn't watch it for Twilight and I'm SO GLAD because the scene they showed (the kitchen scene) was only one of the two Cullen scenes, and I would have been bummed to have been spoiled.

    Other than that I'll continue to read blogs and see pictures or clips that leak out. I did the same for Twilight and it didn't spoil the movie for me at all. Plus it helps the days at work pass..... :)

  35. @STY - do you ever get tired of me always telling you how SPOT ON you are with your posts??!!

    I completely LOVE how we are all on the same Twitarded wavelength! I kid you not - I just told my DH last night when he asked why I huffed loudly when looking at one of my Twi-blogs. I'm not going to watch anymore clips of the movie. I was actually disgusted when I saw a link for the "break up" scene. Nope...didn't even have the temptation to see it. I want to be revirginized too!!

    @TwiWeasel - yes, yes - Grow Twi-Hymen, Grow!!!

    (besides...with the Office, Natural Satellites & Shooting Stars, and Emancipation Proclamation... I think I'll be kept busy until 11/19)!!

    Can one revirginize when reading Twiporn??

  36. @Meg - Holy Hell! I just watched the behind-the-scenes clip and is Rob wearing the old Stoli shirt?!!

  37. I have the crappiest resolve ever. Like STY, I just never could wait till Christmas to see the pressies, which totally makes the big day suck. So it's a HUGE surprise to me that my Twymen has grown back already! *smug face*
    I haven't looked at anything since you guys posted the last trailer. I haven't seen the breakup scene, and I only looked at the reunion pics (come on, half naked Robward, who can resist? Not me ;P) once, weeks ago.

    I'm not bragging here (really!!). My point is that if I can do it, anyone can do it. We deserve the flowers and candles and silk sheets, dammit!

  38. @InterventionReject: I ALWAYS analyse the directing, acting, camerawork etc. It's the curse of having done a film course as part of my English degree. It sucks! Damn you, Professor Clarke...

  39. Hmmm...see, I feel like I am at the other end of the spectrum. I am still in the twicloset at home. But I am playing 'super mommy' and taking my stepdaughter to the midnight showing to "take one for the team" Bwahhaahaa.

    Anyhoo, I will only get to see this once before DVD. And it will be a midnight showing with a bunch of screaming fangirls. I won't truly get my shamworthy viewing experience until it is just me, the dvd and the lights down low. OMG, I need a shamwow just thinking about that...ahem...sorry, where was I??

    Oh yes, so I am lapping up every last juicy drop right now like the twi hOOr that I am with no regrets, no shame and no protection baby...bring it on!!

  40. I started my NEW MOON EMBARGO a while ago and am now struggling with the more newsy blogs which are full of the stills, trading cards, tv spots and trailers. Even the soundtrack is on Spotify! It's like being given your Christmas Presents in November! It's like A hideously PREMATURE EJACULATION. NO! NO! NO! If New Moon was my boyfriend it would have been dumped by now for continuous laying-on-the-juicebox-in-the-planetarium:

    "oh honey! Oh that's ok!"



    I mused on this a little while ago:

    and it's beginning to feel like an eye-rape extravaganza now..

    bisous xx

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  42. It doesn't bother me at all to be "spoiled" on the movie. Not one bit. However, I did consider not reading the book again before the movie comes out -- so that I don't judge the movie interpretation to harshly against the book. That's what ruined Twilight the movie for me -- having just finished the book 20 mins before watching the movie...

  43. @mysharona - HILARIOUIS POST!!

    @Stan - Well, my co-workers were split down the middle. Half went out and watched it first thing this morning and the other half are standing strong.


  44. I'm done watching footage and looking at pics of the movie. I fucking hate that there is SO much out there. I feel like I can piece it all together and have the whole. damn. movie. I did watch the new Volturi fight scene, because, well we have already seen some of that. The only new thing I noticed was the cracking face. Big whoop.

    Everyone out there on the interwebs needs to give all us twifreaks a fucking break and let us be surprised when we see the damn movie next month. Or we just need a little self control. Either way.

  45. OH HELLS NO! There is no going back for me! When my twi-hyman was ripped open in May, I discovered a brand new part of me I never knew existed. And I like it.

    I am of the opinion the more I watch the footage of NM, the more desensitized I will become, this thus lessening the chances I will have a complete freak out at Midnight on the 19th and the ensuing bail money that will be needed.

    You see, I suffer from a condition called “happy hands.” It is a medical condition with no known cure. When I get excited, my hands take on a life of their own and flap around, very similar to seals and other marine creatures, in this obscenely horrible display of clapping, facial plants (“Home Alone” style) and general palsy-like unpredictable movements. It is embarrassing for me and dangerous for those around me. The conditioned is worsened when alcohol and hormones are added to the equation.

    To make matters worse, even though I am a thirty-something professional, I easily and quickly revert back to a 13 year old screamer. Ya. I scream. And Squee. And Say “OH MY GOD” over and over. I know it is disturbing to others around me, I would stop it if I could. Screamer + Happy Hands = Trouble

    My desensitation project, I am following tips and advice from “The Acclimation Diaries” is more of a public service project. You don’t want me walking into NM without proper preparation. I watched the Break-Up Scene over and over. I was actually impressed with Stewie (boy did it hurt to say that!) and boy, Robward was looking HOT.

    So, there you go. You call can hang with the Jonas Bros. I am spending my nights with You Tube, a bottle of wine, and some batteries. 

    my word verification: desiti - what I am doing to prepare for NM

  46. Wow, I'm kind of surprised at the number of people who are boycotting the spoilers here. I thought I was the only one not tapping into every NM clip, photo, etc. I was keeping my dirty little secret from you Twibloggers, just like I keep my Twiaddiction from the rest of the world. I will not buy the NM Companion book until after I've seen the movie, don't want the spoilers. I was hesitant to buy the soundtrack until after viewing, afraid there would be too many spoilers just by hearing the tone of the music. I didn't win that argument with myself, it's in the car and the iPod. I am an adrenaline junky and love roller coasters(front row only!), fast cars, and books & movies that scare the shit out of me. I loooove to be surprised, so I'm on a NM clip diet. However, I do plan on rereading Twilight and New Moon mid November, so I can be "in the mood" and whipped into the appropriate frenzy for my movie viewing pleasure.

    As a side note, I don't care if our bloggy friends post spoilers on their sites. You can chose to click - or not to click. Most of the time I am strong and just keep on scrollin'.

    @Stan and mmMoxie - love your WV interpretations, lol.

  47. To all you folks who are on board with "Enough!" and want to revirginize - cool!

    To you unrepentant sluts - also cool! We are an equal-opportunity NM-whore or not Twiblog! Just don't expect to see the new trailer here - lol!

    I also own the NM Companion book - it is still in the shrink-wrap that it was in when it arrived from amazon.

    I DID FINALLY get my NM Soundtrack (thanks a lot, amazon, for fucking over the people who pre-ordered) and I will be listening to that non-stop. I don't think it will matter for movie viewing purposes (although i admit that as i listen to every song, i am guessing where i think it will go in the movie).

    : )

  48. I pretty much drew the line in the sand when the Soundtrack got leaked. I said to myself, "Self? You don't search for utube vids, you sure as hell aren't searching for the blackmarket songs." And then when I could preorder, I still didn't do it. I'm not exactly sure why - I just want the music fresh in each scene. I'd rather listen to the music later and be reminded of each scene - that's more satisfying to me.

    I did watch the wolf phase scene - and that when I decided I had to quit cold turkey. No pics, no New Moon Movie website - Just one month to go....

    Gotta cleanse the palatte!

  49. Yes I am on a New Moon embargo, It became to much over the last days when they release the footage of the fight scenes. I want to be surprised, I don't want to watch the whole movie through clips, so no more, going cold turkey.

  50. I love all ya'll bitches--tight hymens and flappy hymens. I'm feeling all sorts of Disney-Abstinence love for ya'll: We virgins, but not really. (And we love it.)

    @TexasKatherine--Too freakin' hilarious! When you're done McGyvering your New Moon hymen, pass the rope, super glue, duct tape & bailing wire. (You wouldn't happen to be living in a city in Texas that rhymes with "Loose-ton," whould you?)

    @Banshee713--I know! Being an English major is a curse: I analyze everything. Higher education and thinking sucks! Thank God for Stephanie's mind-numbing novel!


    w/v: patedi--I patedi to be pure for New Moon.

  51. @STY - I called pissed that the CD was supposedly released on the 16th and they hadn't shipped my copy yet. I told them that if I found it over the weekend at a local retailer, I would be cancelling my order. I then went to Best Buy and saw no signs of the CD anywhere. I hunted down a sales clerk who looked it up on the computer, which verified that they had 102 copies and 13 of them were on an end cap. We walked around and looked on every end cap (again), but no CD. She then said they were probably in the back and offered to go grab me one. About 10 minutes later, she came out and apologized to me, saying that they were definitely in the warehouse but they could not sell them until the 22nd. So I caved and waited for my order to arrive. So I don't know how other people were getting their hands on them before then.

    I wish I could say I'm loving the New Moon soundtrack like I did the Twilight soundtrack, but I'm not there yet. I need to get over Rob not being on it :( I am pretending that it's him playing the piano on the New Moon (The Meadow) and The White Demon Lover tracks, though :) It's been a few years since I've played the piano, but I know I could handle the piano playing on No Sound But the Wind by the Editors (yuck!!). I do like OK Go's track Shooting the Moon. I'm sure that once I can tie songs to the movie, more will grow on me.

  52. not watching anything anymore. i cant stand it. its all too much. im really afraid when commercials start playing on tv that its gonna end up giving up more than i want. i watched bella slap paul a couple days ago and while i squeed and got all fucking excited i felt bad afterward. i want it to be amazing, not anticlimatic cause ive seen most of the movie online in shitty quality. im giving it up because if its any indication how awesome my new moon viewing will be... my bff and i were listening to the soundtrack in the car yesterday and started talking about how white demon is totally jacob talking about edward and we fucking started crying. CRYING. IN THE CAR! THINK ABOUT A FUCKING SONG FROM A MOVIE BASED ON A BOOK!! im gonna take a whole box of tissues to the movie. its gonna be awesome and i dont want all these spoilers to actually spoil it for me.

  53. Someone said that if you put the trailers, pics and spoiler together you get the complete movie.

    I feel the same. Not watching anymore.

    Hope I can be as brave as Cutie for Eclipse.


  54. @fanficzombie. You'll only be seeing the movie once at the theater? I couldn't handle that. I think I saw Twilight 5 times at the theater and that wasn't nearly enough. I'm lucky that I have the Saga Mafia to geek out with.

    Too bad you don't live in Phoenix. We'd drag your ass to the movies with us every weekend!

  55. @InterventionReject--Nope. Near the city that rhymes with...well, shit, nothing rhymes with Austin. Thus far my endeavors to revirginize have been unsuccessful. I may just have to buy one of those purity rings & hope it doesn't burn my finger off.

    Uh, why is my verification word "demun"? WTF is that about?

  56. InterventionRejectOctober 23, 2009 at 1:36 PM

    @TexasKatherine--Damn! I need a Tonto to my Zorro to go see the premiere!

  57. @mmMoxie~~ I know I know, I am a geek w/o a mafia! Gah! But there may be hope for me yet, check this out...

    One of my best friends is going to the midnight show with me (to escort her niece). Now I know she liked the books and she mentioned last weekend (two wine bottles in) her recent late night reading habits...and her hubby right there said, yeah, I know when she comes upstairs if she has been reading something spicy...WTF??? *evil grin, rubbing hands together* this shit right under my nose??

    So I am going over to her house this weekend to put a few fanfic links into her favorites. Bwahaahaahaa They won't fuckin' know what hit 'em. If all goes according to plan, I will have a twi partner in crime shortly!

    I feel like a secret twitard-agent..or a drug dealer...right, crackfic dealer, of course!

    So keep your fingers crossed for me. If I get her turned over to the dark(ward) side, I may get more than one screening after all. ;p

  58. @fanficzombie - good luck! I hope it works. I've tried to turn at least two people but they have, and continue to, resist.

  59. Hello. My name is Sue and I'm a Twiwhore. I wish I could say that I'll try to avoid all of the spoilers in order to fully enjoy it for the first time on the big screen, as it's meant to be, but who am I kidding? (resistance is futile)

  60. I've recently decided to become a Twivirgin, as well. A few weeks ago, I was watching a fan music video and realized that I could piece together the whole movie.
    I'm also an Eclipse virgin so far. I'm not going to look at set-stalker photos until New Moon is out, at least. It gets way to confusing otherwise.

  61. I don't know if I can do it, but I know I was aghast when I realized the video was the whole fucking breakup scene and I had just watched it all. The only good thing is that it confirmed what I hoped to be true: Chris Weitz is a god. I don't think we're going to be scammed by trailers like Twilight. Chills, I tell ya.

    That said, I'm going to resist watching anything new until premiere bliss. In a rare and unintended show of helpfulness, Scummit pulls most of the spoiler vids within hours anyway. I'm pretty sure my real hymen grew back after the Sahara-fucking-drought that was this decade so I feel confident I can get my Twymen back in four long weeks. My Twi-smut should help - on both counts now that I think about it. Here's to hanging tough with the virgins.

  62. YAY!!! Reclaim your virginities, girls!!
    I am staying the hell away from all this shit. Leaked clips? Oh fuck no. It is hard to resist with shit being posted on FB at all times, but I know it will be so much better the first time if I keep myself pure.
    Yesterday, when everyone flipped over the leaked breakup scene, I said "that would be like saying I was a virgin and taking it in the ass. No thanks."

  63. I'm so glad I'm not alone. I have been trying so hard not to see the videos lately. I didn't watch the clip of Bella and Paul until Susie made me lol. And I refused to watch the Volturi Clip and the Break-up scene. I want to actually have parts of the movie I haven't seen. So thank you for helping me stay pure LOL.

  64. jj you slayme "is four weeks enough time for our Twilight hymens to grow back???

    @texasKatherine slyed me again: I'm sitting here with super glue, duct tape & bailing wire trying to McGyver my New Moon hymen back in.

    i pray this to the twi-gods now.
    i did watch the break up scene and then i tweeted this;

    DON'T WATCH BREAK UP SCENE - i did - and i regret it. First spoiler I wish i hadn't seen. #stepAWAYfromTheBREAKUPscene u'll thank Me!

    I was Vklempt and i wish i could've done a rewind. And now I am on LOCK DOWN too.

    and now you tell me the reunion scene is out there. wtf!!! suckage! too much's getting messy.

    hey someone make a twi-abstinence ribbon or something I can put on my twitter icon..please!!

  65. I'm abstaining! It's almost the hardest thing I've ever done though. But GOD, I don't want to see the movie before I actually see the movie, you know? Even though Target had that damned NM board game on sale this week for $10, I didn't buy it. I can't even look at trading cards or all these blasted clips floating around! Sorry, but now I'm agitated. I bought my tickets for the midnight showing, but now I'm all 'Now what? What do I do to keep myself occupied for the next 30 days?!'

  66. I got my ticket to the 12:04 showing and invited several other age-appropriate friends to make a night of it! (Anyone in northern Colorado want in, let me know.)

    Four more weeks. I can make it.

    I think.

  67. I'm Totally in on this!...Let the ReVerginization begin.I want to Squeeeee like it was for the very first time!


    PS You have inspired me to start my own blog!..Thanks for sharing your twitardedness!

  68. I decided to pledge my Twivirginity on Sunday...right before the EXPLOSION of new scenes! : (

    Still trying to resist, hang in there ladies!!

  69. You.are.incredible. How did I not find you before? I swear reading your blog is like picking the words right out of my head.
    When you mentioned seeing too much and panicking, that was me a couple days ago. I think we've seen almost the whole freaking movie! *cry*
    I'm sure it will be wonderful still, but consider me a new fan of you!
    All my Robward love,

  70. I totally agree. I just saw the 2009 Scream Awards and saw more New Moon scenes (and behind the scenes). That was okay to watch, since it was put out by the studio and was only a smidge more than had already been shown by earlier debuts. I have abstained from the full break-up scene leaked online. What a waste it would be to watch it on a small YouTube screen on my computer than in the theater in Edward/Bella/Jacob land.

  71. I'm not re-reading New Moon either. I have not read it in over six months. That way, if there are changes, I won't entirely remember. Being 40 years old can come in handy sometimes, like memory loss.


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