Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon, Friends and a Few Surprises! (No Spoilers)

STY is the cutest fan girl EVER. And she has on some smokin' boots...

Yesterday, Snarkier Than You and I trekked our way into New York City to attend a charity screening of New Moon that was hosted by TwilightMoms. We climbed onto the train all vainly coiffed and sportin' our Twitarded gear and practically bounced on the seats the entire way into the city. I swear STY's head almost exploded at one point because the train was going sooooo slow, but we finally made it. We walked out of Penn Station, totally stoked... and then the skies opened and pissed all over us. I'm starting to see a Twitarded/Twilight/NYC/shitty-ass weather pattern here...

Anyway, we finally got our bedraggled asses to the theater and met up with Sister Snarky, Nomness, Lorabell, TwiCrackAddict, TJBarber and two lovely ladies who arrived on the scene at the same time we did, Angela and Claire. Congratulations ladies! You got to witness the Twitarded train-wreck at the height of its frenzy. Hope it was as good for you as it was for us. Do we need to do any damage control? I'm assuming... yes.

Speaking of TJ - not only is she seven shades of awesome to begin with, she actually had cupcakes made and delivered [for all of us!] while we were waiting on line. They looked amazing and from the sounds STY was making as she devoured hers, they were obviously totally orgasmic. Thanks, TJ!!

Nom, nom, nom.... [and thanks TwiCrack for the pic!]

Then we headed to the bar across the streets, natch. Food and drinks were consumed as we kept a close eye on the theater to make sure a line (or "queue" to the Brits and the Irish in our party) wasn't forming because there was no way in hell ANYONE was getting in front of us.

The line at 4:00 pm...

The line at 7:00 pm...

Once a line did form, we all made a beeline like some kind of bloggy army and took our places. Since it was chilly and rainy and neither STY nor I had the foresight to bring coats because we are NEVER prepared for anything [what? it's late November--who would have thought it was coat weather?], whiskey was used to keep warm. A flask to nip at? Now THAT we always have prepared. Do they have a Girl Scout badge for that? No??

Then the cameras started showing up. Like, real, honest-to-goodness news reporters and shit, which is, naturally, something I never even considered but probably should have.

At one point, just before the doors opened, the newsman yelled something to the effect of "scream and cheer for New Moon, you little bitches!" to which our entire crew responded by doing a duck and cover -- some because they didn't want bosses or family members to see them and others [er, me] because they looked like a drowned rat.

This man was our arch nemesis for a good part of the early evening...

We finally took our seats and the TwilightMoms did a bunch of raffles and trivia contests and everyone was hooting and hollering.

And then the doors opened. And two men walked in. They looked all big and bad ass-y, like FBI meets the fucking Bronx and it turns out they were cops. With night vision goggles. I can't make this shit up. And they threatened to tase us [okay, that part I am making up] if they so much as saw a single cell phone. Subdued, STY and I immediately turned off our phones and tucked them away for later. It wasn't like we were planning on taking any more pictures, anyway.

And then the doors opened AGAIN and THESE two guys walked in:


I have never, ever, in my entire life experienced something that is as ear-shattering as a room full of women and girls fan-girl-fucking-screaming their faces off. I've been to hundreds of live concerts [punk and metal, too!] and the decibel level of all of them paled in comparison to the sheer seizure-inducing shrieks that surrounded us. Seriously, the US government needs to find a way to package that shit because I'm pretty sure you could decimate entire cities with that noise. I didn't even know anyone over the age of six could hit those notes.

It turns out STY and I are not screamers [unless it's a video game, then yes, I most definitely am]. Who knew? We just kind of sat there, wincing and clutching our ears in agony. I think, anyway, because everything got a little...weird at that point.

First of all, both of these dudes are hot. Way hot. Our shitty pictures don't do them justice. I mean, I knew they were good looking to begin with, but I didn't realize they were THAT good looking. I have never seen more sparkly humans in my life, and they hadn't even been sprayed by the chick roaming the line with a can of spray-on glitter. The were just radiant. Peter Facinelli's eyes twinkle like he's Santa Claus asking if we've been good. And we haven't been.

Hey! Twitarded! I know you're dirty bitches but at least you raised money for a good cause.

And Kellan Lutz? Um, yum. He has remained relatively unscathed as far as our shameless objectification goes on this blog. That will probably change. And they were both awesome and charming! Oh, and there was also a chance STY, Lorabell, TCA and I could win dinner with them.

We wanted to win that fucking auction like a fat kid wants cake. And not shitty cake, either. GOOD cake. The kind that smells like heaven and has icing that is so dense with sugar that you can can feel granules crunching in your teeth.

Because I'm a tool, I immediately switched into what I like to call "Holy-Fucking-Spazoid Mode" and was hollering out bids with great gusto and twitching like I had the DTs. I know there is a video of this and I can only hope I never, ever see it. It's not going to be pretty. And STY's jaw was on the ground and her eyes looked like this (only with less associated hottness):

And then I made a bid somewhere in the thousands and Kellan [that's right. We're on a first name basis now] looked straight at me - not more than a dozen feet away in my fourth-row seat - and said "I love you." And I reacted in the way that every single-ish normal person would react. Er, yeah. Riiiiight.

Did I laugh? Nope. Say something witty? Absolutely not. I didn't flash my tits or clamber over the three rows of seats in front of mine and throw myself at his feet. Nope. Didn't do that, either.

I did nothing. I said nothing. I didn't even acknowledge it. Instead, I just sat there, frozen with some weird pained expression like I had to poop plastered on my face and then shrieked out my next bid in response.

Imma let you finish but first I just want to say - what the FUCK is up with the chubby redhead with the glasses?

I am the poster child for social fucktardedness. I'm such a total social reject that some hot famous dude told me he loved me and I had no idea how to respond so I totally ignored it.**

I think Nomness, who was sitting next to me, wanted to slap me.

The auction continued and STY, who was sitting on the other side of me, was all wild-eyed and looking pretty shell-shocked. I think a couple of times she looked at me and her lips moved but nothing came out. Or maybe my hearing had been damaged by the high-pitched wailing that was still occasionally going on. So we just continued to bid. At one point I bellowed out some random number and Kellan laughed and told me I was awesome.

Annnnnnnd blank stare. Again.

It was like this face, but much, much worse.

Nomness stepped in and responded for me because it was clear that I was obviously moving toward the epic side of the fail scale as far as speaking went. Nomness, who I would totally suck face with at this point because she is so awesome was also willing to pretty much empty her bank account to help us win. We loooooove her. Thanks, Nomness!

Finally, all the mayhem died down a little bit, mainly because Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz left the building aaaaand they started the movie.

Obviously I won't give anything away.

But it was fucking good.

In the end, we lost the auction, which we are really, completely bummed about. More on that later (we'll have more details and videos for you, we promise!) but we are not giving up. Yet. We want to sit down with Peter Facinelli (or Kellan!) and tell him how fucking cool all of you are.

** - Just in case someone decides to point out that he doesn't really love me... no-fucking-duh. Now stop shitting on my parade.


    I met Jackson Rathbone awhile back at a red light, he was really nice. But Ugh Kellan yes. pleaseeee

  2. I think he REALLY does love you!!! How could he not love you!

  3. I've thought time and time again how I would react if I ever met or interacting with anyone famous. I've decided on three conclusions. A: I would pull a JJ and just look befuddled. B: I would burst out in tears(I almost did this when meeting Nora Roberts so this is my best bet). or C: I would fucking joke.

  4. FUCK ME! The fact that Kellan said "I Love You" makes me feel all warm & fuzzy, and TOTALLY justifies the $ I donated despite the fact that you didn't win.

    And just so you know, Peter could throw the damn earth off it's axis with the sheer power of his adorableness. Right?

    I am too damn tired and lazy to write my review, so I vlogged a spoiler free version and posted it in The Cougar's Den. Warning - I look like ass, and I don't have the excuse of standing coatless in the rain for three hours or throwing back whiskey.

    The Cougar's Den

    Mama Cougar

  5. How awesome that you had that experience! Even though you lost, you're not giving up... does that mean there's a chance you could still win? Would you want your blog readers to pitch in to help? (Hey, I'm an online organizer for a living, I know about these things!)

  6. How AWESOME for you!! I got my picture taken with Peter last weekend and I must say he is TOTALLY hotter in person WAY HOT and most likely the sweetest person I have ever met (ok maybe not ever, but def in my top 5)

    I live in Ohio and we had the PoPo in our theater also giving us the rules of the evening and stalked us all through the movie waiting to bust some twi-asses if need be! Not to mention we got bummed rushed going in the doors and had to throw elbows to several over 18 not so smart tarts!

  7. Must see videos! JJ you freaking crack me up. I love it...and you.

    Love the photo of STY with her leg kicked up. So great.

    Words of love were thrown your way--of all the times to go speechless! I judge thee not but you freakin' NEED to have lunch with not just Peter but Kellan too. What's the plan? I'm in as long as whatever I have to do won't cause CPS to take my children.

    I can't wait to hear and see more about your escapades. Counting down the hours until my second viewing of New Moon.......

  8. Heh. For the record, JJ, had you a peen, Kellan would have a lot more to say to you than "awesome" with the amount of nasty we'd be making front his very eyes. Or not. Needless to say, the mutual adoration society is, well, mutual. And STY, you can come in here and get some of this too. Girlcrushes abound.

    Aaaaaand for the rest of us "ladies." If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed me spazzing out with #twitardedlunch all over the shop. As the auctions, both of them, went to two other womenfolk, I propose we hit Peter on his turf and trend the shit out of #twitardedlunch. They don't need dinner. They're hungry bitches who have lunch and wouldn't be greedy by asking for dinner too. I mean, hell, last night he threw Kellen on the block. Mayhaps the "consolation" prize could be, oh, I don know, Jackson? (why hello there, cowboy)

    so commenters, lurkers, fellow bloggers, and readers in general. This is ye auld call to motherfucking action. Let's try to get something foe your controbution yet. And reward these ladies (and ourselves) with more twitarded fodder.

    And, scene.

  9. Goddamnit, commenting on an iPhone sucks a dick. I promise to beat down time warner's door to light a fire under their arses for my Internet soon. I cannot deal with my own typos. They make my eyes bleed.

  10. Oh Fuck. JJ you seriously crack me up. I think that this is the funniest post ever. I`m in tears from laughing so much. Every penny I gave was worth this. And I want to see that video! So what`s the plan for getting lunch with Peter and/or Kellan?? So long as I don't have to budget for bail money I'll help :)

    vw pliess peter and kellan have lunch with these two ladies!

  11. I feel abused. I've seen Twilight once and New Moon twice in the last 24 hours. That's a lot of theater time, I thought they were going to ask me for a W9 and put me on payroll. I'm beyond tired.

    First I want to say, you both fucking rule for raising money for Alex's Lemonade. Bottom Line!

    Second, JJ I soooo needed to laugh right now and your post on your night did the trick. I always have no problem visually picturing you. You are fucking adorable, and I say that in non lesbian way. Now I must retreat to my bed while the kids run amok.

  12. Too tired too comment correctly tonite.

    Thank you for the awesome story.

    I am on board to help you still try and get dinner with Peter and/or Kellan...let me know what you need.

  13. That must have been some friggen night!! Ok so Kellen may have said I love you and he may have just been saying it because of your bid, but if he really knew you and all of these kick ass posts that you do, he would totally love you for real!!

  14. So.Fucking. Jealous!!!

    But so fucking happy for you guys! I'm so living vicariously through you two! I gotta make it to NYC asap!!!

  15. Fuckawesome !! I can't wait to hear more. ;D
    For the record I totally think Kellan loves you, and I've never met him so I'm going to vicariously live through your moment. I have met Peter and completely agree that clouds part and sunshine sparkles upon his face. I can only imagine the hotness Kellan exudes in person. I suspect I wouldn't survive a face to face with the precious. Kinda like looking directly into the light of an eclipse.

    I hope you make that lunch, brunch, coffee, whatever happen!


  16. You ladies are fucking awesome. I had so much fun and laugh so hard I think I popped a few blood vessels.

    I hope you are able to have lunch with Peter, Kellan, Jackson or all of them. Because you bring so much joy to us and I'm pretty sure the write up y'all would provide would be the best write-up ever on any of those men.

    And I repeat as I said after Peter and Kellan came in to the room - "those are the prettiest men I've ever seen...and I think I need to get on the blonde, blue-eyed bandwagon again."

    Team Kellan - yummo!!!

  17. That was so hilarious! Of course the co-founder of Twitarded would be "the poster child for social fucktardedness" cause you're our royalty and that's just the kind of kingdom we live in.

    I have no doubt that you're the first person to ever describe Pfach's eyes as twinkling "like he's Santa Claus asking if we've been good. And we haven't been" and it makes me love you as much as Kellan does (and you know he does!). Awesome post and looking forward to more!

  18. I think your bid had NOTHING to do with Kellan telling you he loved you...I think it was the boots. The boots have powers.

    I know you didn't win, but the $ went to a great cause AND you got kellan's attention. Win win.

  19. OMG! I am fucking peeing my pants as I roll on the floor laughing my ass off! I SO wish you would have won that auction because you and STY would have put a whole new perspective on Twi-fandom for those boys! I can't wait to hear more! I need to change my unders now.

  20. Sorry you ladies didn't win your dinner... but I'm still pretty fucking jealous!

    We decided to forgo the screaming 14 year olds and hope the matinee version will be less psychotic, today.

    I have been obsessively watching interviews and checking blogs. I was literally wiggling in my seat at work today thinking about how excited I am...

  21. oh fuck im pissing myself. what if you did win the dinner? you would just sit quietly across from pf and piss yourself. LOL with that tootal twitard look on ur face omg i would pay a thousand just to see THAT>

  22. [CARTOON] Twilight New Moon

  23. What fun, and you are so lucky two of the Cullen boys showed up! If KLutz had said anything to me, I probably would have babbled some unintelligible nonsense, drooled out of the side of my mouth, and then promptly done a face plant. So all in all, you did great! Sorry you didn't win the auction, but we can all feel good about ourselves for donating to a most worthy cause. Maybe there's something even bigger in store for you, like a Cullen massage or something? Now that would rock!

  24. I also saw twilight once and New moon twice in the past 24 hours..running on fumes here.

    OK - I think Kellan loves you more now. Ya know there's something to be said for Playing Hard to Get JJ.
    Think of all the screaming mimis he says that to who justmelt. You are now the one who didn't! consider yourself etched in his mid.who cares why!!!! LMAO.

    The only thing better for you have to have done is said "I Know".

    and TJ now becomes my twi-hard bud! cupcakes delivered to the line! OMG - she's a keeper!

    love you JJ & STY..

    **I went to see my 2nd showing with lachkeywife..and in one of the jacob scenes she just spews OUTLOUD "I'm going to Jail".. haha WIN !

  25. That story was definitely worth the wait. Love to live vicariously through you, I can almost picture Kellan looking at JJ and saying I love you and the look she must have given him. At least you didn't say nothing embarrassing. That could have totally come off as nonchalant :-) Dying to hear what you thought about the movie. I loved it!

  26. Stayed up to watch the Twifecta on Jimmy Kimmel, my brain is on NM over load 8D...loved the story,can't wait for your review... that's all I got right now....oh and now I wanna a cupcake :)

  27. LMFAO!!!

    JJ and STY are our fearless leaders and did us fucking proud!

    KLutz and PFach - in person - all sparkly-eyed and WAY too pretty? Yummmmm... I'm gonna have a good dream tonight. May have to nudge hubby. ;)

    @Z Any Mouse - Here! Here!

  28. Kellan is my absolute favourite - I think he even trumps Rob for me so I am fucking trilled that you gorgeous gals may now objectify him on a regular basis (oh please please do...*drool*)

    God I would love to see that video...mwahahaha

    It sux ass that y'all didnt win the auction but holy mother of all things hot and smokin it sounds like you had a good time losing..

    Oh, and I hate you. With love. always with love..

    veriword: in I'd love to grab Kellan on the anessmmmmmmmmm..hehe

  29. Amazing!!!! You guys are definitely the luckiest friggin girls in the world. Can't wait to see your vids!!!!

  30. @ JJ - Kellan says "I love you" and you do nothing?! It must have been the shock keeping you from tilting your head toward the nearest exit, cocking one eyebrow at him and saying, "Wanna Fuck?" That's what I'd have done...yeah, right. Maybe in my dreams, but probably not even then. *sigh*

    Sorry you didn't win, really. But it was for a great cause (other than trying to win dinner with the Two Misters Hotty Mc Hotty-pants.)

  31. Vermonstermom4EdwardNovember 21, 2009 at 8:50 AM

    JJ and STY, you bitches are my heroes! And you write the funniest shit EVER JJ! I swear to god there were tears and the shakes going on over here at my monitor, silent hysterics as some of the fam is still sleeping...weaklings. ;)

    I can't believe you didn't win the auction, but am so vicariously thrilled that KL loves you, tho no surprise there! You are the Queen of Fucktardedness, and reign supreme! I'm off to my 2nd show tonite....can't wait! Packing a spare pair of panties in my purse this time...just in case...

  32. DUDE!!!
    What a fucking awesome night you guys must've had! Tres jealous!
    All we got here in Oz were screaming fangirls, tweens who thought they were cute in flanny PJs and pigtails (but were NOT) and a broken seat to sit on.
    Dude. Seriously jealous. Peter fucking Facinelli!!! So fuckhawt.
    And Kellan is quite the looker. Gah!.

    P.S. You're way hilarious.

  33. WOW.........really, I am in awe right now. I would have totally spazzed out if I was there! You guys are totally amazing........New Moon is Amazing..........this whole damn weekend is effing Amazing!!!!!!

  34. I could kiss your faces for going and doing this. You girls rock the fucking house, and that's no lie! I'm sure Kellan will forever remember the one who didn't, or answer. You are too cute!

  35. JJ your awesomeness is off the charts!!!!!! This post had me laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes! You guys ROCK! (Were you even able to concentrate on the movie, you know, NEW MOON? hahaha Am I going to have to start a blog dedicated to the lurve that is KellenxJJ? Kellan and JJ sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g........

  36. Ok, I was laughing so hard I was crying at this. How totally awesome(to quote our generation)!
    I met Peter F when he was here for a charity event this past summer & he is good quality people - absolutely loved him - and he is much hotter in person.
    Oh, and btw - saw NM last night & am still having a twi-gasm. Can't wait to see it again. And I am Team Edward and all, but Jacob - DAYUM!!!

  37. There should have been a video of me reading your post. Half way through, I realized I was leaning forward, reading every word out loud, and my eyes were as wide as Rob's in that picture. Laughed. My. Fucking. Ass. Off. (abbreviations not big enough for this post)

  38. Oh my f*&^ing gosh - that was easily the funniest post I have read on your blog so far. And rest assured, I too would have been frozen had Kellan Lutz said he loved me. And then I would have expired into a pile of twitching dust. :)

  39. Bwahaha Sounds like you two had quite the night! Can't wait to see the video!

    Kellan is such a love and FYI honey I have it in writing that he loves me... na na na... :-P

    Peter is so fucking hot and has such a penetrating gaze, that I did what you did when I met him. Didn't say a fucking word just stood there staring at him. I felt like a total dork afterward!

  40. Sigh. For the first time ever, I am fucking speechless!

  41. Check out this commentary:

  42. Oh, God that was funny! Don't feel bad - my few celeb encounters were quite similar and that was before I regressed into an idiot teenager over a vampire story and all the actors involved! Can't even imagine what I would do but it would definitely involve catatonia.

    Congrats on raising all the money regardless of the missed dinner. You truly use your Twitarded fame for good when evil is sooo easy:-) Have a great weekend - I'm off to see my movie again tomorrow without the midnight madness.

  43. You completely made me hork out liquids out of my nose - SCORE!

    I can comfort you with the fact that I would also probably blank-stared. Or even worse - vomited out of fear and hotness-overdose.

    (I also need to say that it rocks that my word verification for this comment is "volvo". Like, Twilight blog? No, it can't be ;P)

  44. SO happy you guys got pushed into the social akwardness corner again, too cute ;)
    As usual, you ladies rule the planet!!!

  45. Can't wait to see more and read more about your experiences. I seriously got chills as I read this post. I am one jealous bitch! I haven't even seen the movie yet! Somebody call the waaaaaambulance cuz I'm about to start whining.

    @JJ - I think Kellan really does love you. He probably has a Jenny Jerkface blog dedicated to you.

  46. JJ, you and STY are too cute for words.
    It must have been weird, having them pop up like that out of no where. Was the screaming that bad? Gah. I hope not. I would try to contain all that shiz until after, so I dont look like the ass that I am. Look on the bright side JJ. Atleast you didnt lunge at Kellan. LOL!

  47. Wish I was there with you; wish twitardia was there, in fact.

    JJ, I totally understand the freazing up when Kellan spoke. But he sounds sooo cute!

    Do give us more details, can't wait.

    And what do you mean by: "Oh, and there was also a chance STY, Lorabell, TCA and I could win dinner with them."
    Do elaborate. I'm almost as anxious as I was before watching New Moon.

    And can't wait for your thought about the movie...
    Here, as I keep saying, things are a lot quiter when it comes to Twilight. There where a lot of fathers and boyfriends at the pre-showing (premiere is only next week, on the 26th). And it was really quit. Some giggles, nothing much. Most where the ah's, oh's and gasp's as the hotties appeared.


  48. Oh, and I can't remember where I read it but somewhere, on some online news, they where saying that at the rate this was going they could film Robert Pattinson against a black screen and it would still be a success.
    They have no idea how much! Hehe.

  49. i am so happy for you girlies! it sounds like you had an amazing night. :) and yes, even though we didn't win the dinner with mister PFach, the donations made it all the effort worth it. i can't wait to see the video!

  50. Just got back from seeing it. Definitely better than Twilight... only a few gripes that I will keep to myself until it is clear we have all seen and obsessed over it:)

    We had the MOST annoying women behind us. They talked the ENTIRE movie, and kicked my friends' chairs. Adults? Hello? anyone out there? These were NOT 14 year olds...

    Plans to go see it again are being formulated... but let's be honest, I'm basically just going to start the countdown to Eclipse!

  51. Of course Kellan loves you! He's the one that mentioned the Edward Undies to Ellen's red carpet correspondents. He must have known it was you...

  52. @mmMoxie: Is there room on the waaaambulance for me? I won't be seeing it till Monday, and I'm starting to feel pretty whiny too...

    @JJ and STY: Hate you guys. In the nicest possible completely-green-with-envy way, of course, but I still hate you ;)

    The only famous person I have ever met was Terry Pratchett, and I managed to stay fairly coherent. Well, as coherent as I ever am. But even though I LOVE him, and he's my favorite author ever (sorry Stephenie) he's hardly Kellan fucking Lutz. If Kellan asked me for the time, let alone said he loved me, I'd sit there staring like an idiot and blush a red that would put Bella to shame. So don't feel bad, JJ. I am completely fucktarded socially.

    ps. Thanks for remembering me in the queue comment! *sniffle* You love me, you really do...okay I take it back. I love you guys.

  53. I love you both...I am so glad that your wait in the rain paid off!

  54. First, Claire and I had a rockin' good time with you Twitards! It was awesome to meet you and have one or several drinks with you, lol.

    Secondly, I bore witness to the Kellan I love you moment. Even though there doesn't seem to be a recording of it, it did happen, I swear! I mean, yes I was half deaf by then from the shrieking, but it did happen.

    Third, my friend Evie posted some great pics on FB of both boys. I'm sure she'd let you lift them for the blog.

  55. Love it!!!!!

    JJ you had me in tears! That was so freaking funny! I feel for you though, even though I have met a few celebs in my time, I think having one of them telling me they loved me and thought I was awesome, I would also be stumped!!

    You ladies made us proud, flying the twitarded flag proudly!

    Need to get the thinking caps on to plan and make this lunch/coffee/catch up with PFach and/or Lutzy happen! Imagine if you could get 2 for 1?! Definitely need to aim for that....

    2nd viewing of NM was great, the element of surprise wasn't there, but still picked up on a few things I missed the 1st time round. Can't wait to see it again! Still think CW is a visual GENIUS, but do have a few reservations - can't wait until we can all discuss it! The 2 sessions I went to, the audience was definitely Team Jacob if the screams were anything to go by..... !!

  56. I am just seeing this NOW! You kill me. We had so much fun hanging out with you all. I hate that you took my photo but at least you captured me as I am - typing on my bberry :)
    Love how you told the Pellan tale, so funny! You were down the aisle from us and I had no idea that you were bidding and that he said "i love you." You are my hero.

  57. I've thought time and time again how I would react if I ever met or interacting with anyone famous. I've decided on three conclusions. A: I would pull a JJ and just look befuddled. B: I would burst out in tears(I almost did this when meeting Nora Roberts so this is my best bet). or C: I would fucking joke.

  58. I think he REALLY does love you!!! How could he not love you!


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