Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Vampire SQUEEE!-kend Photo Mashup

Our gals muggin' for the camera.

Wow. It's done. The premiere weekend is o-v-e-r. Some of us have squeed our little hearts out, while others have been wringing their hands in anticipation to see the movie.

It's been a long and crazy few days for Snarkier Than You and me. We are totally burnt. This is honestly our first time doing something like this and we really had no idea what to expect, despite all our pathetic attempts at preparation (note to self: we have seven months to plan for Eclipse and make it muuuuch better).

One of the things we knew we wanted was to share this fucking craziness with all of you - and vice versa. So we asked for your pics. And, as always, you lovely bitches totally delivered.

I have to say, and I know STY agrees because she said the same thing - we are a fucking good looking group of Cougars, Pumas, old ladies whatever you want to call us. So, not only do all of you have wicked senses of humor, you're frigging hot, too. Oh, and holy shit do some of you have nice racks! Damn, I'm jealous.

Anyhoo, without further ta-do... Twitards at their finest.

P.S. - If you pic isn't up here or you want to submit one, shoot me an email. If we get enough responses we'll try to do another mash up.

LOVE these shirts...

Damn you. Totes choked on the wine when I saw the arrow.

I love the fucking shit eatin' grin on your face! You are SO excited!!

A tank top?! So unfair!! LOL!

This one was titled "New Moon bitches" and I narrowed it down to three people... and I got it right. Heh heh.

Yoganinjamama was a lucky bitch and got an autograph from the cute and adorable Embry Call (I'm too lazy to look up his real name because I suck).

Beeeeeer. Perfect with New Moon.

A unicorn usher, I think.

Beee-u-tiful makeup for the premiere.

I love this picture. Hubby is such a good sport!

These bitches totally didn't invite us to their party!! [They are also responsible for the banner picture at the top of this post. I WANT to be your friend!!!]

Cough**whore**cough. Just kidding. You know I puffy heart you.

A force so evil she emptied the theater...

See! I wasn't the only one drinking!!

A fake, pregnant Bella with blood. Proof I'm not the only inappropriate person out there...

Three things STY and I love more than life. Wine, Twilight and... us.


  1. yay!!! i made the post im the shit eatin grin one to the left!!! I had so much fun for premiere night!!! thanks for all the tweets and ladies made new moon such a wonderful experience! can't wait until eclipse!!

  2. OH JJ & STY! You have totally just made my fantastic New Moon weekend even better!! Hot damn! My smug mug is on your blog!! BOTH of my pics!! (I'm the gal with the BFF wearing the pink sleeved jersey shirts (i'm the semi-blonde with the Twitarded pin) and the Edward and the bottle of wine too!

    I'm emailing this post to EVERYONE I know!

    I was just calming down getting ready for bed... no way now. My adrenaline just skyrocketed!!!

    7 months till Eclipse!! =)

  3. Wow, I'm excited my banner pics with my house made it, together with the cake, cardboard Eddie going to the Midnight showing, our group pic with I heart Edward/Jacob/I don't give a shit t-shirts and me facing off with my fellow twitarded Jacob chum in the parking lot!!

    I heart you girls! Here's to leg hitches and tent scenes in June 2010!!

  4. LOL! I'm so not blonde. See, I'm so excited I said I'm semi-blonde. Crazy. I'm the one with brown hair and with the black glasses. How's that.

    LOL!!! I might be more excited for this than New Moon! (maybe...VERY close to it!!)!

  5. i'm famous! i'm famous! SQUEEEEEE! hahaha :).

    LOVE this post. there's nothing better than seeing gorgeous pictures of the twitarded fandom from the most exciting night of the year! DAYUM, WE IS SOME HAWT BITCHES! :)

    and i gotta say, kiowa gordon (embry call) was really gracious. he took his time and tried to say hi to everyone. he also had this killer "i'm gonna sex you up" grin that should probably be illegal. i think i saw a few girls cream themselves. just sayin'.


    oh, and new moon was pretty great too ;).

  6. Wow. Everyone is totes cute! Oh, JJ, my attorney needs a copy of that Photo Release I signed. What's that? I didn't sign one? Ruh roh, somebody's in troooouble.

    BTW, that theater was empty because it was a 1pm showing and all the youngsters were legally obligated to still be in school. (Please note my 8 yr old sitting next to me.) Yeah, I'm a bad mother--what of it?

  7. omg! i was at the same midnight showing with Kiowa (Embry), too! that's so cool! :]

  8. Hell fucking yeah! I’m famous!

    I know a tank top, that’s just how I roll. I told you I nearly pass out some nights from the humidity. We pay our price for the nice weather!

    Everybody looks like they had a great time!

  9. Oh forgot to add one more thing. Twitarded tank tops give you good boobies. I’m just saying...

  10. I'm on TWITARTED!!!!
    Can I be more excited???? Fuck NO. Thank you girls. I'm the one in Forks hight school shirt by the NM poster :)
    When are you going to do oficial review? I'm so sad to see that people are bashing this movie, wanna here what you think.
    Love Alex xo

  11. Aww, I'm so jealous o all you hotties, I definitely need to start a 'get fit for Eclipse' campaign for myself. Thank God I kept the mask on when I was snapped in my Jacob outfit!

    Love seeing these pics of your NM experiences :o) xx

  12. Hey, great pics everyone! Twitards definitely have style :) I was a little hesitant to send a picture, but it's actually been kind of liberating to symbolically "out" myself (I'm the one in the red Twiheads shirt).

  13. Awesome photos. Another vicarious experience for me. :D

    I have been thinking of all of you throughout the weekend, envisioning myself going to the premier.

    Btw you should all check out Stan's impression of Taycob on Twi-sted Edbrella. It's freaking hilarious!

  14. Awesome pics! Twitards unite. I need to get me one of those boob-enhancing Twitarded tanks!

  15. Those are some amazing pics and some great looking ladies and a couple of great looking lads.

    I'm jealous and have decided that I'm in need of a Twitarded tee.

  16. What a great weekend of New Moon and friends! It's great to put some faces with the names.

    The Eclipse premier is gonna be the shit!

  17. Freaking awesome! This makes my heart swell with pride for my fellow Twitards!!!! You must do another post because I haven't even sent in my pics yet....I was too busy nursing my hangovers and then preparing for the next viewing to get my shit together and download my to work but I will send them tonight.

    After looking at these photos I am even more convinced that somewhow, someway we need to have TwitardCon 2010 for Eclipse. Oh the mayhem that will ensue.

    Twitards definitely do it better!

  18. Same here VR. I didn't send my pic in till last night, clumpy bangs and all.

    I am SO down for TwitardCon 2010.

  19. I love all the Twitards! I proudly wore my t-shirt and button to NM last night with a herd a girlfriends. Nobody knew what Twitarded was, but they laughed hard knowing me as the "Re-tarded" version. Sorry, so unpolitically correct. I'll email the photos as soon as I recover from the pre- movie margaritas. I'm really wishing we hadn't ordered that second pitcher now. You would think that at my advanced age I would know better. Nope.

  20. Aww, everyone looks awesome. Stupid non-working camera.

    SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Just back from the movie (yay for tweenless matinées!)
    @Chris Weitz: A deal's a deal, so my offer's still on the table/floor/bed/against a wall/wherever. Just say the word and I'll be on your doorstep Christmas morning wearing nothing but a gift bow. Hope you live somewhere warm ;)

    Sister Banshee has jumped ship! She was on Team I'm-a-slut-and-would-do-both-preferably-at-the-same-time, which was fine by me, but since seeing the movie she's on Team Jacob! WTF?! (btw Taycob is legal here, but I still wouldn't go there)

  21. This pictures are awesome! I don't have any pictures, it was just me and my sis. I didn't wear my Cullen contact lenses because I knew I'd cry and it'd be impossible to see the damn movie with that combination. I did, of course, wear my Bella bracelet. I did also wear some striped thigh high socks last night to my second viewing feeling very Bella a la Tropic of Virgo ;-)

  22. We all had a fantastic time at New Moon, my friend handed round mini bottles of wine and cans of Pimms & strawa along with Twilight chocolates, 2 of our band couldn't come to the showing as they were ill but I worked a little twilight magic on the lovely young man and he refunded me!!!! When the lights went down everyone SQUEEEEEE'D like mad but then shut up, i love british audiences, Edward appeared to sighs, Jacob took his shirt off to cries of phwoar and the edward appeared semi naked with unfeasibly low slung on the hips trousers to my VERY loud cry of "FUCKIN HELL" didn't realise I was that loud!!! Ooopps to coin a phrase. The whole cinema erupted into laughter at the sight of Bella in a dress and Edward looking very Brideshead revisited running through the forest (it was pretty cheesy-sorry)And right at the end when he asks her to marry him, the place went bananas. (Has anyone read the books?)
    I loved it, I'm desperate to see it again and I can't wait for Eclipse but first Remember Me!!!!!

  23. It's so nice to see your pictures, girls.
    It was a wonderfull weekend. I'm still feeling the energy around me, even more when I read the posts and comments.

    I don't have pics. I didn't made a list so we just forgot the camera at home... But I think I'd be a bit embarrassed to send them; don't hate me, I'm not out of the closet yet.

    @Jelena: I wish there was a way you could see the movie soon. But be sure to comment as soon as you do.


  24. Love the pictures! Love you Twitards! Love RPattz! Loved the movie. I am still Team Edward even if he looked waaaaaay to pale in this movie.

    I sent a pic. in but STY brought up a great point - The two co-workers that I'm pictured with might not like to be associated with us Twitards! And since I don't have their signed consent forms I guess I'll send in another picture w/out co-workers. Or maybe I'll do a little retouching to that picture.

    I'm ready for TwitardCon 2010! Where do I register? No, really, where?

  25. WOW are we a bunch of SEXY BITCHES!!! Twitards are pretty damn fuckhawt!

    Okay - I saw it yesterday and DAMN am I impressed with Chris Weitz and the cast! I won't go into too much detail, but I was shocked at how many lines were taken directly from the book - but SO thankful. I actually felt like the book came to life on the screen. And hello - the wolves and Volturi were exactly as scary as they should've been, or more. ;)

    The best part: the flow. It never felt rushed or slow - it was just right. LOVE Ashley Greene as Alice! (And Alice is my favorite character besides Edward.)

    My cry-counter: 3 times. The E/B break-up, the B/J break-up, and the E/B reunion. Oh man. And I don't usually cry.

    My biggest beef is with the media. They're marketing it all wrong. It's not really very guy-friendly. It's deeply emotional and the actors are SO invested that the feelings fly off the screen.

    And they make it seem like the guys never wear clothes, that wasn't even a big deal. It doesn't feel gratuitous, just convenient for the 108-degree wolf boys.

    It was perfect and more than I imagined.

  26. And I was too Twitarded to remember my camera. I SQUEE-d all the way to the theater and especially as soon as the lights went down. OH! Not a single teenie-squealer in our theater - YES!

    Did anyone else have the Eclipse poster up in their theater? Mine did. It was cool to see it there. It makes June feel just a little closer.

  27. Great pics, Twitards! Like mmMoxie said, it's great to put faces with so many familiar "names," like the semi-blonde Twichotic, tank-totin' Honolulu Girl, and red Twitarded-head Twilove1. Too fun!

    If any of you have ever stopped by my blog, then you already know what I look like. To the rest of you reading this, I may or may not be the fat ass with the arrow proudly pointing to her Twitarded pin. Just sayin'.

    @Stan - Gracie over at The Danger Magnet has issued a challenge to get more fit for Eclipse. I am taking baby steps (but after looking at that picture again that may or may not be me, I need to walk, not crawl). I actually limited myself to one Diet Pepsi today, which is quite an accomplishment for me.

    @Cazza - You got so many of your pictures posted because you totally rocked it! The banners (!), the t-shirts, the cake, cardboard Eddie . . . I want su Cazza to be mi Cazza!

    Can't wait to see more pics (pointing at you VitaminR and Z Any Mouse).


  28. I wish we'd taken some pics, but alas didn't. You guys rule, your pics are awesome! I especially love all the mini-Edward ones! ;) Can't wait to see more!

  29. Rock on, Twi-ladies. Glad to see the merch is getting out there, including my little pins.

    Look forward to hearing more stories.


  30. @Twitardia -- I have to tell I'm telling you all. I told my boss today that I had a very important doctors appointment this afternoon...and I really went to see New Moon at 3 pm by myself. And it was fucking lovely. Fucking and totally wonderfully lovely.

    It was my third time...and not my last.

  31. I absolutely love all these pictures!! Thanks so much for letting us put your lovely faces (and tits) on the blog!

    We've actually gotten so many more pictures in since we've posted this sooooo... I'm thinking we might have a round two.

    We made it through this weekend and it was fucking fantastic.

    So, when's Eclipse? LOL!

  32. @Twichotic - Good for you! I'm going for Round 5 tomorrow afternoon with a girl who is like a daughter to me. She was sick over the weekend and couldn't go. I was worried it would seem weird to watch it in the middle of the day without a big crowd, so that's good to know. Unfortunately, she's Team Jacob. I thought I raised her better than that ;)

    @JJ - Photo Mashup Part II? Hell yeah!

  33. @Twichotic - Thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot that I have a...uh... doctor's appointment coming up soon too and will need to let my boss know!

    @Twitardia - I loved seeing all of your pictures! I went to NM again tonight with F-Cat and we proudly took a picture with Edward to send in.

    @F-Cat - It was so fabulous to meet you!!!!!!

  34. Yay-I FINALLY got a chance to see the movie AND also got my tat today. Met up with Twilove1 *waves hi* and the theater was thankfully free of screaming meemies. If not for being blinded by the three Twits in front of us who pulled out their fully lit cell phones every friggin time Jake's abs made an appearance (which was a lot!), then it would have been perfect. I was just happy they were quiet. Can't wait to see it again and oh my my Remember Me is going to be the death of me. Oh and Chris Weitz rules!



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