Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat

Let's skip dinner and head straight to dessert...
(& thanks to TwiCrack Addict for the pics!!)

We're going to have to come right out and say it: we lost the auctions on Thursday night. But thanks to the most amazing group of people ever - all of YOU! - we walked in feeling like we had a real shot at winning! And we were close, armed with $3200 and change. But sadly, it wasn't enough to seal the deal... So why "victory," you ask? Because the night was so full of win that can't even stand it. I'm still a little freaked out! In a good way.

OK, I said "auctions" plural not "auction" - let me start by explaining that part of the night: we lost the auction we knew was going to take place, for dinner with Peter Facinelli. And then we lost an auction that we didn't even know that we were going to be bidding on - for a dinner with Kellan Lutz!

Oh and we were practically face-to-face when we lost them - they were RIGHT THERE in the movie theater at the time, no more than a dozen feet away from us. WOOOOO!!! When we got into the theater, we were waiting a while and they started some of the activities they had said were going to happen afterwards - raffles and stuff (which we also didn't win but one of our friends did!). There was word of "technical difficulties" (at which point JJ turned to me and said that if we didn't get to see New Moon NOW, things were gonna get ugly...). Happily, "technical difficulties" was secret code for "Kellan and Peter's limo is stuck in traffic" and after they started the bidding, they entered the room and my eardrums nearly exploded. I have no clue how the entire cast has managed to keep from going deaf. Really.

Here's a clip from the next day where Kellan is talking about the event on Jay Leno!

Honestly, we are such twatmonkeys novices that we totally botched the recording of the pre-movie action. Or I did... I spent the entire movie sitting there with my foot up my ass (not literally but if I coulda kicked myself a few times I would have...) because I never took the FlipCam out of my bag. The extent for our planning - despite the fact that we had been standing around for HOURS waiting for the moment to arrive - was JJ looking at me three seconds before the bidding commenced and saying "I want to do the bidding because I want to be really loud!" and I told her to go for it because I wouldn't have the balls (she wears the testicles in this relationship). So it didn't occur to me until later when it was over that I could have recorded the entire fucking thing. I suck and I am still mad at myself. ARG! I think that the introduction of the security dudes earlier and being warned to turn off and put away all of our recording devices or risk being arrested had me shaken up. That and the fact that it took me five full minutes to figure out how to turn my phone off (who turns their phone off anymore, really?). Oh and I rarely take pictures aside from snapping things here and there with my cellphone. Sadly, cellphone camera shutter-speed s-u-c-k-s and because those two guys are very animated and never once stood still for more than three seconds, all my pictures look like this:

Only I could somehow manage to dissipate the hottness of these two dudes (although c'mon - you can still tell that tell that they're hot even all blurry, no?).

I borrowed a few pics from TwiCrack Addict, who had her real camera out - yay!

Look! He's so freaking cute that he's actually got a sparkly aura! Or that might be cupcake on the lens...

I never really had a thing for Kellan Lutz. Until now...

I think JJ started filming the clip below after we were out-bid on our dinner with Peter Facinelli... He's really gracious and seems like just an all-around great guy! I'm really sorry that we won't be having the chance to chat over dinner. I'm even MORE disappointed after seeing him in person! Not to mention that more than a few of you left notes asking me to pinch and or smack his butt should we win [I would have never been able to do it! Well, maybe just one little "accidental" swat...].

After the bidding was over, I guess Kellan was feeling a little caught up in the moment because he offered himself up for auction, too! Well, for dinner with him, anyway. Although Peter noted that he's single and kisses on the first date - way to work up the bidders! I know it worked for us - we actually bid more for Kellan than we did for Peter - around $400 more... I'm bummed but relieved that I didn't have to come home and explain to Mr. Snarky why I looted our bank account for dinner with a smokin' movie star.

Also got this footage from our friend Mrs. OPattz, who apparently had her wits about her more than I did at the time... I was freaking out! Plus I drank a can of Red Bull before we walked into the theater and it wasn't helping my panic-attack-y feeling much - oops... This is us (er, and some other folks...) bidding on Kellan - I really thought we had this one for a while there!

I'm hoping that when the TwiMoms post their footage, everyone will get to see the entire auction. The part where Kellan fixed a stare on JJ and said "I love you." was fucking priceless and I would put it on a loop if I could!

Here are a couple of other vids of the event that I tracked down on YouTube - some of them are LOUD (you've been warned about the screaming)! Be careful or your ears will feel like ours did after this night! I think the people who took these must have been sitting in the rows in front of us. Sadly, I can't find any clips of the "I love you" part, but we'll get it sooner or later...

P.S. Sorry if this post is all over the place! I'm still a tad flustered. : )


  1. I heart you both big time. As funny as the night sounded, I still from the bottom of my heart feel proud to follow a blog that found a win-win way to give back to a wonderful charity such as Alex’s Lemonade.

  2. You 2 look so cute, even losing!And it is awesome to have raised so much for such a good cause. It looked like so much fun - keep the stories and pics coming!

  3. Thanks gals! Let's get them out to lunch with you guys. Or maybe we should invite them to Twitarded Con. Hm?

  4. @STY - Epic win for Alex's Lemonade Stand, Twitarded, Twitards, you, and JJ. So proud.

    @Mrs. OPattz (wherever you are) - Epic win on catching JJ dropping the f-bomb on video!!! So proud ;)

  5. So jealous! Wish you could have won, but still glad the money went to such a great cause! Maybe we can still make something happen (I like the idea to invite them to Twitarded Con!).

    Finally got to see the movie this afternoon - holy fuck! :) I think a few more viewings are definitely necessary!

  6. I love living vicariously through you.

  7. First off - you two are SO fucking cute!!! And catching JJ's f-bomb on camera was PERFECT. I'm thinking Mrs. OPattz should have kept it as bribery. But I'm just evil that way and obviously JJ doesn't give a shit who sees her say it and that just makes me love these two even more!

    And I'm so glad Twitarded could donate to such a great cause. I think we'd all happily donate just to hear KLutz say, "I love you" to JJ. ;)

    And I must agree that I'm a jealous bitch, but I'm not alone cuz I'm Twitarded and here my peeps get it. Sorry - too much gush...

    *Drinking and comments may not mix, but I'll find out tomorrow.

    WordVerif: rusteg. A car and a chicken's unnatural demon spawn?

  8. OH!!! And HELL YEAH about inviting them to Vegas for TwitardedCon 2010! KLutz did a party for Halloween with Ashley Green in Vegas this year. You know he likes to party and loves the Twitarded chicks *cough* JJ.

    Plus, PFach is down with the our-age crowd, and obviously gave STY fuck-me eyes at one point. (Proof? Oh no - I'm just positive that it happened.)

    WV: lizesse. I think my girl-crush on JJ & STY is giving me feelings of lizesse.

  9. Here is another video of the auction that @211me tweeted:

  10. You two are incredible! Job well done on representing the twihards :) And thank god I was not at that auction. After that Kellan-tie-biting video I would have been living in a van down by the river after I signed my house over to secure my dinner date. Hard time explaining that to the hubby :|

    Team KSlutz!!

  11. That was so fun to watch and I'm glad that our Twitarded posse was well represented. It makes me feel good that we donated to such a great cause. I agree with all of the above comments - let's get one or both of those studs to Twitarded Con!

  12. Sooo, I'm watchin' this and reliving it a little bit and I'm feeling kinda bummed because we didn't win. Again.

    And OF COURSE I dropped the F-bomb. ML once said the probability of me spewing a curse word is at least 88% - he figured out the I swore at least one time in every three sentences. This is what I get for dating a scientist.

    Know what's really funny about that video our lovely friend Mrs. OPattz took? Someone yells out "36", meaning 3600.

    That was me. Right after my "fuck" as in "fuck me gently we lost" I continued to bid even though we didn't have it. Holy shit would I have some explaining to do!

    But, honestly, it would have been worth it. :)

  13. @Rob's Swiss Miss - LOL!!! First - LOVE KSlutz! Second - you are now in my cool book for the "van down by the river" reference. Too funny!

    @JJ - I LOVE that you're with a guy that thinks that way! Smart guys are sexy.

    @Twilove1 - Getting the "studs" for TwitardedCon: YES!!!!

    Who wants to contact their "people?"

  14. I feel kinda bad. I always took KLutz as a bit of a dbag. But this press tour, he's totally won me over.

    Those were some awesome video's! Complete madness!

    VW - debionse - PFach and KLutz look very "debionse" in their tux's. aka- as very do-a-ble.

  15. STY, I cannot believe you were never into Kellan! That boy is just so yummy!

    Awesome videos girls. Like someone said, I love the fact that I can live vicariously through you. I just found out yesterday that there's a Twilight Serbia forum, went to check it out, and like the oldest member is 23, while most are teenage girls (although there are boys too). I freaked at just imagining talking to them about the stuff we talk about here. So, so, fucking glad to have Twitardia.

  16. I think you people are fantastic, I love you, I love this site, I love the people that comment, I love everyone I think seeing New Moon and Rob sans shirt combined with migraine meds has made me slightly loopy, I need to see the film again and again before it comes out on dvd. I wish you guys had won but at least Kellan loves JJ-I mean how cool is that!!!!

    Word verif-ENTINGLE-Robert, you guys and the Twi-life make me "entingle" with joy

  17. NO appologies necessary....I'm all flustered just reading about it! What an amazing night for you guys!

  18. Wow, I may have offered to sell a kidney to raise the money to have dinner with PFach - he's too cute!

    JJ - did you pair your Team Twitarded t-shirt with a nice skirt?? LOL!

    Still so jealous...

  19. Y ou guys looked like you wanted to sink into a hole from embarassment but couldn't because you wanted to gawk. I so get that. LOL!

    Funny thing is I too drank a Red Bull before the movie and rgereted it immediately. It hit me while I was standing in a mile long line. I was shivering from cold, nerves, excitment and the energy rush. Not a good combination.

  20. New Moon Tickets: $ 12.50

    Twitarded T-shirt: $19.99

    Raising money to have dinner with Peter & see Kellan and be 12 feet away: PRICELESS!!

    Great job ladies! Yes, we may have not won the auction, but the experience of a life time of that entire night will be burned into yours/our retinas
    F O R E V E R!

    I think that if the others did that, {{cough, ROB}} we could help alot of people. I would have sold a kidney too LKW!

    I talked about this site to people while waiting for NM and showed them by button. I told them what we did and what you guys were doing in NYC. They were rooting for you too!

    WooHoo...Team Twitarded!!!

  21. OMG! What craziness! Total mayhem. Peter is freakin' adorable and I am with@Track10
    Kellan is growing on me.

    It sucks you lost but I am holding out hope there may be another opportunity in the future. Love that you kept bidding JJ!

    Oh, and I would like to second what @Honolulu Girl said. I, too, am so proud of you two and this group of women (and the entire fandom) for paticipating in this fundraiser. It is amazing what the Twilight community has accomplished through The Fandom Gives Back. Viva la Twitardia!

  22. @Kerri - I had an espresso shot and skittles right before the movie started. It led to serious bouts of inappropriate giggling.

    vw - rated. I hate to see what this movie would have rated if I'd directed it.

  23. STY, I wasn't there and I feel "a tad flustered". The post isn't all over the place. It feels right, in accordance with the mood :)

    I love that at the ned of one of the videos you can hear "lucky bitch, I'm so jealous". Yeah, same here :)

    Keep posting updates, can't wait.
    Hope you find the "I love you" video.

    And by the way, I love you guys, you are my heroes. In a non-lesbian way, of course.
    Although you have looked upon those 2 hotties. I'm having a flashback to a post about STY licking JJ's eye balls, remember? I understand what you meant back then.
    You might want to wear glasses at Twicon 2010, just saying...

  24. P.S. I think Kellan had fun working up the audience. Wish I was there. Jealous, jealous.

  25. Awww, I'm gutted for you guys that you didn't win, it looks like it was a fantastic evening though.

    My fave bit of the vids? The very last one where it ends with the words "sit on my" then just cuts out, ROFL!

    Oh, and well done on raising such an amazing amount, it just goes to show how much we all think of you xx

  26. @JJ and STY- I'm a techtard and don't know where to email you. I wanted to send a pic of my sis and I wearing out Twitarded shirts at New Moon today.

  27. Ok, wait just a second. I'm new to this blog & have a question. Is Twitarded con for real, or just a fantasy???
    Also, re: Klutz - he is UBER hot with blond hair - not so into his Emmett look, but otherwise - HOT! However, I'd still launch him off of the bed if Rob showed up - UNLESS....they both wanted to stay...hmmm.

  28. @sabrina - it's theoretical at this point. But the plan is to kinda all hang out for Eclipse and engage in some kind of debauchery together.

  29. well, if I can't email the pic...its on my blog at

  30. @mmMoxie - Just getting home from my 4th viewing of New Moon (crazy, I know) and reading your comments. The email addresses for JJ & STY are at the very bottom of their site. Pretty easy to remember, too:

    Heading over to check out your pics now :)


  31. Thanks sprtzmom. I looked there but apparently not hard enough. I'm out of it today. Still in a New Moon haze!

  32. I totally agree i never really used to have a thing for Kellan, but now im coming around. Honestly id probably get on the end of any of the male vampires - im a whore like that haha :D

  33. I took quite a lot of footage - I can't promise it's great and/or drowned in screams but I'll email it over once it's uploaded :)
    - Lorabell

  34. I posted on the other thread there - but am totally convinced that Team Twitarded are capable of many things, and we can make the following a reality:

    1) Twitarded Lunch/dinner/coffee with Pfach, Lutzy! All proceeds going to charity again of course!

    2) TwitardedCon 2010.... Can we?! can we?! can we?! Who knows maybe we will have the cast knocking down OUR door for an invite, I mean come on, who wouldn't want to hang out with TT?!!!!

    Once again have to say how much I love this blog - JJ & STY you Rock!!! But Team Twitarded in general, love to ye all! Its a great place to come 'home' to, and just hang out with cool individuals who just..... get it!

  35. Also meant to ask?

    Who did win? What was the final total for the dinner?

    Good work to all, we really should be proud that we raised such a great amount of money for a brilliant charity! Go Team Twitarded!

  36. You are so lucky -- that looked like so much fun!

  37. Awww, I'm bummed you guys didn't win but the videos are fantastic and a serious once in a fucking lifetime experiences, that's for damn sure!

    Side note- that KLutz likes to tell a story huh? He was cracking me up on Leno with his stories! I'd LOVE to have dinner and listen to him tell stories and I'm not even Team Emmet! Too bad Jackson wasn't auctioning himself too, I love me some Jasper!

  38. Awww, I'm bummed you guys didn't win but the videos are fantastic and a serious once in a fucking lifetime experiences, that's for damn sure!

    Side note- that KLutz likes to tell a story huh? He was cracking me up on Leno with his stories! I'd LOVE to have dinner and listen to him tell stories and I'm not even Team Emmet! Too bad Jackson wasn't auctioning himself too, I love me some Jasper!


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