Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitarded's Gettin' Ready For The BIG Day!

I can't believe it, but it's finally here!!! After months and months of paying little attention to the countdown widgets scattered everywhere in the Twilight blogosphere, I now get excited every time I come across one (and almost had a heart attack a week or so back when suddenly a bunch of the counters inexplicably said 000:00:00:00). I just stare at them, mesmerized... And savor the closeness of the date - the hour - the minute - the second when the movie starts to roll - squeeeeee!!! It's so close that I can taste it! It tastes like sunshine and lavender and honey...and movie-theater popcorn...and vodka.

Needless to say, we've been looking forward to this date for a looong time! Now that it's finally here, I'm screwing on my practical hat and making preparations for the Pilgrimage to Precious, aka the trip to NYC! [Note: this is probably the first, last, and only time you will ever see the word "screw" here at Twitarded in a non-saucy context.]

I'm a planner. And I used to be an efficient planner, too, until Twilight pretty much ruined any chance I'd ever had at living a somewhat normal, semi-organized life (more on that some other time). But I still make lists. If it isn't on the list, it'll be forgotten or won't happen. So here's my "to-do" list of crap I need to take care of prior to lining up for the movie Thursday evening:

1) Make list of stuff I don't want to forget to bring with me (as you other list keepers may know, lists beget more lists and so on and so on...).

2) Figure out a way to lose ten pounds (or so) in 36 hours. My months-out plan to exercise and eat right went to pot...months ago. I swear it was like I did the reverse - I have eaten like a child (only grown-up portions) for the past several weeks and it shows. If you think you see something on my ass should you happen to bump into me on Thursday night, well - you probably do. It's called "remains of every pizza I've eaten in the last month" - not to mention the remnants of the obscene feeding frenzies that sometimes occur at JJ's late on Saturday nights, where we hunch over the table, ripping apart buffalo wings like Neanderthals and devouring fries like they are fucking Ambrosia. We live near a college town, and thus our late-nite delivery options are ridiculously plentiful and also reflective of what every frat boy is looking for at 2 a.m. (aside from a drunk freshman to hook up with). Moving on...

3) Find something totally awesome to wear with my Team Twitarded t-shirt! I haven't scored the boots Kristen Stewart wore as she flounced her hot little "yeah that's right: mine!" self across the tarmac last week [note from JJ: er, I fully plan on buying them tomorrow, fyi], and as far as legging go I am following the "if you were around the first time the fad was hot you shouldn't do a repeat performance" rule (it's for the best - trust me). I'm thinking a nice A-line skirt and the boots that make me feel like a superhero when I put them on (I can do no wrong with this combination; every woman needs the go-to "I feel invincible in this" couple of pieces and these are mine).

4) Get a haircut. 'Cause I am vain (er, you may have reached this conclusion all by yourself at this point if you've been following along here for a while). And it's been at least two months since my last cut (I am cheap, too). Phil - the scissor-wielding genius who cuts my hair and JJ's too - is a hair-layering god and will make everything ok. Plus he has excellent taste in Twilight action figures -

Help me, Phil! You are my only hope! And you seemed to like Mini-Edward...

And then there is the all-important list of things to bring!
  • Tickets (first things first)
  • Flask
  • Twitarded buttons to pass out!

  • Camera, FlipCam
  • Mini Edward (Bella has to stay at home this time)
  • PayPal security key in case we win the auction and need to pay up - fingers crossed!
  • Tissues VitaminR70 sent us back when this night seemed SO far off (you'd better make me cry, Chris Weitz!) - thanks VitaminR - you'll be with us in spirit, west-coast doppelganger!
Imaginary men...mmm...
  • GPS device for tracking location of Twilight cast (er, or finding our way home)
  • Twilight band-aids in case of movie or cast-stalking-related boo-boos. Or in case we get too drinky and bonk into stuff
  • My dog-eared copy of Twilight and a Sharpie (hey - you never know! OK I am leaving it at home...grudgingly...because I know that if we manage to find Robert Pattinson - which we won't because he'll be hiding in a hotel room with a certain someone until this frenzy subsides or at least won't be hanging out a bar anywhere near where the movie is showing, which is everywhere - but if we DO there's no way I will ask for an autograph. Nope, I am bumming a smoke and I don't care if it's my first cigarette in eight years - it'll totally be worth it)
  • Mace in case some whipper-snapper decides to avenge Robert Pattinson's honor over PantyGate... Joking! Maybe...Try me and find out for yourself. heh-heh.

...and JJ's ready, too - flask? check! Kick-ass boots for when the mace wears off (or even better, while it's still working its magic!) - double check!

SQUEEEEEE!!! Can't wait!!

How are YOU preparing?! Are you freaking out in anticipation?! On overload? Burnt out??? Let us know in the comments!!


  1. Love it STY & JJ! (also loved your interview on CNN...You guys were decidedly... polished! I didn't know what to think? And I mean that in the BEST possible way!)

    So I am custom making flask cozies with Plaid Flannel (you all know why!) Though I spiced them up with a rhinestone initial for each of us!


    More to come our Twi-fecta's preparations! YES!!!!

    PS - veriword is "latermfo" which of course I only see as Later, MOFO!

  2. Nice!

    Yeah what I learned from CNN interview is pre-gaming a CNN interview is ill-advised - lol! Well, live and learn! But we've officially made JJ "The Voice of Twitarded" today because of my er "RL" considerations... Plus she's better at that stuff than I am...

    : )

    veriword = asesses - ha!

  3. @STY - Our local theater has already sold out four midnight showings and working on a fifth. My daughter's friend who used to work at the theater during high school gave me this tips:

    1-Get there no later than 8 pm.
    2-Bring a lawn chair.
    3-Bring a laptop to watch a movie (Twilight, duh!).
    4-Don't drink too much *pop* while waiting to get into the theater or you'll have to get up and pee during the movie. (Probably the best advice yet!!).

    So excited that it's almost here for you two. One more day for me. Have a blast, and I have to say it . . . Be Safe.


  4. @Anntastic23 I love the flask cozies.

    I've gone back and forth on whether or not to bring a flask because honestly we are going to be there for some time and will one flask be enough - so I decided leave the flask and bring the "Team Jacob" water bottle.

    That's correct ladies - I'm "Team Jacob" - however, only during "New Moon" - I'm a fickle be-yotch and I feel bad for the hot little puppy.

    But, let it be know if Chaske Spencer is any where near I will cut a bitch to get near him. I've been quiet and nice once in his presence and I can no longer. His voice is crazy and my new flip arrives tomorrow and I want to tape him saying something, that will make me faint!

    And I'm bringing some other goodies to share with the folks at the event just so I can say thank you for giving me an outlet to discuss my obsession and hopefully bribe someone to be my "Twilight" friend in RL. I'm desperate and I don't care who knows anymore.

  5. OME I'm seeing New Moon TONIGHT!!! In exactly 8 hours and 43 minutes I will be watching New Moon. Don't hate! haha

    Outfit is all ready, have had it planned for months!
    Black high-waisted A-line skirt, leggings and a cute black top with mad accessories and cutesie shoes ala Alice.
    Got my hair did this morn and just gotta paint ny nails.

    Make up is also planned, must remember to wear waterproof just in case!

    Tickets were printed yesterday.


    Jayde xox

  6. Wow! I feel very calm right now. It's a an odd feeling. Maybe cause I'm not seeing it at midnight like the rest of you. Or maybe because I've been asaulted with so many interviews, and photos. I'm overwhelmed but I love it. I need a redbull to give me wings. :)

    I'll be seeing it on Friday at 8am. *let's out a little hey!* So I'm stoked about that. I'm not preparing in any way because I'm seeing it in the morning. *pouts* So probably just coffee. *perks head up* BUT I will wear my twitarded shirt and take photos!

  7. Here the premiere is at the 26th.
    But, I'm GOING on the 19th to a pre-showing!!! I'm SO excited. I know, I know, I sound like a teenager!

    So I've been stressing about what to wear. A lot. More than I do when going out. It's not normal.

    And I was just thinking that if Rob and KStew have been paying attention to the sold out on cinemas all over, I can take a guess to where they will be during premiere; OUT, enjoying the fact that everyone is safely locked inside, watching the movie. They will be partying... At least while the film lasts.


  8. i'm freaking out as well. actually, i'm not sure if that is even the right word. i am in a perpetual state of squee. and i am still waiting for the twitarded gear i ordered from cafepress to show up! can't see NM without it!!!! can't go to the midnight show (sad face) but took a vacation day on friday to see it as many times as possible. mini-edward will be safely tucked in my purse and i will be sipping tea (off the alkie drinkies for a while, boo) from my twitarded mug. but, even though i am more excited for this than i think i have ever been for anything EVER, on the advice of the gals at letters to twilight, i am keeping my expectations low. that said, even if it is worse than twilight *gasp* it will still be one of my favorites movies ever! at least until eclipse comes out!

  9. Hey, is it my computer or have you added space between columns? Text seems to be more apart. I know, random, but I have to keep my mind occupied so it won't "squeee" all the time.

  10. We are clear to go here!
    2 galpals will meet at my house at 545 - those two are notorious for being late - and have been warned that shit ain't happenin' Thursday! The 3 of us will pick up #4. We will arrive for dinner at 605. We will quickly down 2 pitchers of margaritas and maybe eat some mexican food (I'm not so sure I want to waste the time to eat). We will then walk to the very close theater, get in line for our 930 showing of Twilight, to be followed by a 25 minute intermission (which everyoen has been instructed by me to piss BEOFRE intermission), and the awesomeness may then begin :)
    I'm sooo pumped! Giddy doesn't even describe!

  11. Good gawd..just saw my own post - I'm so excited, I can't even type right! ughh I have no idea how I'm going to be able to make it through classes on Thursday!

  12. Yay! The Sniffs!!! I have mine all ready too...wish I could pass you and JJ a fresh one myself. Mwah and Mwah!

    I will most definitely be wearing my Twitarded "Just Heads" black long sleeve T--not sure if I will be sporting jeans or a skirt. Thinking about wearing my new kick-as Frye boots. I might try and sneak in a bangs trim tomorrow. Wish I had some money to get my hair highlighted but it's not going to happen.

    At first I thought I would not need a flask for opening night since I am going to a 21+ theater but I just learned that they only have beer and wine...VitR needs some Irish whiskey...so a flask is a must. Mini E will be coming along of course. Team Twitarded buttons!!!! I may even give out a couple if someone really impresses me. Thinking about a tarp or some ShamWows for easy clean-up from my expected drool/crying/excitement fest. Best of all I will pre-funking at a party at Kitty_Elvis' house--I get to totally freak out with another Twitard! Yay!

    I feel a Twi-bloggy friend love fest coming on. I am feeling all emotional and full of glee--I just want to group hug everyone. I think I better go drink more wine now.

    @Anntastic23--is that the surprise?! That is freaking awesome!!!!

    Every time I see that count-down I get all Bella twitchy-like...squeeeeeeeeeee!

    V/W 'shilliti'--I am practically shilliting myself waiting for Thursday!

  13. I'm seeing it in Australia in exactly 6 and a half hours!

    I'm wearing what I wore to work today, because I'm too fucking lazy to change, and there will be nobody there to impress anyway, and I'm thinking I may possibly put on a little lipstick...


  14. Well...I got to go to the Premier in TN tonight!!! AHHHHH!!! It was awesome! Girls beside me squalled like babies! Taylor is great by the way, I was luckey enought to get his autograph! Kristen did not come over to our side though..crap it! Move is beautiful! I am going again on Thurs with my Twigirlz and again on the weekend with my MOM! LOL! Hope you all have a fantastic time! You are going to LOVE IT!!! Totally worth the wait! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! Fanpire in TN

  15. Sorry about the spelling! Was a little excited!!! Fanpire in TN

  16. we are totally ready. there are nearly 14 of us (all with matching shirts that we had specially made) and it could get a little crazy! I can't wait to hear what kind of trouble you two get into! love it!

  17. Aw, I envy you gals! I have to wait until Dec 3, until it comes out here. And there will be no squeee, no line ups, no paparazzi, and definitely no Kris and Rob. Just a regular night out at the movies, sigh.

  18. Those are some excellent boots for layin' down the law. Have fun girls. It's your night for sure. =) (okay seriously, lame on the comment but I'm half way into a bottle of wine and my son is super sick. But I just wanted to make sure I told you ladies I heart you hard and hope you have a fabulous time. *hugs JJ, STY and all the Twitards*)

  19. Sooooooooo excited! From Aus and so its only 5 and half hours to go!!!!!!!!! Just finished making Twilight bags full of lots of goodies for all my twilight loving friends who are joining me for the movie!!!!!


  20. OMG Selene - brilliant observation! Rob and Kristen will be running naked through the streets somewhere secure in the the knowledge that all of the freaks are locked up in movie theaters!

    Run free you two, run like the wind!

  21. i am freaking ready to rock this bitch!

    okay actually, i am not, and i am beginning to freak out a little a lot. i have to pack...and get on a plane...what if i forget something? what if i forget pocket edward? i cant just turn around? "pilot! i insist you turn this plane around or i will do it for you!" yea dont think its gonna happen.

    STY and JJ, i love you both SO much! i cant believe its almost here. *gets all drunky lovey on everyone*

  22. Have a great time!! Those are some srsly kickass boots, STY! I'm going next week so can't wait to hear about it from you two!! If it sucks, be sure to tell us (although a previous comment says it doesn't). Have fun!!!

  23. I've been holding a can drive in order to buy something twi to wear to the premiere, I've also planned to get my hair cut, charge the ipod and camera battery, get the minis together, find the flask, and figure out where to dump off the kids ...

  24. Wow! Sounds like you'll all be having fantastic time! Especially in those boots! I can't imagine it will be that exciting in the UK, might get the odd T-shirt, far too fuckin reserved!! I could be wrong though......
    I'm not going til mon ( sucks!), but I will be be going again with my newly discovered twilight friends. yay!

  25. LMAO, oh wow, I love you guys so much, you crack me up totally. Anyhoo I'm not seeing New Moon till Friday night when I go with 9 other friends; as supplies we have, small bottles of wine (red natch) plastic wine glasses, a few boxes of Twilight chocolates (yes twilight chocs have been around ages here and are in no way related to the films, books or merchandise but we thought it was appropriate) I have a Twitarded t shirt that I'm gonna wear, that or my cake or death eddie izzard t shirt. Tissues for when we cry when Edward leaves Bella, tissues for when he takes his shoirt off and it gets kinda damp, tissues for when the Volturi beat the Rob God up, tissues for when Edward and Bella get back together, tissues for when Jacob is heart broken, I know I'm Team Edward but I kinda feel sorry for him. Tissues for when we all start gushing about how gorgeous the Rob God is and finally, napkins for when we go for our post New Moon curry to dissect the film and discuss the Rob Gods gorgeousness.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait. Today I bought Robsessed the dvd along with the Robert Pattinson 2010 annual oh and a coat, its getting cold here!!!

  26. I'm still cracking up that everyone is planning their outfit to wear to the movie! I bought the Edward blanket, so I just figured I'd take that in case it's cold in the theater :) Of course, if it's hot in the theater, I'll be sweatin' like a MOFO with Edward's face in my lap. (I totally just ruined that for my sister, ISeeTwiPeople, bcuz her blanket is in the mail)

    I have to freakin work Friday, so I can't go see it during the day. Then my son has testing in taekwondo on Friday night! It probably wouldn't be a good thing to just drop him off in a hurry, "Do your best, sweetie! Mommy's gotta go drool at a movie" Nah, not so good. So I have to wait until Saturday. Can't wait to hear everyone's movie reviews! TWITARDS ROCK!

  27. @TJB - Team Jacob?!? Ugh! Well, we'll have "one of those" in our little group, too (I have no idea how this was allowed to happen) so I guess it's all good... See you tomorrow night (yes??) - squeee! : )

    @VitaminR - LOVE that you get to meet up with Twitarded buds - yay!

    In fact I am so glad that it sounds like EVERYONE is going to have an awesome time! Sorry to the peeps who have to wait a little... Booo! But it will be worth it! We won't start talking about major spoiler-y stuff until later in the weekend, 'cause we're courteous like that.

    @Cutie - how are you holding up?! I need to go check your blog - lol!

    We'll try to post something about this soon but TAKE PICTURES! And SENT TO US!!! We can always blur faces if you want us too - but we'd love to do a round-up of people at the premiere or the first show they go to (or second or third - whatever!)!

    OK gotta go finish up RL/work responsibilities so I can get on with my mini-Twi/NM vacation this weekend - woo!


    P.S. the auction fund/ALSF donation pool is coming along nicely! We can't spill the beans on the specifics, but we'll let you all know asap!

    : )

  28. I'm going with a bunch (30-ish) work peeps. Should be good. We're doing dinner (some are doing a wine tour ahead of time) and then wondering over to the movie. We've got the 19+ theatre (drinking age round these parts) which also = comfy seating! We've even got our seats picked out.

    I'm doing my hair, slapping the makeup on and totally plan on looking HAWT. Well, I'm wearing my Twitarded shirt for sure and some jeans plus maybe some cute heels. I keep hoping to run into a fellow Twitard. We're carpooling so the ipod is coming so I can listen to soundtrack en route.

    I'm glad I'm going in a big group, but am slightly dissapointed not to have a fellow Twitard among them (i.e bringing a flask is totally out. they'll be nobody to do my best bella with...)

    Sounds like everyone has a great night planned! And I'm SO excited about tomorrow night for you guys. What time does the event start?

  29. To all attending THE EVENT... have a great time and be safe.

  30. Oh! and Selene - you are correct!! The lovely and talented Mrs. Vanquish had her way with the blog's html over the weekend and made everything look less cramped/piled on top of each other! It's a subtle change but I think it looks a ton better and is easier to read without the outer columns mushing into the center ones!

    : )

    Thanks Mrs. V!!!

  31. My fellow Twi-addict & I have tickets for the 7pm showing on Friday -we have kids younger than 4, so we have to wait for husbands (who have been ORDERED to be home by 5) to get home. Also, we're old, so we couldn't possibly stay up for the midnight showing. ANYWAY....I am STILL trying to decide between my 'Twilight Junkie' shirt, my 'Dazzled' shirt, or my 'Fanpire' shirt. So, the plan is leave the husbands with the younguns, grab some quick dinner & GET IN LINE - we already have our tickets, of course. Oh, and try not to squee OUT LOUD in the movie! Can't FREAKING WAIT....SQUEEEEEE!!!

  32. My excitement turned to complete depression last Thursday when my doctor put me on bed rest for my pregnancy. SON OF A BITCH!!! There are no exceptions. I asked.

    I had my plans all ready with my girlfriends and then it was pulled out from under me.

    Now every time I see the preview on tv, I get all weepy. In theory, I've got six more weeks of bed rest so I'm hoping beyond hope that it will stay in the theaters long enough for me to see it. I can't imagine waiting until it comes out on DVD! :(

    Anyway, sorry for the self-pity party but it just SUCKS!!!

    Looking forward to hearing everyone else's stories though.

  33. I'n peeing in my pants with excitement for you both.

    Have oodles of friggin fun, and JJ, sucking face would not be a cool thing to do to the Fach, just a little peck on the cheek will suffice..

    Will be thinking of you...

  34. Well.......us Twisoup girls have tickets to the midnight show Thurs and then going again on Saturday. Work schedules and responsibility of our kiddos have been relinquished for the entire weekend. We plan to go to the midnight show decked out like the Twi-lovin idiots that we are. We're making boingy headbands to attach Edward to, and will be sporting home-made "Stupid Lamb" t-shirts where a scared little lamb is depicted flying though the air as it foolishly hurtles itself off a cliff! We'll dress like normal human beings to sat night's showing! Stoney is currently divising a Twilight trivia/would you rather game that covers the books, movie, fan-fic and bloggy world to pass the time!

    I was also comtemplating bringing a computer in to watch Twilight while in the holding line, but we were worried that it might not let us do it. What do you guys think?

  35. Not going to the midnight showing but I got my tix for Friday night! So excited!!!! I wanted to bring all sorts of crap with me but I'll have to hear from my gfs who aren't quite as twihard as me. So, it's just going to the be the BB and my gfs to keep me company. It's not that I don't want to hang out with them, I just plenty of time with RPatz first.

  36. Tickets
    Sparkle Fool T-shirt
    New Moon candy bars
    I may break out the buttons I bought for my niece for her birthday...
    The kids...yes I am bringing all of them including the one-footed Guidoward.
    iPhone (backup camera)
    Oh, and Bitches too...

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Awesome! I love you two you crack me up! We made t-shirts with our blog name on them, we're shameless self-promoting whores, I know. I'm looking for a new pair of jeans tomorrow to wear because I'm only down to two options in my wardrobe right now, baggy, or holey...and neither will work.

    JE and I plan on using our twilight thermos' that came with the lunchboxes as flasks.

    I'm going to make sure I have a variety of recent twi-cover mags to read through. Vanity Fair, Harpers Baazar & EW. And JE has a kick ass twilight trivia game that she made so we'll have that to help pass the time too.

    I think as far as weapons to defend myself against the tweens, I have two right here. *flexes biceps* with my height I am at the perfect level to clothes-line a few tweens :)

    I also have tissues and pocket E in my bag already haha.

  39. There are 8 of us going to the midnight show here in lovely Bangor, Maine - and only 2 of them are tweentwatheads (one of them being my own!) We were only planning to get to the theater an hour early but after seeing how early the rest of you are going - I may bump that up to 2 hrs prior!

    Got my "damn, these make my ass look good!" jeans ready, my "Property of Cullen" tshirt, my large "twitarded" button, my black ass stompin' boots and now considering the whole flask thing!

    Sucky part is, I still have to go to work on Friday so by the time we get home at 2:30am - I'd have to get up at 5 to get ready for work - ughhhh!

  40. have a great time, fellow Twi-ladies!

  41. LADIES! I can't BELIEVE you aren't dishing on the contents of your flask! Crown and Cullens? Absolut Robward? Grey Goose over Forks? C'mon!!!! This is very important.

    I'm seeing it Friday at 8PM. I'm gonna rock my bad ass jeans, high-heeled pointy boots, corduroy jacket... and hopefully find a suitably low-cut shirt.

  42. For some reason our "Midnight Showing" is at 10pm. No idea why, I'm not complaining! (Yay Canada!)I'm going out to dinner with a bunch of my female co-workers and then car-pooling to the theatre. (As one co-worker pointed out - 16 year old girls are good at screaming but not parking so we want to make sure we get a spot). I'll be bringing Mini-E and my Twitarded pins. Gotta find a flask.

    I've had the absolute worst week ever. I work Reception at 3 radio stations and one of our stations flipped formats so people have been yelling at me all week. (It sucks because it was my fave out of the 3). I've been receiving the worst verbal abuse from former listeners (because I'm the only person they can talk to). Totally not fun. (Especially when they make me cry). Thank god NM is coming out this week so I have something positive to look forward to.
    I actually don't mind if there are screaming girls at my theatre because at least they won't be yelling at me and it will be happy screaming.

    Friday night I'm going to our local VIP theatre (woo hoo never been and can't wait) and hopefully boozing it up. I need it!

    Good luck ladies at the auction! Hope you win!!!

  43. This sounds really lame compared to everyone else, but the first chance I was going to be able to go was Monday (WTF!) morning, and I have managed to move it up to Sunday night. Family obligations prevent me from going any sooner, crap! Still excited though, rounding up friends and neighbors to go. Then, oh darn, I'm going to have to again with my 10 year-old daughter and couple of her friends later in the week, heh, heh. The plan for Sunday is to down a pitcher of margaritas before lining up. Arriba!

  44. It is 2:30am on the 19th Nov where I live in Australia.

    I have just returned from my local midnight screening of New Moon.

    Please note that I NEVER swear...

    It was FUCKING awesome!!!!!

    I just had to share.

    (I blame all you twitards for the corruption of my former innocence).

  45. I REALLY wish I had those tissues, they totally rock!
    I ADORE lists! I too have lists of lists!
    Right now I'm going bonkers because I'm afraid I won't be able to pluck my fucking eyebrows like Bella Swan.
    YEP, I'm defin. twitarded, I'm dressing as Bella for the premiere. Too bad my fucking pizza eating (as well) ass won't fit into those levi's anymore. Shit it's tomorrow!
    Overload - check
    burn out - check
    fucking pissing in my pants - check!

  46. SNY....maybe you should bring a pack of cigarettes in case Rob needs to bum one from YOU! Remember that one interview where he was chain smoking and ran out of cigarettes so he went out into the hall of the hotel to bum one from a passerby? I'd be prepared like a f*^&$in' girl scout! But if you do get to bum one from him...INSIST he puts it in his mouth and light it for you!!!

    HAVE A BLAST you guys!!!! ;)

  47. My Cafe Press shipment had better come in today, dammit! I simply cannot go to the movie without displaying my undying love for my Twitarded homies. I need my t-shirt!

  48. @Volvobackseater - Buwahhhh! What, did you think that I wouldn’t be on Twitarded over the next few days. Fat chance sister! Lurv you though for getting me such a great gift!!!! BTW, you might as well send me both since it doesn't get that cold in Bama and I'm in PA, and about to move to OH! I could lay one blanket down, lay on top of it, and cover myself with the other one. OH, and Edward sandwich!

    As for prepping for the movie: I have to wait until Sat. night due to needing a babysitter. My sitter is 15 and a huge fan, so I know that she won't be available on Friday. And I can't ask her to come and spend the night on Thur. so I can go to the midnight showing. (My DH has already moved to OH). Anyway, I have conned some co-workers into going with me, but none are Twitards. I am super excited to see it and am either getting the co-workers excited too or really annoyed :)

    Oh...and I will be wearing my Team Twitarded long sleeve t-shirt if it gets here in time!!! Curious to see if anyone here in PA will recognize it.

    Love you guys!

  49. I'm mesmerized by those NM countdown widgets too, cause I can't believe that it's almost time!!! I love reading everyone's comments who have already seen NM (lucky bitches!!) I knew it would be fabulous!!

    I'll be there tomorrow night for the double feature with three friends, proudly wearing my Twitarded shirt. Then on Monday night I'm meeting fellow Twitard @F-cat to see it again. Can't wait!!!!

    @Aggie99 - Sorry to hear you're on bed rest. Hang in there and take care!

    @STY & @JJ - You have to let us know how the auction went the minute it's over!

  50. I'm so excited! ^_^

    I've been reading your blog for months but I don't think I've made comment until now...So, hey there!

    Like you, I've made a mental list of everything required for the big night!
    but just Friday my mind was thrown into a whirlwind. I was lucky enough to win premiere tickets to a theater near by from a local radio station. That means tonight is the big night for me. O_O OME...

    I felt like I was getting ready for a hot date this morning. I know the movie doesn't start until 8 tonight, but I'm wearing a New Moon shirt today at work (my company is cool that way, we can wear jeans every day since we're just in a call center) that I just purchased over the weekend.
    I sat in front of the mirror blow drying and doing my hair all nice and pretty, and I'm even going to wear make up tonight (I don't wear make up like ever anymore)
    I'll prolly have to repeat the whole process again before I leave, but it's worth it. This is important. Everything must be just right, like a first date.
    You want to look special because you're hoping for the best to come from the experience and I can't wait!! 8pm can't get here fast enough!
    The only thing that I didn't do this morning was shave my legs. That'll keep me from going too far. Don't wanna be too much of a whore on the first date...er, right? O_o right??

  51. I'm doing the double feature - Twilight (which I've never seen on the big screen - I think I'm MORE excited about that) and then the midnight show - with my one Twifriend.)

    I'm going for comfort, since Rob won't be there. Twitarded shirt and yoga pants.

  52. @Aggie99 -Oh you poor dear! You have the biggest pity party you want. We're here for you!

    @Limey1996 - peck on the cheek!? I vote smack on the arse!

    @Cinzia - Are you in Hamilton?!

    I don't wanna want till Saturday! argh!!!

  53. My friends and I aren't going until Sunday. My sis and I bought our Twitarded shirts so we'll be proudly wearing them. (will post pics). We're also going to breakfast before we see the 11:45 show. I'm pretty grouchy if I don't have a full belly. This will insure a pleasant afternoon for all.

  54. Well since hubby here is pisses of that all i can talk about is New Moon and Edward , ill be taking to of my fellow marine wives with me. We al have out Twilight, New Moon , Team Edward t-shirt and tickets. I get off at 5 this friday so as soon as i get off ill get my happy ass over to the theatre, and let me tell you this! I am ready to bitch slap some 13,14,15,16, year old ass , for a good seat! Whot Whoot!!! Cant wait!

  55. Love all the prep underway and fine plans already in place!! Dont forget to send pics - and if you have some good Twitarded theater stories to share, email them to us!!

    : )


    veriword - "suctor" - yes, we DO pay off someone at google to make sure we get all the best veriwords - lol!

  56. @Anon - WOOOOO!!!! So glad to hear this!!! I can't wait!!

    And congrats on popping your comment cursing cherry here on this auspicious occasion - lol!

    : )

  57. @Twiswearstofuckingmuch - Yes, I forgot who's blog I was on, I should have said, lick his arse the Twitarded way. But knowing JJ she would take it literally and then I'd get blamed for her being thrown out before even getting in the front door!! haha

    Ok, girls I have my midnight tix and then 2 more tix for Friday. PE in my bag, candy, smelling saltz, fresh underwear cos I'm bound to p myself with friggin excitement. ERm, anything else, oh and hip flask filled with something to alcofrolic to keep my arse awake! haha check, check double friggin check..

    I know, I know, you missed me. I missed me too! Being laid off was a pain because now I have no excuse to sit at the comp all day and read your blog.. Boooooo!


  58. I am trying to ignore everything New Moon related until I actually see the movie. It has gotten so extreme that on Monday while watching TV with my boyfriend (who makes endless fun of me for my obsession) when the movie trailer came on TV he jumped from his chair to cover my eyes and hummed a tune so that I would not see or hear it!! If that is not true love, I don't know what is!

    @JJ- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the boots and what looks like a virgin Mary flask. Total awesomeness!

  59. I am srsly thinking about wearing my New Moon BK Crown.....

  60. The Edward Undies are on failblog today.


  61. I forgot I'm planning to bring Mini-E with me for his first film experience. I'll probably stick him between my boobs as an accessory. It gets chilly in the theater.

  62. @Rob's bitch-I am thinking of Rob nestled between my own amazing melons and have died and gone to Rob heaven-sigh

    Word verif- I canete a whole Rob to myself thanks, no help needed ladies-back off lol

  63. My only concern is the last time I saw Twilight at the theater I wasnt nearly as obsessed as I am now. Im worried that Im gonna be squirming in my seat, whimpering and biting my lip everytime Edward graces the screen. And they say that teens are the ones who are hormonal.

  64. Excited beyond belief to have a group of Twitards - including VitaminR!! - over for drinks and apps before heading to the theater. I'm plastering my walls with posters a'la teenager's bedroom and mixing cocktails with dirty names.
    I made some rad t-shirts putting each woman in a scene from New Moon, so we'll be wearing those. My dogs will sport their Twitarded shirts at the prefunk, though, and my car stickered with "Team Twitarded" will be in the theater parking lot. :P

    @VitaminR: I don't have whiskey, but I have vodka and gin!

  65. I'm from Australia and saw it last night and it is flipping epic!!
    Waaaaaaay better than Twilight, and just everyone in general seemed more relaxed.

    Love this site...I check it every morning over my tea at work...sad I know, but hey its all I got, haha.

    Have fun everyone!!

  66. Awww does this feel like THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER to anyone else?

    I fooking love this post STY, bum a smoke from Rob, you rock!

  67. Wow, you lot are going to have an awesome night!I am so jealous, wish I was going with a group of girls and getting all dressed up!
    I got so excited reading all the posts I shouted SQUEEE out loud! My other half gave me a strange look and is now having second thoughts about taking me to see it!

  68. Just woke up after being out til 3 watching Twilight and New Moon in Adelaide, Australia!! It is A-MAZING!! Words cant describe! Having withdrawel already - must get back to cinema!!!

  69. Saw it at midnight in Australia (8 hours ago. loved it, and seeing it again today. New Moon is my fave book in the saga, and I think Chris Weitz (aka the count from sesame street) has done it proud.

  70. For anyone interested you can order the tissues here http://www.thetissuestore.com/tts/imaginary-tissue.html Unlikely you will get them for the premier but maybe in time for the 6th or 7th viewing.

    @Kitty_Elvis-I will bring some Bushmills don't you worry.

    Listening to some non-Twi related NPR program and they are playing Rob's friend Johnny Flynn in the background. Rob and his peeps are taking over the world!

  71. Yay, Cafe Press! I finally received my Twitarded t-shirt today, squee! I think I'll head out and buy myself a nice suede or leather jacket to complement the ensemble. I'm soooo excited, I am going to bust!!

  72. My preparation is over and done with - I saw it LAST NIGHT here in Sydney, Australia! One very awesome fucking benefit of living so damn far away from most of the civilised world :)

    I fucking LOVED it and I hope you all do too!!

    WV ; resse - which reminds me far too much of Renesmee...blech.

  73. Oh, forgot to add - going to a private screening on Saturday run by Aussie Twilight Mum :) - will send pics and stories, its sure to be interesting :)

  74. i live in a small town that doesn't sell twilight goodies and im too computer-illiterate to buy shit online, so i decided to make my own twilight shirt. yeah, i know what ur thinking, glitter pens and sparkles (not the im against sparkly things ((sparkly peen!!)) but i actually got the iron on letters and am doin the works. i googled funny shirts and found one i thought was HILARIOUS but i need you wonderful chiklings thoughts. is it too offensive to wear a shirt that says "jacob will f**k you like an animal..no seriously, he's a wolf." ??? need your input! ideas? suggestions? thanks ladies!

  75. @Rob's & Nipple, you can say that PE will be sitting on the "clevage couch"! LOL

    I got my button today JJ & STY!! Thank you!

    My daughter wants to go to BurgerKing and get some of the New Moon stuff. I wanna crown!

  76. to confused cupcake - "Jacob will F#&k you like an animal".....LOVE IT! And I sure would love to find out....when he's 18 of course...ahem.

  77. Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw! (Can anyone name the movie I stole that from?)

    I'm SO frickin' excited!!! I'm going Sunday, but I already know I'm going to LOVE it. Chris Weitz just GETS IT.

    I'm marshalling a group of similarly enthusiastic people - well, the girls are all squeeing. My hubby gets my obsession, just like he got the Harry Potter thing. He doesn't read the books, but always takes me to the movies. And this time I get to take my little girl - she's 11 and Twitarded without the swearing.

    With all the cool stuff coming up on Sunday for me, I can't help but be SO frickin' jealous that some of you girls on here are going together. I would LOVE to meet a fellow Twitard from this site!!! Maybe Twitarded 2010 will happen out west...

    @JJ - Love the boots! Are they Docs? I love me some Doc Martens.

    As for my outfit, no clue. But it's pretty cold here right now and raining, of course. I'm in Washington state. So - I think it'll be my favortie jeans, Docs, and my new zip-up hoodie. I am very thankful though that my line for the movie will be indoors. They don't make us wait outside at the swanky theater. ;)

    WordVerif: rendicat. Rob makes me feel like a rendicat (randy cat).

  78. First of all where are these "over 21" movie theaters because I only have regular movie theaters and have to sit with the tweeny twatflaps at the 7pm showing on Friday night! I could have taken the day off but my twifriends work with me (technically I'm the boss) and I couldn't give them all off at the same time so I had to wait. We're wearing Team Edward sweatshirts that we made.
    Yesterday my loving husband tells me that he has to be on location on Friday! I'm all like "WTF! you need to get the kids on Fri night cuz I have plans!" and he's all like "I hope I get back in time". I may have to pay the security guy at the theater to watch them because I'm not missing this movie.

    Kate from PA

  79. HOLY SHIT! I forgot to tell you ladies...

    Last night, I had a dream about Rob. My first dream about Rob. Now - it isn't steamy per se, but it is super funny. Apparently, I'm really into his hair.

    I was an interviewer, but we were in my kitchen for some reason. Anyway, we were chatting and just chillin' when I just took a step toward him at the same time as asking if I could touch his hair!


    Yep - that's it ladies. No steamy slamming me up against the counter, or bending me over the island to take advantage of my *cough* innocence. Just me asking if I could touch his hair. I've totally lost it now.

  80. @Twi-swearstoofuckingmuch
    Yep I'm in Hamilton. That would be me.

  81. Ok, so I thought I had a cool plan til I read all of yours & I now feel like an amature. So, I have now added mini dvd player to watch while waiting in line & bumped our arrival time up an hour! Whew! NOW I feel prepared - still haven't decided what shirt to wear. Oh, and JUST ordered Team twitarded pins, wish I'd discovered this site sooner. GO TWITARDS!!!

  82. I don't know if anyone is in the "spud" state, the northern part, but I'll be @ Riverstone theater in CDA, sportin my brand spankin new Twitarded button!

    Don't for get to donate to the meet PeterFach cause!

  83. I feel like I may come slowly unglued by tomorrow. Anyway... got my girls pretty much all ready.

    Planning on getting in line early. I made nicey with an employee at the theater, and I will be calling for updates on the line as needed, so we can be there in plenty of time.

    Bought flannel plaid covered flasks (yup, that's right) because we needed them and they reminded me of Rob. After emptying said flask of vodka, I may be snuggling with it in place of HIM.

    All that's left to do is try to get through to tomorrow, fill up all those flasks, and get ourselves to the holy land, I mean theater.

    My husband may leave me before tomorrow. He is less and less amused as each minute passes! Too bad.

  84. @Rob's Bitch: LMAO! "running naked through the streets" OMG!

    @STY: see, I do pay attention sometimes. I like it.
    Way to go Mrs. Vanquish!

    @ Aggie99: sorry to hear you can go. But you have to think it's for a good cause. Best of luck.

    @Nebilet: love the new nickname :)

    @confusedcupakes: girl, that will make a great t-shirt. Go for it!

    @all australian twitarded: I'm envious! Glad you enjoy it...

    Well, I'm definetly dressing up.
    And I'm wishing everyone of you us going to the premiere. It would be a 'round the globe' twitarded viewing of New Moon. Mushy thought.

    @StarlitViolets: "and that was the first night I dreamt of Edward..." LOL.


  85. Dangrmomma will be here early and we will be watching Twilight at 9pm - never saw it in the theater. Then we have tickets for the 12:01am showing of New Moon. I am thinking of wearing my Twitarded shirt for Twilight and then changing into my Black Swan Motorcycles shirt for New Moon. I am a little concerned how the night will work as the theater admitted they had no idea what they were going to be doing when I called them today. uh oh

    @TwiNable - Please please please post a picture of the "Stupid Lamb" shirt!

    @ Aggie99 - I am so sorry about your situation. If Twicon happens and you don't get to see New Moon in the theater, maybe we can rent out a theater and show New Moon so you can see it :)

    @ISeeTwiPeople - Depends where in PA you are - I would recognize the shirt - I am outside Philly.

    @Desiree - He is definitely a keeper.

    Everyone have a great New Moon weekend!

  86. @StarlitViolets - easy one - "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!" spoken by none other than Veronica, on Heathers! I just about say that every day! Well, I exaggerate – I do have to kids that wouldn’t appreciate hearing that. My sister (VolvoBackseater) and I love to do obscure movie quotes.
    Also, strange Rob dreams - I had a dream that I was the mother of twins and he was the secret babydady. Unfortunately I didn't dream about making those babies during this dream, yes I have had many Rob dreams.

  87. Vermonstermom4EdwardNovember 18, 2009 at 10:19 PM

    Squeee! Here in the total hick sticks of Vermont we are totally twi-cited for the premier tomorrow night. My girlfriend and I are making a night of it, and will have to do copious shots of espresso in order to stay awake. I don't think I've been up past 1am since giving birth to my last child nearly 3 years ago. What a great reason! I'm bringing my hankie and hoping for a good cry to match my many squeees of pleasure! Bring on Edward, bring on Jacob and the whole damn wolf pack! Bring it on, Emmett and Jasper, and throw in some Carslile to add some extra maturity! ;) Hope everyone has a blast!

  88. @Dangrdafne - up in the burbs - Lansdale. I got a group from work going over to Frank's theather. I will be on the look out for other Twitards.

    Night all!

  89. @ISeeTwiPeople - OME!!!! I live in Sellersville!!!! I am going to Quakertown to see the movies. I can't believe we are right near each other.

    @JJ & STY - we need a Twitard map!

  90. @Dangrdafne - Holy crow!!! You mean I could meet a fellow Twitard and Dangrmomma - the best Twimomma around? Wow, you know what sucks? I move to freakin' OH in three weeks. FML!!!! I was just getting settled here and find out the JJ & STY are only in NJ and now this. DH, just rip the twirug from under me:(
    Well, I hope there are some great twitards in the burbs of Cinci.

    Twimap would be fantasmic!

  91. What am I bringing?
    1. My SO to clutch onto when the weeping and sobbing gets to be too much.
    2. Tissues for when his t-shirt is too snot filled.
    3. An oxygen mask for when Bella is running for the clock tower. Because no matter how many times I've read the book, my heart still races with the fear that she won't get there in time.
    4. A camera, so I can take before NM and after NM pics that I will treasure until my dying day...
    5. My Twitarded pin!!

    BTW, I know I said in previous posts that I wasn't going to chance going to the movie on Friday. Well, I broke and had my SO buy tickets for the matinee. I'm not strong enough to wait through the weekend. *sighs* I'm so weak.

  92. @ISeeTwiPeople - Darn DH - I remember reading about someone moving to OH from PA, I forgot it was you when I saw that you were so close to my home. Harumph I am sure there are great Twitards in the OH area!

    word = huzzless - I just like it

  93. In honor of New Moon and winning dinner with Peter Facinelli (just letting the universe know that Twitarded will win) here is a hilarious video with Peter Facinelli and Jenny Garth:


  94. I think I've been avoiding reading all the posts the last 2 days because if my anxiety level gets any higher I'll just shut down! Reading everyone's anticipation and plans makes me feel soooo much better about how FUCKING excited I am. (And how I apparently need to go pluck my eyebrows now since it's too late for a hair cut.)

    I'm going with 4 friends of varying fanaticism to the midnight showing tomorrow. I talked to the theater today and they have 7 sold out shows from 12:01 to 12:07 and expect 1800 people (ahem, chicks). I admit, my 40something ass freaked out a little. Am I too old for this shit?! Mmmm, nope.

    I got some great pre-party ideas from everyone so thanks. And thanks to the Aussie's for the thumbs up... Everyone keeps asking me what will I do if it sucks after all this time, and I just glare and insist it WON'T.

    Any Twitards in northern Colorado?

  95. Any twitards in Toronto??? I'm new to this city (NewYorker<333), but managed to pool a bunch of us together for the friday showing, then of course what would a night be after seeing Rob half nekkid on the big screen without downing as many shots as possible and attempting not to molest someone who resembles him at the local bar/club afterwards... My oh my, i might have quite a few interesting pics to post here this weekend. Yet i still think i'm the more 'sublimed' fan, the rest of you ppl are nuts and i LOVE IT! (I'm not allowed to be because it wouldnt be cool getting deported back to the states right before the movie starts due to mass hysteria and all that good stuff...) *angelic smile*

  96. - Boarding passes for my flight to Vancouver - check!
    - New Moon movie ticket bought two months ago on-line - check!
    - Mini Edward packed away in purse - check!
    - How to Be, Haunted Airman and Twilight packed (RPattz film fest tomorrow night at my friend's place in BC) - check!
    - Black hoodie and black converse sneakers packed - check!
    - Camera - check!

    Bring it on, Chris Weiss! We've been waiting for this for waaaaay too long!

    I can't believe it's finally HERE!!!

  97. @ISeeTwiPeople - EXCELLENT!!! I say it too much too, but not around my 11 yr-old, natch. She may not find it as funny as I do. :P

    And I'm glad I'm not alone in the dreaming about Rob thing. It makes me feel better that you ladies do too. Twins, huh? I bet they were gorgeous. And it is too bad you didn't get to dream about the making of them.

    @Aggie99 - I'm SO sorry about your bed rest. I can totally understand how it feels to be stuck at home lying around because your body won't let you go anywhere. The great thing for you is that there's a baby in yours that needs some extra TLC. So - the trade-off is pretty fantastic.

    WordVerif: hysts. I will try not to get my self worked up into a hysts-terical lather at the NM movie.

  98. Thanks to all of you for your sweet words of encouragement while I'm on bed rest. You rock!

    Hope you all have a fantabulous time tonight!

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  100. @ISeeTwiPeople - EXCELLENT!!! I say it too much too, but not around my 11 yr-old, natch. She may not find it as funny as I do. :P

    And I'm glad I'm not alone in the dreaming about Rob thing. It makes me feel better that you ladies do too. Twins, huh? I bet they were gorgeous. And it is too bad you didn't get to dream about the making of them.

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  108. i live in a small town that doesn't sell twilight goodies and im too computer-illiterate to buy shit online, so i decided to make my own twilight shirt. yeah, i know what ur thinking, glitter pens and sparkles (not the im against sparkly things ((sparkly peen!!)) but i actually got the iron on letters and am doin the works. i googled funny shirts and found one i thought was HILARIOUS but i need you wonderful chiklings thoughts. is it too offensive to wear a shirt that says "jacob will f**k you like an animal..no seriously, he's a wolf." ??? need your input! ideas? suggestions? thanks ladies!

  109. Just woke up after being out til 3 watching Twilight and New Moon in Adelaide, Australia!! It is A-MAZING!! Words cant describe! Having withdrawel already - must get back to cinema!!!

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