Sunday, May 9, 2010

je t'aime robert pattinson (and this video)

Found this tasty treat over at Random Acts of Rob - seriously, they find the b-e-s-t Rob porn over there! If you need more of a fix, definitely go take a wander.

The part with the heavy breathing... Oh my... Don't say I didn't warn you - not my fault if you watch this and find yourself at some family gathering with your girly-bits all aflame. Nope.

Happy Mother's Day to all you hot mammas out there! And to all of the rest of ya', too!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't forget to come back tonight!


  1. Edward brought me bacon in bed this morning! I'll send you a pic.

  2. How in the fuck can I be expected to go see my family after THAT?? Holy shit! That heavy breathing did me in!

    Did you see this one? By the same genius...

  3. Wow! Thank you for that!

    Despite the fact that I am a mom and today is also my birthday, I am having a pretty lame, just the same as any other Sunday kind of a day and it's beginning to piss me off. I knew I could count on you twat-waffles to make it all better!

    Word verif- wantua- Why, yes! I DO wantua!

  4. as much as I loved the video, I couldn't stop laughing at that hokey fucking music! wtf! oh well, I'll take what I can get.

  5. I feel the need to break into song after that...

    And Happy Mommy Day to all my Twitard Mommys out there. I ruvs you rong time!!

    vw: laedis.


  6. Once again, my cat failed to get me anything for Mother's Day (little furry ingrate). But at least she only woke me up at the ass-crack of dawn this morning by meowing an my ear and not, say, hoarking up a big hairball for me. So perhaps I should count my blessings!

    : )

  7. @K.C.'s Momilosophies - please tell me you don't have Nessie - lol!

  8. um, I'm sorry, what were you saying? I seem to have lost my train of thought. I got a little lost in the moaning and heavy breathing and the precious.

    Now I need to wipe the drool off my chin, change my panties and get on with my afternoon.

    @STY - I totally feel for ya. None of my dogs did a damned thing either. And to make the day even cheerier, one in for training designed a lovely blow-out of shit and piss in her crate for me to clean up at 7am!! Little bastard!

    Happy Mama's Day to all you hot tamales!

  9. Erm, ok, so we celebrated our Mother's Day in March over here in the UK, but this was nevertheless a treat :-D
    Hate the music (Serge Gainsbourg is just SO 70's!) but check the expression on the Precious's face at 2:14, and all is forgiven!
    I almost creamed my jeans...........:-D
    I thank you.

  10. Oh STY! How you DO love us! *sigh* That was a good boost for MILF day!

    Snarky Sundays are in effect!

  11. So let me tell you what happened to me while watching this fuckawesome video. First of all I'm at the Gma's house and she has a desktop computer (I have a laptop at home) so I'm gettin all into the video and decide to get up close and personal with the screen- elbows on the desk, chin in the hands, less than a foot from the screen and as soon as I get settled in for a drool my boobs hit the space button on the keyboard and the page goes racing to the bottom!! Those bitches are always in they way I tell ya! Sooo yeah that was hot and those h00rs over at RaoR always have good loot lol.

  12. wowza STY. i really wanna fuck something now. ermm someone. what evs.

    i'm thinking mr. nevetthink's gettin a little sumpthin sumpthin for mahmah's day. ooooh wee dad-dee.

    i'll leave you with this little piece of heaven from my "verah best of" robporn stash.

    J'aime juste mon STY de chienne chaud. Je peux toujours compter sur vous pour faire mes rĂªves avec le Joli vrai cum.

    L'Amour de Twitarded, toujours.

  13. @neverthink - that was DELISH!!! Excuse me while I go watch it again!
    oh, and btw, while I did indeed say I was ready for the Full Monty it was still quite a pleasant shock this afternoon. It took me a full minute to stop laughing hysterically.

  14. @toe. glad u likey. and um yeah - i'm pledging over on fuckbook to Tau Phi Eta - Twi Fic HOors (Smut HOorority). THAT epic pic was one i submitted for initiation. pledging is may 7 - may 14.

    you can check out the HOorority here.!/group.php?gid=124455184236683

  15. Gah! Don't know what else to say but, that was hot!

    Thought this one was def worth sharing. MOTU inspired (just got done reading it btw and am completely addicted) Warning its pretty fucking hot

    @ neverthink: um yeah that was a gooood one.

  16. @lux. ummm lurves the vid of fiddy shades.

    ok so i have this uber xxx rated vid i got from a crazy h00r over at fuckbook (yes black hale - i mean you - cuz i know you lurk here. luvs ya. mwah).

    i'd love to share with my twitards but i can't upload to youtube (and i hear tell that lady c's acct was shut down over this, it's soo fucking hot) so if any of you have any suggestions were i can go post it for a bit, do let me know.

  17. @Luxie - beat me to the punch! Totally want to post that here! And will... Dang it I am ALWAYS so late - lol!

    @neverthink - you are a woman of mystery... : ) or however you say that in french. note: my french teacher would be tres disappointed in me right now.

    bonne nuit mes amis!

  18. Oops sorry STY lol
    Since I finished getting up to date on that ff, I've just been on the hunt for some really tasty 50 vids and came across that gem. Still think you should totally post it here, anyway :D

  19. lovely hot, hot vid - I just want the Details photographer to unleash every single shot taken during that shoot. I'd pay!

    also: do you know one of the lines in 'j'taime' translates literally as "I come and go between your kidneys"?

  20. *angrily folds arms over chest and proceeds to pout like child*

    Not fair, I can't view vids here. RPattz moaning and breathing heavily and I can't see it!?!?! Oh the agony, waaaaaaahhh!

  21. *drooooool* That was delicious. And it's a good thing I can't watch You Tube at work, all sorts of enthusiasm poured out my mouth while watching that.

  22. LOL@STY! No, no Nessie. Promise. While Robward can bite me anywhere else he wants to, I draw the line at biting through the ole' uterus.

  23. @neverthink - that was DELISH!!! Excuse me while I go watch it again!
    oh, and btw, while I did indeed say I was ready for the Full Monty it was still quite a pleasant shock this afternoon. It took me a full minute to stop laughing hysterically.


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