Sunday, May 16, 2010

Master of the Universe Sunday Video Round-Up!

I'd heard people raving about the fanfic "Master of the Universe" (or "MotU" as it's known - an abbreviation which somehow always makes me think of some sordid University) for some time but didn't take the plunge to start reading until just a week or so ago. And holy crap, all the gushing and excitement and freak-outs on Twitter when it updates are well-deserved. I'm not caught up yet (there are 80+ chapters at this point!), but there's something about the way Snowqueens Icedragon writes that sucks you in and makes it nearly impossible to stop reading. I'd find myself at the office, staring unseeingly at some worky-related thing that I REALLY needed to be paying attention to, but instead I'd jump on over to Twilighted so that I could read a few chapters really quick-like... And every time I did, I'd have to ignore the screeching little voice in my head that was declaring emphatically "YOU SHOULDN'T BE READING PORN AT WORK!!!" True enough, I suppose, but I didn't listen and did it anyway. Which made for some awkward (for me) moments like when I found myself alone in the elevator with a good-looking guy and all I could think of was how that worked out for Bella in MotU...

I am ruined! RUINED I say!

Anyway, there are some awesome videos out there around this fic, and I wanted to share a couple here. These are still enjoyable if you've not read the story, but all the better if you have. And if you read fic but haven't gotten to this story yet, I'd highly recommend it. It had me at "playroom."

It was the uber-talented Biel's video that finally convinced me to go to the dark side...

And then I happened across this gem by Dukkese31 -

This one's a fine romp (from eldin82/Lady C) but pretty NSFW in spots - yum!

Oh Fifty Shadesward, Jenny Jerkface would let you spank her any day of the week...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

P.S. Speaking of fanfic, we'll be debuting a brand-spanking-new story written by our talented friend Myg - right here! - later this week. Stay tuned - I think everyone's going to love this one!


  1. I am sooo glad you have joined us in the joy that is MotU! It is phenomenal and her writing just blows me away (that's what she said LOL). But really I laugh, cry, shiver, burn, yell, sigh, fear and love this story.

    The videos are absolutely perfect for the story/characters. Visuals are sooo wonderful for this story mmmm.

    There is a new chapter up today - get thee to reading so you can wait for updates like the rest of us LOL!!

    I love 50!

    PS I can't wait to read Myg's story, I am really looking forward to it :)

  2. Yay a MotU post! Thanks for posting these vids...I hadn't seen the last two.
    So glad you're finally reading it, there's no one quite like Fifty! Icy's writing style is amazing...I am so sucked into this story! Every time I see there's an update I involuntarily do the fist pump ;)

  3. There are fics and then there are FICS! MotU is just incredible because it feels like I am being taken by the hand and being lead around corners and down hallways and into secret is just delish! The balance between the sex, romance, angst and drama is unreal and Icy takes you to the edge and then pulls back leaving you wanting more (more, more). MotU = EPIC. The videos just take it to the next level. That's why I love this fandom so much, people contribute in so many ways to each other all in the name of Twi. I seriously wonder if SM ever sits back and looks in awe at this (nah, she probably is too busy counting her money and looking for ways to avoid finishing Midnight Sun). Great post!

  4. This is the kind of story where my girly bits would tingle upon seeing there's an update (er, if I were up-to-date with it, that is...)! Seriously, I had to tear myself away from it so that I could get some shit done irl! I know once I go back to reading it I'm just going to ignore everything else going on around me. Again.

    : )

  5. I'm going to volunteer to do some research into Fifty's red room of pain for you guys... I think we all would like an inventory of its contents... oh, and probably a sign up sheet too! Me first, me first! LOL!

    MotU may possibly be my most favorite Fic ever! It updated today and I got all flustered and had to take a yard work break to read it! Yummy yum yum...

  6. :-O


    I think I need some alone time. And then to run for a while. And then take a cold, cold shower.

    (PS Eternally grateful to you ladies for turning me on to MotU a while ago - gaaahhhh)

  7. Holy fuck. I'm watching these as ML's band mates are walking in and out and one asked me if I was watching porn so... yeah. Meow. Fucking hot.

    And at least now Snarkier Than You knows WHY I'm glued to blackberry when there is a new update of MotU.

  8. OK I am SO gonna read that story asaFp!!! OMG Beil is a very clever girl indeed. That video was sooooooooooooo gooood - as was the last one. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much - you've made a rainy Sunday in England a verrrrrrry happy place to be. :D xoxo

  9. Oh the things Fifty does to me. I totally read the new chap this morning and it made my hangover go away like *snap* that. Instead of wanting a Gatorade and some bacon, I ran back to the bedroom to find the boy (also trying to sleep off last night) and work some things out. And the biel vid? SLAYS. So fucking hot.

    Icy is making a masterpiece of this fic. At first I was like "What the fuck, is she allergic to time passing? It's chapter 35 and it hasn't even been a week!" But now...NOW!! I couldn't care less. If she wants to give me an hour by hour account of this man, I'm okay. And I mean...Sweet mama sexing christ...

    “You’re a virgin?” he breathes.

    I nod, flushing again.

    He closes his eyes and looks to be counting to ten. When he opens them again, he’s angry. He glares at me.

    “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?” he growls.

  10. I popped my FF cherry with MoTU last week and HOLY CROW what a fucking ride. I read the whole think in just a few days. I should have been sitting on a shamwow.
    OH FIFTY!!!! Domward can take me into his red room of pain any time!!

    Holy fucking christ on a cracker.

    I was going to tear myself away from the computer this morning to get some stuff done when the new chapter update popped up. I had to think about it for a whole 30 seconds before settling in to see what was going to happen next!!


  11. Fiftyshades is perhaps my FAVORITE of all the many Edwards out there, I don't think I could impose any hard limits on him.....I sat and read 83 chapters in one long quivering session...Snowqueens Icedragon is just that good...

  12. Have just gone straight to Twilighted and saved this as a favourite. Have a gazillion FF to catch up on but think this one is jumping to the top of the list, or should I say spanking it's way to the top???

    Will definitely not make the same mistake reading this as I made when reading The Office last week. Stuck in a hotel in France on business, no boyfriend, no battery powered friend. Ended up with a SERIOUS case of the female equivalent of blue balls.....ungh!

    Next time I'm away on business, the toys are definitely coming with me. Reading FF without my vibrator? Never again. Embarrassing when my luggage goes through airport security? Yes, but sooooooooooo worth it. I'm a Twitard h00r, I have no shame...

  13. First thought Id come and say Hi as im here and only found you the other day.

    2nd, thought Id best come clean and say that Ive never read any Fanfic at all. I've known it exists but ive never had the urge to go and read any.

    Im guessing that that is bad.

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  15. Welcome Kymz!! Glad you've joined us. Buckle up, as I'm sure you've seen, it's a bumpy ride!!!!

    I'm a newbie to FF, there is SOOO much to enjoy with so many different genres. Start pokin' (PUN INTENDED!) around and see what suits your fancy!!

  16. Mmmmmmmmm Fifty. So hotly fucked up. Welcome STY....perhaps a little field trip to Escala is in the cards..ha!

  17. thank you so much for posting the vids! i liked the 9 1/2 weeks scenes mixed in with the last one. takes me back to high school... MoTU has been pwning me hard for a while now. i've laughed, cried, and came on multiple occasions while thinking about it. must go read update now!

  18. Thanks for the reminder, STY. As I was telling Dangrdafne earlier today (she, Twilove1, and Twilightcupcake have been at me forever to read this), when I first watched Biel's video, I loved it and commented that she had pushed me over the edge into reading MotU. It took me awhile to get up. I've brushed myself off now and am ready to read it. I have done all of the prep work: went to the author's blog, subscribed, signed up to follow on twitter, etc. All that's left to do now is stop blogging, which I am seconds away from doing. So excuse me. I have a date with Fifty Shades ;)


  19. @17ForeverLisa - GO LISA!!!! I promise you won't regret this date :)

  20. I jump for joy everytime it is update, oh god I love MoTU. Elevators will never be the same.

  21. Biel is a sex goddess. Gah!

    MOTU is da bomb. Love me some fifty shades. I just love the e-mails/texts they write to each other, so playful.

    I want her to publish this so I can reread it in it's entirity by the pool this summer. though it may make me use my noodle for different purposes.

  22. "“Very nice…” he whispers appreciatively and my nipples harden even more. He blows very gently on one as his hand moves to my other breast and his thumb slowly rolls the end of my nipple, elongating it. I groan… I feel this right the way to my groin. I am so wet… oh please… I beg in my mind… and my fingers clasp the duvet tighter. His lips close around my other nipple and he tugs, I practically convulse.

    “Let’s see if we can make you come like this…” he whispers. And his slow, sensual assault continues. My nipples bearing the brunt of his deft fingers and lips, connected to every single nerve ending in my body, so that my whole body sings with the sweet agony. He just doesn't stop...

    “Oh…please...” I beg and I pull my head back, my mouth open as I groan, my legs stiffening… holy shit what’s happening to me?

    “Let go… baby,” he murmurs and his teeth close round my nipple and his thumb and finger pull hard and I fall apart in his hands, my body convulsing and shattering into a thousand pieces and then he’s kissing me, deeply his tongue in my mouth and my cries are into his mouth."


    *lights ciggie* *takes deep drag* *s l o w l y exhales* *smoke swirling around head* ... ima be down in mah bunker now with a dirty martini and 3 fucking olives.

  23. oh yeah, and yhen there's this uber hot fifty vidi. rarely seen, but it makes the rounds.

  24. Not sure if it's already been mentioned but Sqicedragon now has her own site @ The site loads great on cell phones which makes reading porn at work or in line at the grocery store a whole lot easier. Happy reading!

  25. After the first time I saw that Biel vid I scoured iTunes looking for that song...I finally found the cd on eBay and scooped that puppy up!

    Thanks for posting these...and enjoy MotU! Awesome fic!

  26. HOLY CROW! I'd leave a real comment. But I need to go wake my husband up now...

  27. Greetings fellow twitards,

    I started MotU this past weekend after having it on the to-do list for ages, and my god I AM SO IN! Only up to about Ch30 but good god is it hard to do anything else! Never mind all that RL bullshit - just gets in the way of my FF...

    Haven't watched these vids just yet as I'm still pretty early in the story and don't wanna ruin it, but you mark my words, I'll be back...

    Christ on a cracker how I wants me some o'that Escala goodness...

  28. OMfG I can't believe I missed this post over the weekend.. That's what I get for taking a break from the computer!
    Saying I LOVE MotU is an understatement, srsly. Oh how I love Fifty in all of his shades. I'm relatively new to FF so I read this in two days. Was elated that I didn't have to wait to read ch. after ch.
    STY, I am uber envious of you that you're still catching up and all of it is brand spankin' new to you (pun completely intended). But just you wait.. there are more elevator sexy times to come ;)
    Icy's caliber of writing is way WAY up there. Such a stellar story teller and Gah Dayum does that women know how to write a fucking lemon or what! I just read ch. 85 and it was beautiful!!! Gah the shower scene *THUD*
    This fic evokes so many emotions, its crazy. I'm actually reading the whole thing again.. its that good.
    @ Toefunny: "I should have been sitting on a shamwow." Bahahaha my sentiments, exactly!
    Love all those vids... Gah! Sofa king hot!

  29. LOVE this story. This is definitely my favorite FF out there. I finally started reading it a couple weeks ago and read all the chapters in 3 days, then had to read them again from the beginning. Oh Fifty...

    I also feel like this story is the closest parallel that Twilight could ever come to IRL.

    Her writing is amazing.

  30. Ok, I think I'm the only person who doesn't love Fifty. I mean, it's a great fic, I have some reservations about some of the consistency in Fifty and his behavior, but overall I read it and like it- but it certainly doesn't pwn me, not in the least.
    I am hands down, until the end of time pwned by Stutterward.

    Followed closely by Beautiful Bastard.

  31. Fifty Fifty Fifty Oh My Fifty. MoTU is probably no lie the 4th piece of Fan Fic I've ever read where Twilight is concerned. I never wanted to "soil" my view of Edward and Bella or have my mind go in a different direction. But wow 50 just totally blew me out of the water. I blame you TWITARDED for my lack of sleep for 2 days. I was soo consumed by it, I HAD to finish reading it so I got maybe 2 hours of sleep between when I started and when I finished at 7 this morning (oh and I started at 3am Tues morning) I devoured it like I did the books. I think I'm more overwhelmed with MoTU than I was with the whole Twilight Saga lol I am hooked and can't wait for the next chapter and boy did it give me some ideas to think about lol There were times I was like Holy Shit what is going on and others I was like WHOA, Oh baby lol, I had I think literally every emotion possible happen while reading it, I'm on emotional overload right now thanks to you guys. Def something everyone needs to read.

  32. This is the first comment I have ever posted on Twitarded, but I feel so strongly on this FF that I had to let my humble voice be heard. Previously I have merely lurked around admiring the sights,(Rob), laughing at my computer like a freaking lunatic or breathing hard at it while mesmerized by another video. I must say I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING LOVE THIS FF! It is not at all what I expected by looking at the banner on Twilighted, but I took a leap of faith on your word and gave it a shot. Holy fucking hell...what a ride. I got nothing accomplished in 3 days, read far too much of it at work with no hubby or appliance available as an outlet and it has ruined me for other FF in the future. MoTU will be the FF in my book that all others should aspire to. Like others have mentioned, I laughed, cried, sighed, clucthed my chest with emotion and above all else, had every nerve ending in my body primed for lack of a better description. It is an amazing love story more than anything else and deep down I am such a hopeless romantic, but dear God in heaven, snowqueens icedragon's got mad skillz in the writing porn department. Now if you will excuse me I must go leave my first review to snowqueens icedragon and declare my undying devotion to her craft.

  33. @nightvision - welcome out of the lurkdom!

    and yeah, this fic has it all! i put off reading it FOREVER and i swear reading it at work had me wondering how bad it would be to slip into the ladies room and uh... oh never mind let's just say that giving yourself girly blue balls at work is no fun and i feel your pain! boy howdy do i...

    glad to have gotten another person hopelessly wrapped up in this story!

    : )

  34. OMG! I'm new around here, too and I saw that everybody wad talking about MOTU so me, being the nosy lurker that I am, went and checked it out....WOW!!! The hubs has a new found appreciation for FF smut...I jumped his bones everytime I came across a porn scene!!! I didn't do laundry, wash dishes, cook, or sleep until I finished all 87 chappies!! Stupid me read it on my phone, so while it was charging, I attempted to come back to RL and do my housewifely duties...I am now a total h00r for all things MOTU!!! Thank you all for introducing me to (and the hub's) life will never
    be the same!!!

    *~* Shauni *~*


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