Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Eclipse Promos/Stills That We Love (and possibly mock)

WARNING - This post contains spoilers for all you whores who are pretending to be virtuous.

So yesterday I get an email from Snarkier Than You (aka the "just the tipper" who I suspect is doing a leetle bit more than that):

To: Jenny Jerkface
From: Snarkier Than You
Subject: You suck ass at being a spoiler whore
There are Eclipse promo pictures floating around the Twinets that you might want to address before Breaking Dawn comes out.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm even more behind on Twi-stuff than normal, thanks to the harrowing three day weekend I spent in "holy-fucking-shit-I-have-no-cell-wi-fi-service-out-here!!!" land.

Believe it or not, but Mini-E is somewhere in this picture.
And I may or may not have had a total fucking meltdown when I realized I was completely cut off from the outside world...

Anyway, I finally got around to scoping out these pictures (which I snagged from TwiCrack Addict, as I usually do) and I have to admit that some of them are really cool looking. Those are not here, so go to TwiCrack and check them out.

What is here, naturally, are the pictures that made me cock my head to the side like a confused puppy and think, "huh, there is something really fucking stupid/weird/lame going on here/what-the-fuck-where-they-thinking?!"

Because it's so much more fun to mock than to marvel sometimes, ya know?

[claps hands together with malevolent glee]

Let's start with Emmett Cullen:

Three words: Vulcan on steroids.

I mean, I had no idea that his father was actually Spock from Star Trek but I can really see the resemblance now...

Emmett, your look is highly illogical...

And seriously Summit, what the hell is up with the Lego hair? Not only is Dr. Cullen sportin' it but it's becoming rapidly apparent that both Emmett and Alice seem to be as well.

And speaking of Carlisle, it looks like he's back to his multiple scarves/excessive layers thingy.

Peter Facinelli is not this poofy!

It seems to me that Dr. Helmethead tried to start a fashion trend. And failed. I'd say I would suggest he ask his lovely daughter Alice for advice but after seeing her outfits in New Moon, I'm thinking he's better off NOT doing that.

Besides, Alice is busy doing other things these days. Like trying out for quarterback on the New York Giants football team. After all, it kind of looks like she's wearing one of those old school football helmets on top of her big gargantuan melon head (to say nothing of those cap sleeves SO not working!).

Alice is supposed to be this tiny little slip of a thing but in this picture she looks likes a fucking brick shit-house. Or the Hulk. I mean, she's huge, doods. What gives?

Now, before anyone gets all upset and accuses me of picking on the vampires... fear not. No one is immune to my self-righteous assholery.

Take Sam Uley, for example.

Oh god. I think I just shit my pants.

I can't decide if he just shat himself and is trying to pretend he didn't or if he's trying to push his chest out to make his boobs look bigger like I used to do when I was a flat-chested teenager. The jury is still out on this one.

Ironically, while Emmett and Alice look like they've been juicing it up for the past millennia or so, there is one character who is supposed to be all big and beefy but who... just isn't.

Wolf boy is looking more pussy than wolfy these days...

I do have to admit that, overall, I think these promos are lookin' pretty good. I've got my fingers crossed that the hair/makeup/costumes will be much better than New Moon.

And to my prove my point...

Not bad, not bad at all. And at least he's not wearing a sleeveless button down shirt...


  1. Everyone says Spock when they look at Emmett's hair. I look at him and see Jim Carrey from Dumb & Dumber. I don't even know what to say about Carlisle other than it's just wrong. Sam is definitely trying to make the boobs look bigger. And I think Eclipse Edward is definitely better looking than NM's old man version...

  2. Siiiiiigh..... While Eddie is looking damn fine, I'm still missing the bouffant. Emmett has always looked weird to me with his "color in a can" hair!

  3. PML! First of all, I totally spent at least 45 seconds staring at the tent shot like it was a fucking Magic Eye, b/c I was sure you put it up there as a "first to find Mini-Edward gets free drinks for one night at FOOORRRRRKKKSSS!!!!" or something. PS, I totally found him, and I srsly want free drinks.

    Secondly, I 'bout died at the "Spock" comment. It's so true! So true it hurts! His hair is jet black and his ears look ridonkulous. Oh, and I can hear Carlisle's bullshit accent in that pic. Maybe it's the homo-scarf.

    I could go into deets on all of the Not-The-Precious pics (love Sam's shat myself pose), but I'll let that go on down below *in the comment thread, duh*. Instead, I will dwell on Edward and his lickable self. Thank you, wardrobe, for the v-neck tee. I loves me some chesty-poofs to run my fingernails through and drag my tongue against.

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  5. I can't get passed Carlisle. He just looks so....so...old. I don't get it.

    But it could be worse, they could have went completely by the book,(like the white sleeveless button down), and things could have been worse. I agree, that it is looking better than New Moom.

  6. well shit ladies, i couldnt have said it better myself. i mean really...i was writing a post addressing these exact same issues...which just goes to show great (or twisted) minds think a-like. I srsly was thinking the SAME thing about Emmett's hair. I mean, WHISKEYTANGOFOXTROT? who the F does there hair on these movies? Obviously the same crew that did star trek. poor Kellen. forever to be known as Vampire Spock.


  7. @Layna.lane - holy shit he DOES look like Jim Carrey from D&D! lmao!!

    And, just to prove how clueless I am, I totally thought I was being clever with the Spock thing. You win.

    @LindsayRae - I never could do those magic eye things.

    But I was curious who would be the first to actually bother finding him.

    I'll buy you a drink in Fooooorks, how about that? If I forget - STY will do it. :)

  8. PS: Finding Mini Edward is way more fun than finding Waldo.

  9. I didn't like Emmett's or Carlisle's look either, but I thought Alice looked good. And Rose looks the best in this (I know you didn't post her pic here, but I saw elsewhere) than I have seen her look in any of the movies so far.. she actually looks like the beautiful goddess Steph described in the books. Of course Edward looks hot! As always.. love the jean jacket... dressing his age again- 17!

  10. First of all, Emmett looks "a little special" in the face.
    @Layla very Dumb & Dumber.

    Alice looks like a Drag Queen. That may explain her "masculine" size. What ever happened to her short spiky hair anyway?

    And for that matter, isn't Emmett's hair supposed to be wavy or curly or something?

    Car-leesle totally has lego hair. He looks like "Good Morning America's" Sam Champion's father.

    Edward is...well...beautiful.

  11. If you haven't seen the other pictures..

    Rosalie looks pretty enough, but it looks like she has hair plugs???

    Leah has a tattoo!! But her arms and boobs are very Barbie-like.

    And Esme's forehead, of course is so big, you could project the movie on it.

  12. First of all, fucking spot on with Emmett. That hair again is awful. And does he have a shelf bra in that shirt for those man boobs? (okay, it's 'muscle' but jeebus that's a bad angle).

    Carlisle's face looks lumpy too - or is it just me?

    Sam shat his pants. For sure. I've seen that look before. Someone slipped him some senokot.

    But christ on a cracker Edward looks good and yay for him not being stuck in grandpa pants.

  13. Still can't remember my google info

    I am now convinced they are trying to make the rest of the cast look less pretty.

  14. Between looking like Spock's Vampire Love child and being as Cupcake Donna so eloquently put it "special in the face" Emmett doesn't stand a damned chance!!!

    Alice looks like she got breast implants, holy cow those puppies look HUGE!

    Carlisle obviously had an ahhh-mee of people shellacking his hair.

    And is it just me, or does Sam look like he has a shrunken head?


    oh, and I'm so damned excited I could wet myself...I'll be joining you whoreflaps in FFFFOOOORRKKSS!!

  15. I am consistently bewildered at their ability to make naturally gorgeous people look totally weird.

    I think the problem with Alice is that her head is just so vastly out of proportion with her shoulders/chest - wtf?

    Carlisle's face DOES look lumpy, but the second picture on TwiCrack is much better.

    And Rosalie looks TOTALLY different! ?!?!?

    @Cupcake Donna, I died at the Esme's forehead thing - so true!

    Um, and PS, bitches, Toefunny and I are TOTALLY HEADED TO FFFOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRKKKKKKKSSSS!!!!!! We're booked and committed, and we will be seeing you there. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  16. oh oh! i see mini-edward too! he's just crawled outta the tent - sick of bella & that fucking dog. (or if you didn't take a mini bella & jacob for a mini tent scene re-enactment, then he just crawled out for a morning pee pee).

    as far as the epic fail wardrobe issue, all i can think is WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK - LOOK AT EDWARD! EDWARD! EDWARD!

    zomfg he actually finally has a FUCKING V NECK WHITE TEE - all chesty-hair like.

    so umm... can we see his undies now? are they tidy- whitey briefs? silky boxers? calvin fucking klein Xers? oh shit one thing revealed leads to a fucking 'nother.

    and that denim jacket. that's kindaaa hawt. mostly. well, it actually looks like a jcrew saturday sale kinda thing, but oh well, itsa big improvement, right?

    nevertheless, THANK FUCK it appears there is no tweedy-thing w/in a 10 mi radius of edward. unless you count emmett's doorag.

  17. And I can't believe I forgot to say...


    At least in this photo.

  18. Edward does look good but would it kill him to smile? All through the book it goes on an on about the crooked smile. Leave the burning man face for BD. He is gonna need somewhere to go angst-wise... he needs to lighten up for Eclipse!!

  19. @toefunny. i gotta a shot of patron reposado for you and the first five fucking twi-h00rs who can guess its me, neverthink, when we meet at the epic fooooorrrrrkkkks pilgrimage.

    p i l g r i m a g e.

    flmaorolf. is that what we are telling our families this is?!

    vw: inkla

    all you h00r have no inkla of the truble lindseyrae and i have planned for you. bbbwwwaaasshahaha

    ps. better save up for bail money.

  20. @neverthink - you're on whoreflap!

  21. @JJ - I couldn't read the rest of the post until I found Mini-E. LOL! And the twitter feed when STY had lost all communication with you was classic.

    It's a shame that the Twilight Saga hasn't made enough money to employ real stylists and make-up artists.

    @Cupcake Donna - The Esme comment is freaking hilarious!

    @apotampkin - Couldn't have said it better myself.

    @neverthink - Game on, girlie! Do we get at least one clue before we get to FFFOOORRRKKKSSS???


  22. Actually, [proving that JJ and I don't always agree--which we know but you might not] Alice's head looks proportionately small for her body. That's what looks so weird. We're all so used to lollipop heads - lol!

  23. @17foreverlisa - i was REALLY ready to go find JJ - i was trying not to panic, but i haven't gone more than 24 hours without communicating with JJ in several years and i was FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. (she is forbidden to travel again, ever, for any reason.) dear gawd i am needy.

  24. @layna.lane - YES! that was my first thought, too, but i see spock too and he's a dead ringer for what's-his-name from that show i used to be obsessed with and then it got harder to follow than a tweener novel and i gave up - you know--zachary-spock-y-eyebrows dude.

    : )

    p.s. seriously brain-farting on the name of that show and i guess that means it's bedtime for me...

    wait - HEROS!!! wow i am laaaame - lol!

  25. @KG - haiiiiii!!! miss you!!! : )

    @neverthink - uh, should i be askerred??? i think i need to talk to you and hypovahjayjay soon - lol! email me...

  26. The more I look at Emmett, the more disturbed I get.
    Ya know what it is, it's the 'Cesar' hair cut George Clooney style circa 1995

  27. @toefunny - he DOES look like he has a shrunken head!!! idk if they have the same person shooting these pics for every movie (some summit honcho's talentless nephew or something. maybe??) but they always look so fucking BAD!! gah - makes me afraid to see what BD will look like - eeeeeeek!

  28. @STY - Your panic was very real to any of us reading along. Trust me! It shouldn't have been funny, either, but it was. And HOLD UP!!! I see you trying to cheat by getting neverthink and HV to email you.

  29. You did not mention that the Leah pic looks like she just underwent a massive Pamela Anderson boob job. I call her "Buoyant Wolf." That promo piece is my favorite.


  30. @JJ: Damn woman...I was going to do a post like this...I had so many of the same thoughts! Did you see JRath's pic? Jaspa' is AWFUL! Almost worse than Emmett. So sad.

    Anyhoo...Edward doesn't look half bad. In fact, it's the best shot of Eclipse Edward I have seen thus far.

    xo bitch,

  31. @STY. what? you assskkeeerdd? here, go check out my FB page - ima derrydown green over there.

    i've actually got a playgroup with eddie dccullen and daniel gale. heh.

    then tell me if you are still assskkeeerdd.


  32. As an Emmett fan (yes I am a ho0r for a few of the Twilight guys, what can I say...I'm equal opportunity here)I am not ok with this look. Hello Summit do you hear me??? If I wanted to get a Spock fix I'd watch Star Trek. Ugh.
    Not to mention, whats going on with Alice's hair....seriously I thought she was suppose to be "pixie-like"...? I miss her hair from New Moon & Twilight. Fail.
    And Carlisle is looking more like he's in his mid-fourties.... Whats with the extra pudge-y-ness?

    BUT on a happier note, Hello Edward. He looks much better this time around compared to New Moon. Thank the Lord....I was getting a little worried.

    @JJ- totally had to scope out Mini-E in the photo before I could read any further. I was please to be able to find him.... haha

    p.s. those of you twi-ho0rs that are going to FFOOORRRRKKKKKSSSSSS, where are you staying?? I am planning on attending this massive pilgrimage but unsure of where I wanna stay... feel free to email me: slsprague85@hotmail.com

  33. As an Emmett fan (yes I am a ho0r for a few of the Twilight guys, what can I say...I'm equal opportunity here)I am not ok with this look. Hello Summit do you hear me??? If I wanted to get a Spock fix I'd watch Star Trek. Ugh.
    Not to mention, whats going on with Alice's hair....seriously I thought she was suppose to be "pixie-like"...? I miss her hair from New Moon & Twilight. Fail.
    And Carlisle is looking more like he's in his mid-fourties.... Whats with the extra pudge-y-ness?

    BUT on a happier note, Hello Edward. He looks much better this time around compared to New Moon. Thank the Lord....I was getting a little worried.

    @JJ- totally had to scope out Mini-E in the photo before I could read any further. I was please to be able to find him.... haha

    p.s. those of you twi-ho0rs that are going to FFOOORRRRKKKKKSSSSSS, where are you staying?? I am planning on attending this massive pilgrimage but unsure of where I wanna stay... feel free to email me: slsprague85@hotmail.com

  34. @neverthink - I fully expect you to go all Coyote Ugly on the bar then in FFFOOORRRKKKSSS!!!. Just sayin'. LMAO!


  35. Hahahahahahaha... oh, how I've missed you bitches in these two weeks that I've been away. Anyhow, interestingly enough, I find all of them to be better looking when they're their normal selves as opposed to playing a vampire. But here's hoping, like you said JJ.

    @STY - yes, I totally agree - Alice's head looks disproportionately small to her body. But I gotta go with JJ too, I don't like her hair. It's too smooth and perfect... and, well, Lego (luuuuurve that term).

  36. @Cupcake Donna I've had issues with Esme's head since Twilight - did you see her baseball cap? It's like a pimple on a haystack, not a good look.

    I can't believe you didn't post Jasper's pic here, not only is the wig horrendous, they actually managed to photograph him with one pupil bigger than the other, I had no idea he suffered with a Holmes-Adie pupil, I certainly don't remember Stephenie Meyer mentioning it in the books.

    JJ, fab post, had me lmao all the way through, especially the lego hair comments.

  37. Thanks for the shout out ;) ... and for making me laugh so hard that I'm crying!
    - Lorabell
    P.s. No comment on Victoria?

  38. Is it a bad sign that I clicked on that photo and spotted mini-Edward in 0.25 of a second? That's normal, right? lol

    Guys, Esme looks like you could shoot a projection of a film on her fivehead....because Elizabeth Reaser has a fivehead. Do you guys remember her from Grey's Anatomy?

    She was "revealed" after the accident, and after a bunch of a plastic surgery...I actually thought her forehead was part of her makeup on the show....but after she was out of the hospital and a regular character on the show, I was like, "Hmm, nope. That's just her regular forehead. Interesting."

    Why do you think the Twilight makeup artist ran out of white makeup for Esme's forehead in the "we're making Italiano for you" scene?!?! ;P LOL

    And the baseball scene! My god....I guess everyone's wigs were literally wigging out in the rain/wind, and the only thing they could think of/had money for, was to slap giant baseball hats on all the girls.

    Which resulted in the "pimple on a haystack" look someone above me stated.

    Half of the new Eclipse promo pics are WIN, the other half are fail.






    Alice (hmm, I like petite Twilight/spikier haired Twilight-Alice better, but still, I don't mind this.)

    But, BUT -- you guys are asking: "What happened to Alice's short, spiky hair?"

    I haven't heard anyone ask: "What happened to Alice's BLACK HAIR?!?!?" Seriously, WTF?!? How many times in the book does SMeyer talk about Alice's BLACK pixie hair?!? WHY does Alice have brown hair in these films?!?




    Emmett. There are no words.

    Carlisle. Having recently met Peter Facinelli so that I can attest to how hot he is in person...I'm just....floored.

    Esme. Elizabeth's fivehead. That is all.

    Taylor. The Incredible Shrinking Wolfboy.

    Victoria. *bursts into tears* OMGIwantRachelleback.

    Therestofthewolfpack. Ummmm....Sorry. Is it bad that I just don't care about the wolfpack?

    I like Seth though. In the book, I mean. Who's playing Seth in the movies? Is it that booboo kid?!? Oh no. lol

  39. Weird thing - I've tried to add comments to a lot of posts recently, but somehow they don't show up! Is the comment form censoring me or does it just don't like me? lol So, I try again, a lot shorter this time though. Bored of writing the same shit over and over...

    Emmet Carrey/Spock: Won't be able to watch the movie w/o snorting when I see poor Emmet...

    Lego hair: Someone has been in my sons lego box. A few tiny lego men are missing. I guess I know who took them now.

    Edward: Yum

    Sam Uley: Am I the only one who thinks he looks totally gay? The "I shat myself"-look may come from something totally (but still, ass-related...) different. Combined with the boob-jutting it kind of makes sense.

    Just sayin'...

  40. Facial expressions....Why does everyone looke like they just smelled a bad fart? Maybe Sam really did shit himself and they were forced to continue the photo shoot anyways....or maybe they feel like fucking idiots because Scummit thinks helmet hair, bad wigs, granny wardrobe, etc.. looks cool and they all ready signed their contracts so now they are screwed...

  41. I can't wait for Emmett to say:

    "Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?....

  42. @noela, yep, it's Booboo. Can't wait to see if they manage to keep his sister Fivel out of Eclipse, because they never seem to be apart, like in a freaky way.

  43. Er, since it sounds like some of you may have missed it, Jacksper (and that atrocity on top of his head) got his special raking over the coals last week. although this new pic could certainly have merited a revisit. But still - we don't wanna be THAT mean! : )


  44. @STY, Nope, I saw that last week, it's just that everytime I see a pic of Jasper & his wig, my 'appalled-o-meter' swings right around and strikes the bell on the other side all over again *sigh*

  45. Taycob seriously looks like he is shrinking.

    And I still don't get the whole Alice fashion thing. She is supposed to be fashion forward. How hard would it be to hire someone from effing Project Runway to design a wardrobe for her that is relevant?

  46. @Stoney, don't forget that SM's idea of high fashion is the ivory turtleneck & beige leather ;o)

  47. Yay, I found mini E too! OMG, I nearly peed my pants reading this one JJ! Your captions are hysterical. And I'm so thankful Edward looks gooooood because frankly, that's all that matters for me. And the vneck shirt... ungh!!

  48. I'm actually surprised so many of you even looked for mini-E, much less found him. I mean, I took the fucking picture and I had to blow it up all big and shit to find him, lol.

    I do like the Rosalie promo. I think they finally made her look really, really good.

    Esme looked evil but maybe it was because her forehead was trying to take over her face.

    As for Jacksper... well, poor Jacksper, that's all I can say. I think I'm done giving Jasper's hair a load of shit. For now, anyway.

    @KG - Hi dahling!!

    @Neverthink and @LindsayRae - Ever see Pulp Fiction? Know the scene where Uma OD's and John Travolta takes her to Eric Stolz's house bc he's the drug dealer, but then Stolz realizes what he's doing and freaks out and yells, "prank caller! prank caller!"

    When you call me to bail you at Forks, that's exactly how I'm going to respond. LOL! xoxo.

  49. Totally off topic, but way too good not to share. Who's gonna be the first to get themselves one of these bad boys!!!


  50. By the time breaking dawn comes out Jacob is going to look like a member of Menudo...and I don't mean whatever version of Menudo is around today...I'm talking about 1980's Hurricane Gloria Menudo that I remember seeing on iron-on t-shirts in my youth.
    (Hurricane Gloria is a time stamp for those of us in the North East)

  51. @Mrs.P
    We went to a Bryan Adams concert at Nassau Coliseum after Hurricane Gloria.

    My friends and I didn't own lighters so we brought big fat leftover hurricane candles and matches for the slow songs.

    The wax dripped down our arms and burned like a mother fucker.
    (What can I say, sometimes teenagers don't think things through and do retarded stuff)

    Yes... Gloria was our Katrina.

    And our Katrina was "walking on sunshine"

    Ahhh.... the good ole days

  52. Great post, as usual.
    I loved searching for Mini E!

    Edward looks good but I could use a promo pic of smiling playful Edward as well. And because we are being picky, I didn't know any guys in high school who wore jean jackets. And I have to say I'm glad they didn't. I also didn't know any boys that had a body like Jacob Black. So there's that.

    @HV-please don't bother posting a comment on here unless you are going to include a one shot of rob doing something extra naughty;) now that we know your skills, i need a hit.

  53. is it me or does emmett look like a german lesbian in that picture?

  54. Seriously laughed out loud at work at the Sam Uley comment.

    Love Edward's pic, but doesn't his nose look off-kilter? Weird.

    Leah looks like a badass.

  55. @robzsinger - Buahahahahaha!!!!

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  57. @Hypoallergenic Vagina- The great abandonment is perfect for us losers who must stay behind. Its exactly how I feel.
    I wonder if the Twitards left behind will feel a shift in the force? Will the energy be so greatly collected in one area that everyone will feel it's effects on the West Coast? Like a stampeeding heard of bulls coming from off in the distance? Tectonic plates will shift, weather will change erratically and residents of Fooooooorrrrrks will hide out in their houses like Hermits, occasionally peeking out their curtains at the crazy ladies trampling their front yards.

    Okay, as you can see, I have an over active imagination. Its the dangerous effects of being cooped up with kids all damn day. Yeesh!

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  60. I concur...Sam shat.

    Emmet is totally Jim Carey, Buffed and Beautiful from In Living Color days....The part I don't get is the funktastic eyebrows..I mean did they have left-over wigs parts from new Moon that contractually had to use up?

  61. Finally, Edward is hot again! I still wish they would get rid of the weird red-rim eyeliner and make his eyes a dark warm honey (as in Twilight). Dear God, the hair and clothing is better in "Chuck" - a weekly series with a TV budget than it is in NM and now Eclipse...they need a woman director!

  62. @hypominivaginastickingouttasomeonesass: oh FUCK. i do believe you just threw down the motherfucking gauntlet.

    *sits. crosses legs. strokes chin* hmmmm...how may h00rs... and in how many ways illegal in the state of WA... can i get to take compromising pix with minivag...

    hv, you better email me soon if you want your mini-vag to be anatomically correct. and stuff.

  63. @mrs p: "Jacob is going to look like a member of Menudo" lmfaorolfbbq

    @robzsinger: hey! ima german lesbian...

    @cupcakeD: hey if you are cuming to fffffoooorrrks, bring those candles. linds and i wanna act out some fifty shades stuff. and i undestand hot wax is well...ermm..H O T.

    @hva and kerri: abandonment-schmandonment. i'm skyping you twats in from the bar.

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  66. @hyp-vag and @neverthink - I'm totes cool with hiding the Mini-E but no way in fucking hell am I walking around with someone else's cunt. Just sayin'.

    And if poor HV ain't careful she's gonna end up in the pokey with us even if she doesn't go to Fooooorks.

    Oh, and something about hot glue, a popsicle stick and a camera doesn't sound very family friendly to me.


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  69. @jj: oh now,don't be so GD picky. don't cha already walk around with sty & lkw n o w?

    @hypovagbackingthefuckupwhenitlookslikeshemightbeanaccessorytorandomillegalsexacts: diabolical? yes. oh, and JFTR - i won't need to disguise MY orifices. that's why i'm taking linds along. *smirk*

  70. Can someone please pass the popcorn? The @neverthink and @HV show is getting really good ;)


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  73. I don't know what the budget for hair.make-up was, but I swear my Jessica Simpson hairpiece looks better than Rosalie Hale's 'do. look at her hairline, or haleline. ba dum dum.


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