Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Big Thank You a Little Late... Of Course

I think I need to come up with some kind of t-shirt-able (that's a word now) catch phrase about how I can't seem to do anything in a remotely timely manner. It doesn't help that 2012 has brought plagues of biblical proportions to our house. We've had the flu, various stomach viruses, colds, strep throat and a wicked para-influenza virus. It's just like the flu, but...not.

Regardless, I owe a number of people a GIANT thank you. A few months back, Baby TK came into the world, not with a whimper, but with a bang. I went into the hospital for your standard perfectly normal, blindingly painful delivery. Before I even had time to wrestle the back of my gaping hospital gown closed things went to shit. I'll spare you the details, but Baby TK and I played "Who Can Flatline More?" She won. When I was finally settled into my room and ready to sink into a depression so deep it had no bottom, I realized I had at least fifty thousand texts and e-mails from JJ, STY, LKW, Myg, Vitamin R, Donnersun, Suzspetals, Moijojojo, and Anntastic all basically saying "WHAT'S GOING ON?!!!!" and "We're thinking about you."even before they knew anything was wrong.

They followed up with me daily for weeks, particularly when the outlook for Baby TK was very grim. I don't think they'll ever know how much they helped me hold onto the tiny shred of sanity I possess.

Baby TK at about a week old when I finally got to hold her.

I'd be remiss if I did not thank CullenaryCurser and Stephk0525 for letting me spout off a whole bunch of medical mumbo jumbo in my Percocet (and various other drugs) haze and somehow making sense of it. They are super sweet ladies who are hella smart to boot. Let's not forget Shoewhoreninja who just let me ramble and bitch and moan on the phone, and never once said "Bitch, I don't have kids; I can't relate."

I can never say thank you enough to JenCokeley who was up at the hospital about five seconds after she heard the baby was in the NICU and gave me the best hug ever. She didn't complain at all about having to scrub all the skin off her hands and arms before being allowed into NICU. I don't know how doctors and nurses do that every day.

Christmas in the NICU. No fun.

I know a lot of other people inquired about Baby TK and I was just too tired and too drugged to respond. The sentiment was definitely appreciated and my apologies to anyone I ignored. Baby TK is doing great now, but I'm just starting to get my head above water with all the doctor followups and paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. I think we get a free toaster after two more doctor visits.

Baby TK now. Yes, that flower is larger than her head. What of it?

I might have started out with a point to this post, but I got lost somewhere around the middle. Nonetheless, I just wanted to say a general thank you to this little corner of the fandom. I really don't remember what life was like before this crazy blog and Twitter brought us all together. Mwah!


  1. I was thisclose to hopping a plane to Texas! I am so happy you are both doing better (marginally - you, anyway! you two need a week at wellness spa in Gstaad or something - sheesh!). Sending happy vibes your way! Hope Dolly Parton has helped you both make it through this difficult time. : )

  2. So happy you have a gorgeous baby at home with you!

    How long until she's up on those 4" heels?

  3. Holy shit, woman! VERY glad that both you and your beautiful little girl are OK.

  4. She's so lovely! Sorry such a rough start-been there, done that, he was on oxygen for 10 months, but he's 23 now & a handsome college grad in May(psychology-he's already diagnosed me as dangerously obsessed with Twilight, yeah, really, son? What was your first clue, my posters or the silohuette of Edward's gorgeous face on my steering wheel? and I do NOT stroke his jawline at stoplights!! much...)

    Anywho, you've hopefully survived the worst of it now, hang in there, we love you totes! p.s., I did not get a toaster but still have a "warming sock" full of old smelly rice I used to microwave and put under his blankies to keep him warm-well, Maine is cold, right LKW? Texas, not so much.

  5. Wow! I had no idea! So glad that you are both okay. She is absolutely beautiful, giant flower and all! I'm sure Mr. TK looks very sexy and distinguished with all the new gray hair you gave him. Glad to have you back in Twitardia, you were missed! xoxo

  6. Congrats on the little diva, Mama! Now lord this over her sweet little head for the rest of her life!

  7. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Hope she's healthy and on her way to diva-hood :) Emailing you now.
    xo J

  8. TK, not for the first time, you make me cry in a Twitarded post. She is GORGEOUS and you are blessed to have her with you. I'm so glad the world still has both of you!

    And about my other goal, you know the one... halfway there, baby! x

  9. Anytime twatwaffle, anytime. :)

    xo elaine

  10. I am just so relieved the both of you are here and kicking! My heart aches for the crappy start Baby TK had and the horrible times you must have gone through. Sending happy, healthy vibes your way.

  11. Wow! Congrats! You've done an amazing thing bringing her into the world. Treasure these moments, they're not little like this for long. Sorry to hear you had such a rough time. My very best wishes. She is sooo beautiful.

  12. That is one freaking adorable little munchkin! If I didn't already have my hands full with Renesmo, I'd be plotting to steal her, or at least take a bite out of those precious cheeks! She is yummy.

    So sorry that you had to go through all of that crap, sorry for the pain and the awful scare you had and for a Christmas in the hospital. So, so glad that she's home and that you are both recovering. Look out, yall - there are two TK women in the world now (and one of them is probably still highly hormonal!). Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    PS, Renesmo wants to know when they can order their matching Twitarded: The Next Generation tshirts.

  13. Gah, that was a nail-biting time, TK. Amazing sometimes when you consider how you survived being so stressed and terrified 24/7 as you were going through those first days and weeks. You are a strong lady, that I always knew but damn did you show it then. I think you already know how relieved I am that Baby TK and Mama TK are in one piece, but I can't say it enough. So damned glad to have you as part of my life, even if I will forever be baffled (and grateful, too) that Twilight was the thing that made it so. xoxo

  14. Oh man. Childbirth can be so traumatic. I've almost died twice because of it and maybe three times if you can consider a c-section to avoid the trauma almost dying. I think we all owe a lot to modern medicine. I know I wouldn't be here without it!

    I'm glad the initial trauma is over enough for you to post about it. I'm not sure I would've been so ready only a few months after. She's very cute!

  15. Sorry to hear that you had such a traumatic time TK but it looks like things are on the up now. She is gorgeous! Congrats xx

  16. Wow, TK! I think I must have been living under a rock or something these past few months, because I had no idea things had been so rough for you and your darling daughter. I'm so sorry :-(

    Thank heavens you both appear to be out of the worst of it now.

    Despite the fact that I have two big lummoxes (17 and 15 respectively), nothing will ever erase the memories of their births - or the first few months thereafter. I hope that you, too, will use the memories of your amazing achievement regularly - just to remind yourself of what an amazing thing you two have accomplished.

    And they say we're the fairer sex, eh? Poppycock!

    You have a beautiful baby daughter there, TK. Be proud :-)

    CC x

  17. I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been for you. We were all so worried and thought about you constantly.

    Baby TK is a trooper (like her mother). She's such a beautiful, adorable kid. I think you should keep her.

  18. She is a beauty...just like her Mama. So, so, so glad that everyone is well and happy. You had me worried sick. I am the worry wort of the group remember. Smooches darling!!!!

  19. Gorgeous girl! Thanks for the pics!

  20. TK, I had no idea! I've been away for awhile and just now saw your post. Your daughter is so beautiful! I'm glad that friends and family were there for you. I wish you and your little sweet pea all the best.


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