Friday, March 20, 2009

The Wait Is Almost Over! SCREEEEEEEE!!!

Listen, I had to change things around here and delete a bunch of stuff that is very old news by now, but I started this *&^%$#!!! post about the dvd release back in January and come hell or high water, it's getting published! Since time is running out and I only have 'til the stroke of midnight, it's now or never, right?

After several heated debates over the relative merits of the numerous Twilight dvd offerings out there (and determining that buying more than two copies of the movie might sound the alarm bells with our respective significant others), my co-blogger JJ and I decided on the Hot Topic and Target releases. The Target package includes a free download of the movie, and while I admit to not currently owning an ipod, this might be what finally gets me over to the dark side (er, or into the 21st century). Granted, this means I will probably never get anything else done again, ever, either at work or at home, but I'm ok with that.

Due to the fact that somewhere between the time when I ordered the DVD and now I've pretty much embraced my Twilight obsession, I think I would have actually went to a release party if JJ were here to accompany me, but going solo reduces things to "embarrassing" level and I would feel like a dork. An old dork. So she's not around [please see previous posts if you are unaware of my feelings regarding her being out of town this weekend, even for something as cool as SXSW], and I am pretty sure that my husband would have me committed if I told him what I REALLY wanted to do tonight. While I commend the guy who works at Hot Topic for handing me the invite to their release party with a straight face, unless someone out there knows where I can rent a couple of kids who will pretend they forced me along, I'm going have to opt out. (((sniffle)))

But take heart: we're having a make-up party on Sunday! And because JJ isn't here to stop me and I have keys to her house, I plan on decorating her place as I see fit. She has already warned her SO of my intentions and he already thinks I am a few slices short of a loaf anyway, so no point in holding back for his sake now, right? I'm thinking "prom theme" and am certain that the art of making those cheesy paper flowers will come back to me once I get my hands on a wad of colored tissue paper. And there will be cocktails aplenty! Letters to Twilight had some great suggestions for drinking games, but JJ and I have decided to make up our own game and drink every time Bella twitches or stammers, which should have us under the table by about the 20 minute mark or so.

So how long do you figure it will take to watch everything (we haven't watched any of the deleted scenes or extra footage yet, but I am anxiously awaiting clarification on the whole "chinchilla poop" controversy - I mean, wtf?!), then watch it again, then watch the commentary piece, then re-watch everything again frame-by-frame (pausing every two seconds to crack up over all of the goofs - you can find them all listed here at IMBD)?? I'm thinking it's a good thing that I took Monday off and told DH that he should make plans without me...

P.S. I realized as I was writing this that I had never cancelled the dvd pre-order I placed at Amazon in early January. I thought of this last week, but then must have seen something shiny and forgotten about it again. I just checked their website in a last-ditch effort to cancel, and guess what? They shipped it yesterday, and it's currently on a UPS truck, scheduled for delivery. Today (Friday). So I should have it in my hot little hands by this afternoon, before the official release. Damn you, Jenny Jerkface!!!

P.P.S. It's officially here now (Friday @ 2:00 PM)! I have it in my possession and I pinky-swore not to watch it!!! ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! Oh cruel, cruel world...


  1. Love your idea for a drinking game, and totally agree that you'll be drunkity drunk drunk before Bella hits Jacob with the truck's door lol.

  2. Right?! She is a twitchy one, that K-Stew...
    : )

  3. I can't believe you have it in your hot little hands and you're not going to even sneak a peek! You're a very good friend, STY!

  4. JJ is small but ferocious (you don't want to mess with her - really)... If I so much as punctured the cellophane, she'd have my head like Alice on James!

  5. JJ here - I discovered a 'guest' computer in the hotel lobby so... wee!

    STY - I appreciate you waiting and I WILL know if you cheated. I might not be able to see the future or read minds but I'm pretty sure I can detect a ripped open DVD, lol. But I love ya anyway. And I know where you live. :)

  6. STY - you could have gotten two copies and totally cheated ;)

  7. It's dangerous to have the movie on your iPod. I watch it while I'm driving, while I'm at work, it's always with me!! Love it!

  8. I'm a good multi-tasker, too! I am sure that watching while driving, working, showering, cooking, or whatever will not interfere with my life in any way! I am confident I can do it, no problemo...

  9. Ok, so it's totally lame that I'm just commenting now, but after I read this part:

    "...but JJ and I have decided to make up our own game and drink every time Bella twitches or stammers, which should have us under the table by about the 20 minute mark or so."

    ....I paid special attention to the bumbling idiot that is Kstew and I was dying! She is such a doof. Thanks for giving me another excuse to watch the movie. (Ok, like I really needed ANOTHER SO is going to have me served with papers any day now). You girls are the best!!


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