Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinner & a Movie With Mini-Edward & Friends

Over the weekend JJ and I decided we wanted a delish meal without a huge price tag or too much effort (yes, we DO want it all!), so we rounded up some friends for a gourmet dinner "in." Everyone would bring a dish or two, we'd add a couple of bottles of nice wine and an Edward-approved bouquet of flowers, and we would be fixed for a splendid night that wouldn't break the bank!

I have food allergies, but I was determined to make something that I could eat that everyone else would also enjoy. This is kind of a new thing for me, but having successfully managed to make some tasty allergen-free dishes in the past (I once made a lasagna without using wheat/gluten, dairy, or eggs, and it was actually edible!), I thought I would try to make a cake. Without eggs, butter, or flour. The flourless part is actually not an issue; I've made flourless chocolate cakes in the past, and they have been phenomenal! They also contained about a pound of butter and half a dozen eggs (and I now know I should eat neither), but still. Undaunted, I set out to see what sort of creative substitutions I could make... The results were less than spectacular, to say the least. Frightening, actually. To his credit, mini-Edward tried to help... It went a little something like this:

Snarkier Than You (nervously pacing back and forth in front of the oven, peering in occasionally, recoiling in disgust): It doesn't look promising... What's that nasty-looking pool of liquid there on the top?! Maybe if I just cook it just a little longer...
Mini-Edward: I'm sure it will be fine! You're a great cook! If I ate human food, I'd eat only yours!
STY (removing "cake" from oven; horrified): Nope! Didn't work! Damn - what a waste of good dark chocolate... [moves towards garbage disposal]
E: Wait! Let me try it! How bad could it be? Besides, I'm immortal - it can't hurt me...
STY: "Edward, noooo! I've gone too far this time!! I used egg replacer powder! And fake vegan butter! Plus I tried to halve the recipe!!
[Edward wins--gets a taste--because, well, he's strong and also very persuasive when he wants to be...]
At right, the sad aftermath.
Unfortunately, I was right. Inedible!That thing went straight into the garbage disposal where it belonged. Thanks, Edward!!

Later that night, we watched a scary movie. I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to fright-fests, but I thought JJ was unflappable. However, I became subtly aware of the fact that she appears to have a near-phobic fear of bad guys in masks (I gathered this as a result of her shrieking directly into my ear every time one of them came on to the screen, which was quite frequently). Edward's a pretty intuitive little guy, too (and a sneaky little devil, too!), so he decided to play a little trick on JJ... [My ears are still ringing...]

Later, when it was time to head back home, Edward was feeling a little saucy (as we all were!) and decided to try a new means of transportation. In all fairness to him, I suppose being in my purse, tucked away in pencil case, was getting a little old. He was a little bummed that the evening was coming to an end, but I consoled him with the fact that we had all sorts of fun planned for the Twilight dvd release the following weekend, and he brightened right up! And wait until he hears the plans I have for decorating JJ's apartment for the big day while she's out of town - can you say "prom theme"?! I'm off to get some crepe paper...


  1. Mwahahahaha- love the story! We all need a little Pocket Edward to brighten our days. Mine spends his days looming over dh's speed racer and nights, well... use your imagination. :) Yikes, not THAT sounded saucy!

    Have fun this weekend; a prom theme sounds fab! We're gonna be sipping Spicy Jacob Cosmos; cheers to ya'll!

  2. MMMM... Spicy Jacob Cosmos sound awesome! I think I am going to concoct some sort of blood-orange/pomegranate vodka 'tini (the redder the better, right?). Sadly I will have to wait for JJ's return on Sunday to begin the dvd extravaganza, but we took the day off Monday (thankfully nobody I work with asked me why - lol). Thanks for the comment - enjoy your party! : )

  3. I cannot WAIT to see the prom theme!! that sounds incredible!!! i love mini edward!!

  4. Thanks, Wifey Dessert! JJ and I will take advantage of any and all opportunities to put on big poufy dresses and drink cocktails!


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