Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OME Gets a Lil' Touch-Up

I know that he likes everyone to think his mane is 100% pure & natural bronzed vampire-y goodness, but after Snarky had her red tresses touched up the other night, she noted that mini-Edward's highlights were looking a tad washed out and were possibly in need of a little TLC. [He looks very Lawrence of Arabia/Rudolf Valentino-sexy here, no?? The mini-towel really suits him somehow...]

I guess we need to cut him some slack - after all, he IS a vampire. How could he possibly maintain that perfect "I spend ALL my time in the sun" look we all know and love without a little help? We all know he wouldn't like to make a commotion with the whole sparkle thing by actually spending time soaking up the necessary rays to maintain his sun-kissed locks.

P.S. Somewhere out there in Hollywood-land right now (or one day very soon!), R-Patts is sitting in a fancy-schmancy hair salon with hundreds of pieces of foil springing out from his head, getting his Edward on, pre-New Moon shooting. I for one am really glad that his hair has grown in a bit since the buzz cut and that any moment now he'll be all nice and highlighted again, because he was starting to look like a wookie--or maybe an ewok--there for a little bit (did you see those pics from the Vogue party he attended a few weeks back???). We should also count our lucky stars that Catherine Hardwicke decided not to go for the "long-haired Edward" look - he had the extensions put in and everything, according to the soon-to-be-released Director's Notebook. This is the "timeless" 'do that made Brad Pitt [young Brad Pitt! "Thelma and Louise"-era Brad Pitt - hotter even than present-day DILF Brad Pitt!] and Tom Cruise [who was sorta hot at the time and not totally creepy like he is now] look decidedly icky in "Interview With the Vampire" - whew - crisis averted! Thank you, CH!!! Here's to hoping that everyone now working on NM will continue to show similar good judgment...


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