Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Moon Contest!!!

I haven't visited the official Twilight site in a few days months (bad Twi fan, bad!) so I was rather surprised when I saw the New Moon contest. Yay, contests! And this one is even better than the other ones I normally sign up for because it doesn't involve white t-shirts or buckets of water! ** Sweet!

The thought process that swiftly followed went roughly like this:
Sweet! Contest. I like winning things... Is there an age limit? Am I beyond the age limit? Even if there isn't an age limit should I try to cling to the last vestiges of dignity I have and NOT enter the contest? I wonder what's for dinner. RPatz is hot. Should I be thinking about things like this?!

When I clicked on 'official rules' I realized that, age limit or not, I was too damn old to enter the stupid, lame, boring old contest. Why?

Because I couldn't read the gah-dammed type, that's why. It was too small. It was super itty fucking bitty. My eyes began to tear, then bleed. I need to borrow my Grandmother's magnifying monitor thingy to read that damn rule list.

Here's a sample:

See? You couldn't read it either!!

** Disclaimer - It's been brought to my attention that some people might not realize I'm being sarcastic about this. I am. For your sake and mine, I would never, ever enter a wet t-shirt contest. Unless there was a lot of money involved...


  1. I love this blog! This post cracked me up lol. Is it ok if I link to you guys from mine?

  2. Thanks Whitley! We would love if you linked us up. :)


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