Sunday, March 15, 2009


So DH and I were at JJ's place last night hanging out with some friends and things got a little drinky... I had managed to keep the whole Twitarded/blog thing under wraps amongst friends (and everyone with the exception of JJ and DH, for that matter) but it appears that JJ is a little comfier with the prospect of being ridiculed than I am and she had told one or two other people about our Twilight obsession. Subsequently, those folks told everyone else there. And then they all went and checked out the blog. Of course this led to a command performance from our respective mini-Edwards, and take it from me: if you have never been in a room full of adult men and women clamoring to pose and take pictures of a six-inch tall action figure, you just haven't lived. Once the cat was out of the bag, it was a full-on OME-O-Rama! I have to give the little guy credit, he really knows how to work a room...

And of course while he's modest and doesn't like to be a show-off, he just can't help himself from doing everything with his usual level of aplomb and expertise. It took only a few minutes for him to gravitate towards the guitars so that he could give everyone in attendance a little lesson. Granted most of the folks who were present are in bands or at least know their way around a stringed instrument or two, but there's always room for improvement and Edward likes to be helpful...
Alas, all good things must come to an end and at some point DH and I teetered our way across town and back to our home. The details from this point on are a little fuzzy, but when I woke up this morning and was rummaging through my purse for some ibuprofen, I made a shocking discovery: Edward was missing!!!
I was inconsolable. Or I would have been if I had been able to think straight. But I managed to convince myself that OME was safe at JJ's house and I decided it would be in my best interest to catch a few more ZZZs. Hours later, feeling slightly more refreshed but still anxious, I texted JJ just to be certain of OME's well-being, and EGADS! She didn't have him!!!

My heart sunk... I imagined a life without mini-Edward and it left me feeling as empty as Bella during those "October-November-December-January" months right after Edward left her. I also started thinking about how it would reflect on me if I had to plaster the town with "Missing! Reward!" posters, and decided it would have to be done anyway, the last small remaining shreds of my dignity be damned.

And then I looked up. And there he was, perched upon the stack of books I haven't read because they are not Twilight, hanging out with his SweetHearts, watching over me like the little angel that he is (you know he likes to keep an eye on things when everyone is sleeping...). Swoon!!
[yes he is in front of a mirror and yes my bedroom is messy - deal with it...]

P.S. I jumped out of bed to snap a shot of OME so that I could assure JJ that he was safe and sound, as she was already tearing apart her house and checking all the nooks and crannies in case her little thieving ferret had absconded with him, and realized not a moment too soon that I was thisclose taking a nekkid picture of myself in the mirror and sending it to JJ. Oops!!

P.P.S. I ran the possibility of winning some fabulous Twilight merch from TwiCrack Addicts most awesome Twi-Contest (and possibly displaying the doorknob hangers and t-shirt prominently in our home) by DH and he was surprisingly unenthusiastic about the idea. But no worries; I'm sure he will come around... I'll put Edward on the case - you know he can be very persuasive...


  1. 'Pheeeew' that must have been a worry.
    (thanks for this blog BTW-love it.

  2. i love that you actually contemplated putting up posters. you guys are great. keep the crack coming!

  3. It WAS pretty scary there for a moment!

    And if Edward really HAD been lost, I would have stopped at nothing to get him back. Posters, search parties, bloodhounds [ha!] - you name it! If it took putting his pic on a milk carton with the words "Have You Seen This Vampire?", I would have done it.
    : )


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